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Any plans to support mobile devices? It doesn’t work on Chrome for Android.

Right now i’m working on new version of webgl based panoramic script. So please be patient. It will be finalized soon.

Now it’s support mobile devices


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I’m waiting new version, and your script support image taken from 360 camera as Theta S?

Yes it support image taken from Theta S. For the new version i’m little bit busy to working on wordpress version of this script. But after that I will working on new version with more mobile support.

New version is out :P

the demo takes too long to load the second layer of the tour. When I click the arrow going inside it will become black. need to go out again and come back in to work. has this been fix on the latest version?

What is the requirements for the photo to become 3D? How many shots is recommended for a 360 view. Do you have guide on how to take pictures to be use for this 3d?

If I buy, can I use your demo content to show demo on my own website.

1. Going inside it will become black is depend on your server speed and image size. Because my server is cheap and slow. So it’s load bit slow.

2. About photo actually it’s not big deal. This is photos I used to this demo.

http://yalaltsoft.com/360-Panorama/textures/3d_Model.jpg http://yalaltsoft.com/360-Panorama/textures/4seasonsfinal3.jpg http://yalaltsoft.com/360-Panorama/textures/mg_3010_3053.jpg

and also here is the tutorial how to take https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouOEM4cKKGc

3. If you buy, of course you can use my demo content to show demo on your website

Does the automatic rotation

Actually it don’t have automatic rotation. But I think that will easy. Check next week. I will add it.

The points are not working on mobile, it is a known issue?

Moto X Play, Android 6.0 marshmallow, for me it is not working

Hmm, I don’t have android device but on my android 6 emulator it’s working. Ok will check it as soon as I found android device.

OK, thanks, please notify me when it works.

Presale questions: I am looking for a smart way to replace this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rsx1NhXoZU with something that I can edit more easily.

1. Is there a way to zoom the markers as you zoom into the panorama?

2. How easy is it to add additional functionality to the markers, in my case a popup window with HTML?

3. Is there a way to create tours, automatically jumping from one marker to the next after x seconds?

Warm regards,


Hello Helmar,

I just saw master key system. And I think you can make it using my script. My script don’t have popup window. 2,3 is not possible right now. But I’m available for freelance.

If you interested to hire me, feel free to contact me anytime. I can develop custom master key tour exactly like your requirement.

Hi! Thanks for replying. Feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form on www.mrmasterkey.com to discuss details. Thanks so much, Helmar


Hello! Does your script have some API which allows to set custom camera angles? I’m working on a web application which receives angles of the smartphone every 50 milliseconds and counts the panoramic camera angles. So if my application could pass these angles to your script, it would be possible to view panoramic photos by just rotating the phone.

Hello thank you for interesting my script. But it doesn’t have api. But i’m available for freelance after 14 days. And I guess i can do that.

Hi, try on android device and can’t click to enter the link. Is it compatible with mobile phone? Thanks

Android 5.0.1 on asus zenfone2

Have you check the issue?

On my nexus tablet with version adroid 5.1.1 it’s working perfectly. Can you send me your issue screenshot to me please.

Can this be used without having to click the mouse? I need the image to move just with the mouse hovering over the image. Please see here for example: https://www.felixandpaul.com/?projects/intro So, when a person moves their mouse over the image, it will move (without having to click the mouse).

Hmm, This feature is not available right now. But i’m ready to make it on freelance. And add some feature to look it something like you attached

Hi how are you? I want to buy your plugin but first I need to know the supported images format to make the 360 view. Thanks!

Hello Kriptonitamedia,

Thank you for interesting my script. Supported image type is jpg, png, gif any image type. And image must be equirectangular image like this: https://www.flickr.com/groups/equirectangular/.

If you have any question feel free to ask me.

Hi we purchase the plugin but this didn´t work on mobile device (last android s.o), can you give us an answer asap!!. Regards

Hello Kriptonitamedia,

First of all thank you for purchasing my script.

Can you send me your URL to my email, then I can give you more advice.

Hi as you requested we send this via r.javkhlan@gmail.com


Hi our plugin is not working on mobile devices like iphone or latest android devices, I have send you several emails without any answers from your side and we need this asap!!!

http://kriptonitamedia.com/clientes/360/ This one is working fine on my Iphone5. I double checked and click all the markers. Can you send me your screenshot to me.

Did you make the script version for the Wordpress as a plugin already? If you did, where can i read about details of the wordpress version?

Hello, Unfortunately, I didn’t create wp version yet. But planning to create one. Cheers


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Hi, very nice Scipt. Thank you for it. Do you have any solution to write umlaus (mutated vowel) except ä into the JSON Object array at the main.js? Best Regards

Thank you :)


tschero Purchased


the Script doesen´t work with Android 4.1.1 (Samsung Galaxy S3 mini), Android 5.0 (Samsung Galaxy S5) and Android 6.0.1 (Samsung Galaxy S6) I´ve send you a E-Mail with Information to: r.javkhlan@gmail.com

Do you have a solution for this?

Greets tschero

Please check your email.

this panoramic script is not working.



erdalgr Purchased

x, y, z coordinates easily suggest a solution I would like to set. There will be lots of VR, and this issue is very difficult

Hello Erdalgr,

Actually it’s very easy. Finding correct spot you must open your browser console. Then click F button from keyboard. Then you will see red dot in your panorama. Drag it and watch your console log. There you will find your correct coordinates. Hope you understand.


erdalgr Purchased

Which browser console, I have to press the F key on which tab? I would like to do a little more explanation

can you please email me through r.javkhlan@gmail.com please. Then i will chat you more easily

Hope You Fine Excuse Me … i want buy your Script but i founded in last comments some problem with your Clint about Mobile Device … are you fixed It ? your script Support all mobile device ? another Question : are your script support image takes by Samsung Gear 360 ?


Thank you for interesting this script. Mobile issue is fixed a long time ago. On my nexus android tablet and iphone5 phone it’s works wonderful.

Image requirement is full equirectangular image 2:1. On Samsung Gear 360 it seems fine.


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Is there a solution to add a company logo e.g. as an overlay with fixed position?

Hello It’s actually a quite easy, You can send me a email to get further support. Thank you

Hi, if you create this awesome script to WP plugin it would be more awesome!! I’ll looking forward.


Thank you for interesting this script. I will make wp version. But i’m working on more big project right now. After that I will make it for sure.

image is not loading


Can you send me your issue to my email: r.javkhlan@gmail.com please