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This script needs to be taken offline, its a security risk. Dear Sir or Madam,

We have discovered a phishing attack located on your network: []

You may not have been aware of this attack, however, you are still responsible for removing it.

This attack targets our customer, Netflix, website URL

Please remove this fraudulent content, and any other associated fraudulent content, as soon as possible.

Additionally, please send any files associated with the fraudulent content to so that our customer and law enforcement agencies can investigate the incident further.



Phone: +44(0)1225 447500 Fax: +44(0)1225 448600


The idea of creation proxy script is not to pass link juice to other site. You can open root/website_review/views/websitestat/index.php and replace this line:

<a href="<?php echo Yii::app() -> getBaseUrl(true) ?>/redirect.php?url=<?php echo rawurlencode($link['Link']) ?>" target="_blank">
<a href="<?php echo filter_var($link['Link'],FILTER_SANITIZE_URL) ?>" target="_blank">

Regards, Roman


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Hello How do I set up scripts on the server? Please submit an installation training


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Thanks Create a site map Is there a script admin panel?

This script does not have admin panel.

Hello Roman, I believe I discovered a bug in default app language setting. I set up in main.php default language different from “en” but after erasing cookies/history or from new device I launch again on “en”. Can you tell me how to fix?

Hello Tomas,

Well, actually this could be not a bug. Let’s say your app has 4 languages: en, es, it, cs (defined in config files). Let’s say: English is default language on your device. So the default app languague will be English. The worklflow is: if user doesn’t provide language (from GET query string or from cookies) than it takes default browser language.

Reagrds, Roman

Thanks for clarifying. I understand, so this solution is good. I forgot that my browser is in EN :). I have launched my website based on this script and I can confirm to everybody that script works fine.

Where is admin panel?

This script doesn’t have admin panel

Show error when click onAnalyse button

“Error while inserting data “

please help me soon

The system show that you are not my buyer.


I am having a problem with the script, after the installation I did a test to see the statistics, but it keeps loading and the results don’t appear.

Can you tell me how to fix? Thanks.

Hello, Please check an email.

Greeting, I have uploaded all files and db to my server, all looks good but when I come to hit the “Analyse button” (After putting a link in) nothing seems to happen

Hi, nice script when i hit the “Analyse button” it just hangs there and nothing happen.

I have gone through all the requirements and its green for all.

I am using MySQL V 5.5.55-0+deb7u1-log if that is any use for you


Can you send me FTP credentials and link to online version on email?


hello my friend, same with Website Worth Calculator Question

where to replace an free generator link in review page ?


hello, where i can add a banner ?


You can put a banner in main template: “root/website_review/views/layouts/main.php” to display it on every page.

If you want to display banner only on review page, then put it in: “~root/website_review/views/websitestat/index.php”


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Hello My script works fine, thank you very much How can I set instead of 24 hours checking websites Script several times a day to check sites How do you set?

Hello. You can change cache time in main config file. Search for cacheTime set value in seconds.Make sure webserver has the same timezone as database.


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Hello I have a lot of changes in the language files to view the site did How do I use the new update that I did not harm to edit? And also a lot of files to change my style Please advise accurate, that does not ruin my changes

Hello, I always put instructions for each update in changelog section on product’s page:

You need to refer to latest version (v 5.0)


When I am executing this query on MY SQL: ALTER TABLE `ca_website` ADD `idn` VARCHAR CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `domain`; UPDATE `ca_website` SET idn = domain;

I got the following error:

Error SQL query:

ALTER TABLE `ca_website` ADD `idn` VARCHAR CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `domain` MySQL said: Documentation

1060 – Duplicate column name ‘idn’

Please look into this at the earliest.

Thank you.


And what the error is? Mysql always says what syntax error is and near what character the error has been occurred. Can you send me cpanel / phpmyadmin credentials and I’ll take a look what is wrong.

Regards, Roman


please does this script work with google recaptcha v2? I mean the recaptcha concerning PDF generation. I am now timed out all the time so I can’t verify that filling Site key and Secret key in recaptcha.php works fine nowadays…

Thank you!

Hi. Script is using latest recaptcha version i.e. v 2.0. You can send me FTP creds and link to online version on email and I’ll take a look what you have. Regards

Hi, How to automatically delete the backup of websites reviews in the database ?


Sorry for late response. You can log into phpmyadmin and delete all rows from all tables.


The license for how many websites can I use it?

Hi! Regular license = one website. Extended license = unlimited websites.


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Do you have any NEW updates for your awesome script?

Hi. Sorry, but currently no new updates, only bug fixes.

Live Preview dont work (((

Hi. I’ll contact my hosting provider. After several hours demo will work.

Demo not working. Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Hi. Sorry, tomorrow demo will be up.

Hello! Is there any possibility to pass a domain name over console to make a review?

Hi. Go to ~root/website_review and run:
php yiic.php parse/insert,, -ip=x.x.x.x