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Hello Roman, I missed a text formatting during adding a website for sale. The website cut every html tags and doesn’t have any wysivig editor for it. I understand the security issue but is there any way to let at least some basic wysivig or basic html tags allowed?

The appearance of website for sale page is very important for sellers and buyers. Can you please add some information/instruct me? Thank you.


Well, there is no built in solution. However it’s not complex task and can be done in 1h. If you are good at programming then I can send you a list of steps, otherwise you can buy me a coffe for 1h work. Send me an email with your decision.


Done, thanks for the good implementation!

Hello there. How easy or difficult would it be to check expired domains? I would like to buy this script but to check expired domains only.


Hi, Sorry, what you mean by telling “to check expired domains?”


Is there language support in turkish language?

Hello. No, but you can translate interface via admin panel

Hello Roman, is there any reason why sitemaps include only cost estimate pages but no the rest of the pages? Since I will use your script mainly for market option, this wouldn’t be good…

Send me please an email. I’ll send you sample code cause it’s too large.

Sorry for delay, email sent. Thank you

The answer has been sent

Hello, I found that on contact page, when the form is filled, an email is sent to admin address properly, but without the sender email so it is not possible to answer at all :-]. Can you please send me how to correct this. Thanks.

Hi. Don’t worry, just click on “reply” button in your email client and you will see sender’s email.

Ok, it works thanks!

Hello, I understand now all the DB but I want to figure out the last point – what exactly means scbindwebsite?

Is it connection between messages and websites on sales to have link in mail notification or?

BTW: Today I finally launched my website and I am pleased with quality of your script! Thanks.

Yes, you are right. It’s binding between users conversation and website which is on sale. When user contacts sender there is a widget which shows that conversation is about particular website.

Why admin panel not work?

It’s working. Credentials are: 12345

hi help me please, i upload you’re script, but there is an http error 500 do you have solution ?

Hi. You need to purchase pagepeeker premium account to display thumbnails over https protocol.

hello where i can add a banner ?


You can put a banner in main template: “root/protected/views/front/layouts/main.php” to display it on every page.

If you want to display banner only on review page, then put it in: “~root/protected/views/front/website/show.php”

I have Problem Installation CDbException

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

i put db name and pw but not work


Make sure you put correct host, database name, username and password. Also make sure that you granted all permissions to MySQL user. If problem still presists, then send me FTP + cPanel credentials on email and I’ll take a look what is wrong.

Regards, Roman

Hello Roman !

The “Moz Links” section is very inaccurate. Source: I am a Moz Pro member and checked the same domains using my campaigns and OSE.

After your latest updates of folder “framework” the question mark hovers in teh MOZ area appear to be broken.

I tried use also previous version of folder “framework” and the question mark hovers returned back to normal state !

Please investigate this issue !

Next. The Google Index is correct, but the Yahoo and Bing are not.

Sincerely, Eduard

Hello Eduard,

1. I’m using official API and pull data according this table: I’ve no idea about accuracy since these fields are returned by MOZ.

2. I see. Will be fixed.

3. The same thing for Bing and Yahoo. I just send request and parse a response.


Thank you Roman !!

please ad bulk domain option

Hello. Sorry, I’m not going to add this function in production since the website price depends on 3rd parties metrics. As a result buyer will be banned due to large amount of queries.

It seems the two images in Alex stats section are not displaying. How to fix that?

Hmmm. Maybe it was uptime problem? Look: I grab these graphs from free alexa report:

Not sure. The link you provided doesn’t work either anyway.:(

Well. Try to open links through different device/ IPs.

hi, can you please tell me how to upgrade ? Thanks

Hello, Sorry for late response. I was away. Go to product page. Scroll down until “changelog” paragraph and apply instructions step by step.

Hi Roman, congrats for the script. I need know if can change the url without slash lang example domain/br. Because i will use only for one language. My website is thank you


1. Try to remove all languages except “br” in admin panel
2. Remove all ”<language:[a-z]{2}|[a-z]{2}_[a-z]{2}>/” from main config file.
3. Remove
        if(!isset($params['language'])) {
            $params['language'] = Yii::app() -> language;
from protected/components/UrlManager.php
4. Flush cahce in admin panel


Please check email for support issues just sent – when is the next update and what features can we expect please? Can we have PDF reports with branding, SaaS type paid service signup with multi-user and super user features?

Says it is Adsense ready = however do not see where in Admin I can manage and maintain ad blocks – which is key

Hi! There are two places for ad units in main layout (root/protected/views/front/layouts/main.php)

You can set up banners in main config:

Hi can we keep search on this script limited to 1 or 2 extensions of domains i.e. .com and .net

Hello, there is no built in solution to solve this task, however you can open\protected\forms\CalculationForm.php and add custom validation rule: or you can send me FTP creds on email and I’ll do it for you.

Was interested in your script, so I went to demo. The price showed up as ”$ 7,22” and am unsure as to why there is a comma between the 7 and the 22. If it was suppose to be a period, how did it calculate the site being worth only 7.22? when even the yearly cost of the domain name registration would be more than that.

Hi! After much thought I decided that I’m not going to include domain price in website cost because:

  • Every registrar has different price. I.e. at namecheap .com price is 10.50, at other 15.55 and etc. I’m not speaking about thousands of different domain zones.
  • Each domain has individual price for example: has no price at all, will cost 2-3k $, and any long silly string doesn’t cost 1$ at all.

I have problem after installation:

1. capthca not change if I refresh the page, change just click get new code.

2. i get message “500: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away” if i click calculate.

2. how to change view in box calculate “” with my domain?

I accepted your request. Now you need to wait a little bit.

I have sent request to refund.