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Hi Y-Soft, is there destroy/reset method after initializing the 360 object? so we can release the resources that is used before by initializing 360?

I have scenario that when the user are going to another page, it will destroy/reset 360 object (all resources is released) then when the user going back again to 360 page, it will re-initialize the 360 object, is my scenario possible with your script?

Thank you so much

Yes it’s possible

Okay, I’ve just bought your script but there is no any documentation included,

Could you help to guide me how to properly destroy/reset an initialized 360 object? And how to reinitialize it with another data?

It would be great if you could give straight example of code.

Thank you so much.

Send me your email through r.javkhlan@gmail.com please. Then we can contact directly.


XS22 Purchased

Hello. I am not sure how to edit this? Any “How to do it” document?

Hello XS22, About the documentation it will be on your downloaded folder which named “documentation”.

If you face any other issue, then you can send me a email to r.javkhlan@gmail.com


djesico Purchased

Hi. I bought the license and downloaded a script, but in archive there is no documentation on installation where it is possible to receive it?

Hello Djesico,

email me to r.javkhlan@gmail.com. I will send you documentation through your email.