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Hi, I have a problem with Yahoo index because in my site I see 0 but in your site work fine. See this: Thanks.


Seems yahoo showed you a CAPTCHA. Send me ftp credentials on email and I’ll tell you what is going on.

Hi, I suggest to remove “Google Pagerank” from RSS and Atom result.

Hello, you are right. Will be removed in next update

Hi Forza! Which files do I have to modify to use your script with ssl/https without getting any errors?

Greetz, HW

Hello HW,

This script is using free pagepeeker API to generate website thumbnails. There are two decisions:
1. Abandon generate website thumbnails.
2. Buy pagepeeker premium account that handles HTTPS requests.


Why admin panel is blank?


It were some nginx issues. Now demo is working well, however you have restricted access in admin panel because it’s live website.You can view screenshots on products page to see content of admin side.


Hello, The script is great! Just few questions: 1. How to disable the verification code validation in the main page? 2. Current number format is $ 316.634,89, how to make it as $ 31,663,489? Many Thanks! Derek


You can find all answers in documentation:

1. In y our case captcha should be set to false

2. In your case decPoint is ”.” and thousandsSep is ”,”


Thank you your quick response! Excellent!

You are welcome :)

i want to buy via payza

Hi. Codecanyon doesn’t support payza

Hallo, i have problem with google index, google backlinks. Mostly it shows me 0 for sites and the worth of websites goes down. And second. It is possible when i flush cash and garbage. To do a mass recount of websites. Thank you Michael

Hello Michael,

You get 0 because google shows a CAPTCHA during requests. I can’t fix it. If you have new domain then you have to wait 2-3 days (do not run calculation during these days) until google put you into whitelist (mark that you are not a spammer).

Speaking about mass recount. No, there is no such function because you will be permanently banned by most of 3rd party services due to large amount of frequent requests.


Hallo Roman, thank you for your nice answers. I got it. I do not have new domain. My domain is If you do not have many time i cand do it myself by this help? if is that. And i have another question to you. You doing freelancer work for your script: Website Worth Calculator too. My idea is to freeze sell and buy and make new one – blog (write news from seo and optimalization). Thank you for your answer. M.R.

Hello M.R,

Sorry, I’m not doing a freelance work, because I’m currently working on a large project. Only bug fixes and support.

Speaking about google question. I’m not quite understand how I could help you. Could you explain in more details?


I want to buy this script. before that captcha is not working in this page –

is it bug? or something else?

Also these two links redirect to another websites: both that scripts also will be with this purchase?

1. Try to open same page in a different browser that does not has any active extensions.
2. Check developer console (F12 -> Console tab). Maybe some links are blocked by extensions or there are other errors.

No, these scripts are not included. You can easily remove links from template.

My site these days presented an error when the user will calculate the value of a site gives this error 500: PHP Error [2] File_get_contents ( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream : HTTP request failed! HTTP / 1.0 403 Forbidden

Did you want to know how to solve this problem?

You can check by viewing my site

tenta calcular algum site e você vai ver o erro

Try to calculate some website and you will see the error

When it does not appear the error it calculates infinitely and does not leave the initial page


Seems you are not up to date! Google has closed pagerank api several months ago.

At the bottom of product page you will find change log . Take a look at v 2.6 – 2016.05.24 version. I don’t know when you bought the script. You should find nearest update of purchase date and then step by step upgrade script. All instructions you will find in change log.

If for some reason you can’t do it by yourself, then contact me by email.

Pagepeeker is not showing in my website and can not register new account I sent a private email here, waiting for your reply.

Hi. Please check an email.

Hi Forza, Please have a good look at all Facebook Like counts on all the sites, it makes absolute no sense. For example, ‘’ has zero likes: It’s the same score I got after installing the script and comparing it to your demo, The same applies to all the others. In general, there are hundreds of thousands of likes missing. Can you explain why? Thanks.

Hi. Could you provide an API/source from where I can pull data? I will implement your solution as soon as you provide me some of instructions.

Currently I’m using official Facebook library. The ID is given by Facebook only to pages which have a fbshare/like button. Else the API returns the number of shares and the request URL.

And here is prove link:

For today you will not find better solution. If you are not satisfied, you can request for refund.

Thanks for your replies. Well, not sure it has to come to that (request a refund). Maybe if you just answer a couple of more questions; what and how are you using to pull data from Alexa and Google which seems to be your main stats? For example, in order to pull and receive data from Facebook I had to create a Facebook API account to do that. Are we using API accounts that are under your name to do the same for Google and Alexa so that your script can work in the first place? Merry Christmas, by the way.


The Alexa data is pulled from alexa public API. I don’t think that it will be closed because alexa official browser extensions(firefox, chrome) uses it.

The total number of indexed page in google are pulled directly from google search. This data can be different from my site because google has different index for each country. A lot of requests to google must be avoided that is why I cache data for a while + use captcha.


I want to buy your code, but i need to import a domains list into database of website worth calculator, about one millions domains. How can i do that easy automatically?


There is no such built-in solution, because you will be banned by third parties due to a lot of frequent requests (90% of data are pulled from external sources). If you want I can send you a solution, but I’m not guarantee that the result will be correct.


Hello , I am looking for a script page-rank>dot<pl you have something like this?

Hello. Well google has officially closed public page rank API. Today all such these services provide estimate rank, not real one. So the answer is no.

Hi, how to make money with this? Is that possible to charge commission for website sold?

Hi, Unfortunately no. This is free platform.

500 server


Could you send me root/protected/runtime/application.log on email?
Also you can include FTP credentials and link to online version so I will be able to fix quickly issue.



Tomaas86 Purchased


purchased and I have these questions:

1. how to import translations via import form – Czech language. I am receiving issues because when I try to import, it not includes characters unique for my language – it means i.e. “Zpráva” will return as “Zpr” (ends directly after “special” character). I tried to edit alphabet.php but no effect.

2. Can I give you access to FTP and ask for creating new additional page like Privacy Policy?

3. How can I make Buy websites as a default page? I am able to switch order in layouts/main.php but I can’t make as a default. Can you just instruct me?

4. How to fix duplication of main page – /en and without?

Thank you in advance


1. All CSV files should be saved in UTF-8 format. The delimiter must be,(comma) and enclosure is ” (double quote).

2. Sure. Also you can include your Czech translations so I could check what is wrong.

3. Try to set default controller in main.php config file. Right after “name”
'name'=>'Website Worth Calculator',
'defaultController' => 'category',

4. No way without additional programming.



Tomaas86 Purchased

Email sent, thanks

Please check an email

hi, i have added Facebook API but social share banner does not show up (, pls advise. Thanks

Email sent. Thanks a lot.

Hi, how to change link for ” Get website review” and ” webmaster info” under more actions section? also Rss page shows blank, is the normal? Thanks

Please check email


panbimbo Purchased

Nice script but with huuuge mistake. Website thumbnails are generated by pagepeeker and stored on their server. Big handicap for image SEO becouse google is not indexing those images on your site which is resulting with less visibility when user doing image search and in general. As i can see, another similar scripts on envato dont have this problem. Will be great if autor of script can fix this issue.

Hi, Could you send me private message with links to other works? I think they download images locally.


panbimbo Purchased

Check worth my site for example. Images are without any watermark, stored on own server and all images are automaticly tagged with alt=”nameofdomain”

Pre purchase question.

  • Do I need any API to show Backlinks, Mozrank Checker, Page Authority Score, Domain Authority Score and are these API free to use?.
  • For Social Stats what would be setting that show all counts
  • Do you have other templates
  • How to show safe browsing,
  • How to show google map of server located
  • How marketplace feature will work


1. Backlinks – no. Total number of backlinks is pulled from google serp. Mozrank, PAS, DAS is a free. Read here how to register and set API key:

2. Sorry, I don’t understand. If you want you can sum all numbers, but for now social stats are completely full.

3. No

4. Google Antivirus status is pulled from Google safe browsing page


6. User put website on sale. Other user can contact seller via platform and agree about price.


What does it mean
CException Property "CDbConnection.@password" is not defined.

Could you send me a page where you notice it?