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Epri90 Purchased

How to add recalculate button in (~root/protected/views/front/websites/show.php) So visitors can recalculate their site

Hi Admin,

When i share website link in facebook it doesn’t show the title instead it shows ” Index Page title ” I have translated that phrase from Manage Translations > Site > Index Page title but still it doesn’t while sharing the link. Please advise.

Hello. Sorry for late response. I was away on weekends. Can you try to flush cache? Admin panel -> Tools -> Flush cache. Thank you.

Are you still selling this script?

Hi. Yes.


rx24ru Purchased

а где этот файл? дериктория


rx24ru Purchased

Where the file is located, what directory? So little information, for which $16 is paid.

Hi! I’ve sent detailed instruction on email describing the issue.

Hi thanks, This script works fine for me. Demo:

Hi, recently I moved my site to godaddy hosting, and it has error when calculating: “Error while inserting data”

The application log says “CDbCommand::execute() failed: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field ‘facebook_reaction_count’ doesn’t have a default value. The SQL statement executed was: INSERT INTO `sc_webdata_social` (`pins`, `linkedin`, `stumbleupon`, `wid`, `facebook_share_count`, `facebook_like_count`, `facebook_comment_count`, `facebook_total_count`, `facebook_click_count`, `gplus`, `twitter`) VALUES…”

Could you help with that?


You need to contact godaddy and ask how you can disable strict mode for Mysql database. If it’s impossible, then contact me by email.


Sure, thanks for the advice!


moryka Purchased

Hi, how and where to edit this line <input class = “form-control input-lg” placeholder = “” id = “domain_name” name = “CalculationForm [domain]” type = “text”>? (the placeholder)

Hi! Sorry for late response. It’s Christmas time. You can change it in root/protected/front/views/widgets/request_form.php

thanks for the script

moryka Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to make an estimate directly with a URL? For example in a directory of sites one would give a dynamic address such as “” and that would redirect towards the result of the estimate. If the estimate already exists, the page is displayed, otherwise the estimate is created and the page is displayed.


moryka Purchased

Also I changed the urls for that in this form for example. I did this because the previous version of the site was in this form.

Hi. Try this:[domain]

moryka Purchased

Hello, it works thank you very much!


3step Purchased

Hi Forza,

Looks like Gplus is no longer working on the script – hoping you can have a look.


Hi. I’ll try to find out solution (if it’s possible of course)

Last few weeks a lot of spam is coming from contact page: Verification code not helping at all. Is there some way to change your verification code with google reCapcha code? Thank you!

Hi. I’ll implement this in next update.

great! Thank you!


Bmh009 Purchased

Hi, quick question. I want to change the domain I have your software on – anything in particular I have to do?

Hi. Sorry for late response. You will find all my credentials in:

  • protected/views/front/layouts/main.php
  • protected/views/front/widgets/request_form.php
  • protected/views/front/website/show.php

Search for “php5developer” and remove necessary HTML tags.

Hi, is there any ETA on the next update?

Thanks for the info! When paste the code inside single quote, it always has syntax error.

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’//platform-...

Could you help with that?

Hi. Use double quotes:

Thanks for the guide:)

Presale Question: Is there a way to reset the value for a website?

We wait for an update :-)

Hi. Sorry for a delay. Update will be approved on Tuesday by moderator.

hello can It be integrated with wordpress ?

Also why it’s showing wrong results ?


Unfortunately this is not a WP plugin, however you can install script in subdirectory/(sub-)domain. Then you can create a page in WP admin and put an iframe.

Speaking about prices. No idea. The second script is not mine.


ArtemVasi Purchased

Hello! Google Index and backlinks did not work with. You can fix it?

Hello! Sometimes Google block first requests. I would suggest you not to do any reviews for 2-3 days, however if after 2-3 days you will not be able to pull data from Google, then your hosting provider IP is banned by Google. I can’t do anything with this.