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hi. this apps possible to Open Camera to image field ??

I try Open my site with demo your apps. when I try upload image. is cannot Open camera to capture or recording ?? it possible to do it ?

FYI , when I try open my site with Chrome Android. it can Open Camera tto capture and recording.

Thank you

I’m sorry, if you rely on the camera feature you might need to extend the template to ensure that this option is available.

do you can help me to doing this ? or have documentation to doing this ? i really2 want to buy :D

I’m sorry, I don’t have any documentation on this. If you really need this feature you can best develop it yourself or hire someone to do so for you

Hi, I’m evaluating all the WebView App on codecanyon. If I want to use only the webview without push notification, admob and others features you include can I disable them? I don’t want create firebase account or other accounts.

We do support html(5) and javascript (even offline), and most HTML5 games should work. However, it can be that very advanced or complex API’s/calculations don’t work offline or in WebView.

Yes, we offer a Rate my App function.

I can’t see nothing of these on demo apk like rate app or setting menu, it’s hard to evalutate, any way thank you for these infos.

Hi! No app rate will appear after a set amount of launches and/or days, so it won’t show up in the demo untill you frequently use the app.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions


The application can download and unzip compressed files?


Hi! It can download compressed files, but it won’t unzip compressed files.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions for you.

Thank’s for your answer.

Is it possible to download a remote folder from a web server?

Hi! No this is not possible, folders can’t be downloaded, only files.


horrorfix Purchased

Looks as though this is my last resort to contact you about issues with your product. Trying to submit a ticket only tells me that I can’t because I have not purchased the item, that I just purchased, which is obviously frustrating. The app will not take ANY pngs no matter where I create them (Android Asset Studio, Adobe etc.) so I am literally at a stopping point. HELP.

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you wasn’t able to leave a ticket with us! If you want, you can always use this link (even without code) : https://sherdle.com/help/create-ticket/

In addition to the png requirement, note that they should be of a specific size, specific format with the lowercase png extension. Google chrome can also help. If you can attach the images to your ticket, I’ll make sure to look into them!

Make sure to let me know if you need any further assistance