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Hey. How easy is it to change the theme and give it a new look? Is it HTML with php tags in the source?

Hi, Please check an emial.

hi, can i easily integrate this script with wordpress? for example, i will insert password generator script in wordpress post.



Yes, you can. You need to install script in sub-directory/subdomain and then include it on WP page via iframe. Also you can remove unnecessary HTML tags/texts from my tool and put them on WP page to make tools SEO friendly.


Hi is there any documentation on the update process?


I’m always posting update instruction on product’s page. See cahngelog section.


Thanks for the swift response and awesome code my clients love using it.

hello, why backlink checker just loading ? not have the result

and can you teach me how to puts an ads in every page ? thanks


1. Have you created database?
2. Have you imported webmaster_tools.sql
3. Have you filled database credentials?!/customization_database_conf

Speaking about ads. You can put it in ~root/tmpl/template.php


It is much better with recaptcha . Files modified : default_form.php and process_ajax.php Live test :


Yes, looks better. I’ll try to implement this in next update.


I am able to run the script and pages. I have changed the captcha font to arial. If i type the wrong captcha it tells me that captcha is wrong but if i type correct captcha for any page that needs captcha, button shows loading…..... and nothing happens. Any idea what to do? Its endless loading.

Should work. I tested it on my local pc on Windows 7×64

Yep! Its working. Just rated 5 stars. Thanks again. These tools are really amazing. Single place to monitor really amazing data. Great stuff. Keep up the good work, dear. Thumbs up!

Thank you :) You are welcome.

Hi, Does this srit support registering new users?

Hi. No, this script doesn’t have authorization area.

Hi great script, how i can redirect all to https?


Sorry, what you want to redirect to https? If you are running over HTTPS protocol then all urls will automatically have “https”


Hi,, I am looking forowrd to buy it but,, Kindly, to provide me with demo link which shows the latest update of the Script


Hi. The link on product’s page goes to latest version of the script:


Check error Log on Demo’s Root installation.

Your script not Woking Fine. Ex: on page Who is Checker, look >

Submit button just stay Loading. nothing Result.

Hi. Seems there were some uptime problems on hosting side.


Kindly, to provide me with demo admin link and please let me know how to add the ads if i need to put it in main page

Hello. This app dosn’t have admin panel. Speaking about ads. You can put it in main layot: ~root/tmpl/template.php


is there a way to put recaptcha instead of builtin captcha.

Hello. Unfortunately there is no built in solution to switch to google captcha without additional programming.

Hi, I find this script useful but I am a bit unsatishfied with theme. Please add another theme in next update. Moreover, if I install script into my website -for example; google will band me behaving like webmaster ?

Hi, Will this work on shared hosting.

Can I charge a fee to people who want to use the tools once I have set them up on my own website or am I only able to allow free use of the tools by others.

Will usage of any of the tools such as the alexa scraper be blocked by alexa for example if I have too many people using these tools on my website.

Finally can I remove certain tools if I don’t want users to be able to use them.

I had the same questions about your other scripts:

Thanks for your time.


Unfortunately my all scripts are free. There is no payment integration.



takedat Purchased

No installation file ( how to ? ) with the application?

Hi, Please check an email. There is a link to online documentation on product page.

hi there, 1) can i use this to create a site with your script which can be used by webmasters? 2) is there anything i have to do in terms of setup to any lookup sites behind the scenes after installing the script? 3) is this ready for adsense or any adblocks?


1. Feel free to modify code as you want or you can use my stand alone components in your project.

2.1 You have to register free facebook api to be able pull data from facebook.

2.2 You have to create browser key and enable Static Map API in Google developer console.

3. There is no special place in config for ads, however you can put advertisement in root/tmpl/template.php


hi there i want to add a few of your scripts here. but my site is wordpress 1) can i create it on a subdomain? (then point the subdirectory to subdomain?) 2) you mentioned before to someone to remove unnesseary html tags/text from your tool. how do i do that please? 3) to put on iframe in wordpress i need a plugin? thanks serendipity


1. You can install it where you want: in subdirectory, subdomain and etc.

2.Links to a tools are in: ~root/tmpl/menu.php; ~root/tmpl/left-menu.php and ~root/tmpl/main.php Just remove links in these files.

3. No you don’t need to install plugin. Just create a page and put an iframe in WYSIWYG editor.


Does that script provides IP whois?

Hello, no it doesn’t.

i love all of your works…

is it possible to you to add XML Sitemap Generator to this scripts ? Is it useless we said webmaster tools if there is no sitemap generator on this scripts.


Hello. Website has only 15-20 pages. Use any free online sitemap generator to generate sitemap and upload it to a server. Just google: free online sitemap generator

thanks for the update

I Purchased you tool i didn’t get output whois domain i already import database

give me your email

i sent email thank you.