WebToNative - Advanced iOS WebView Application (iPhone / iPad)

WebToNative - Advanced iOS WebView Application (iPhone / iPad)

WebToNative – Advanced iOS WebView Application (iPhone / iPad)

iOS Application

WebToNative has a integrated high end browser which is used for processing your web script and provides high performance

WebToNative iOS Application now supports iPhone X Screen and also supports other Normal iPhone Screens too

WebToNative is a Native iOS Application which wraps the website content into a full pledged iOS Application. WebToNative iOS Application has been Integrated with High End Browser Libraries to wrap your website contents into Advanced Native iOS Application with many useful inbuild features and services

This App has integrated browser. Code is clean, consistent, easily configurable and customizable. it does not require any programming skills. We provide excellent and quick support. Compatible with all of mobile web sites

Also Compatible with Local HTML Files. so the app does not require internet connection

Admob Interstitial and Banner Ads has been now implemented in WebToNative iOS Application, so you can earn money from showing ads. Implementing Admob Interstitial Ads is optional and can be turn ON/OFF in Code.

WebToNative iOS Application supports HTML5 games to run smoothy with the help of Advanced Web Rendering Engine integrated into this application

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Features :

  • Supports iPhone X Screen
  • Integrated inline browser with WEBGL support
  • Compatible with Local HTML Files (Offline Mode)
  • Admob Interstitial and Banner Ads (Optional)
  • Supports Rendering of HTML5 Games
  • Supports Audio and Video Play
  • Push Notification Supported
  • Very responsive
  • Developed with xcode
  • Upload images from the device storage
  • Avoids crashing of ios application
  • Play music in mobile with high end supported API integrated
  • Upload files from the device
  • Custom design following Retina Design Guidelines
  • Plays youtube video
  • Press back key twice to exit
  • Cache Enabled
  • Email system supported
  • Share link supported
  • Full screen
  • Custom load background image
  • Download mp4, mp3 Pdf and other
  • Share Button Supported
  • Open external Links
  • SplashScreen
  • landscape and portrait mode suppoted
and many more…


v3.0 – Latest Version

- Now Supports iPhone X Screen
- Supports Normal iPhone Screen too
- Updated Webview Rendering Engine
-  Improved Cache Memory Management
- Now Supports Photo Library
- Bug fixes

v2.0 – Updated Version

- Updated High End WebView Libraries
- Fixed an Issue in uploading Files
- Fixed an bug in Admob Banner Ads
- Fixed issue with Full Screen mode
- Bug fixes

v1.2 – Updated Version

- Admob Interstitial and Banner Ads Implemented
- Implemented Fullscreen View
- Cache Memory Size Improved  
- Bug fixes

v1.1 – Updated Version

- Updated libraries for local html files support (Offline Mode)
- Improved core libraries for webview
- Website loads faster
- Implemented cache memory  
- Bug fixes

Initial Version

- improved changes in Web view
- implemented new framework for web engine
- improved changes to load website faster
- fixed problem with video Play
- fixed problem with clickable icons
- Bug fixes

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