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Hi.. i cant figure out how to create signed apk, i’m always stuck at the keystore password. can you guide me? perfect web views apps by the way, and well documented..

Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket describing your issue in detail?

hi , HLS is not supported , can you make it please ? i have online streaming site and i want to use this for my site , if you can make it tell me please

Our other template, Universal, as linked to above dus support m3u8 in a in-build player. However, you would have to use a drawer for that (i.e. 1 menu item would be your webview, the other would be the stream).

In addition, Universal also has native category screens and other ways to categorise streams if you would like to create a streaming TV/video app.

But the problem is streaming is in my site ,

if i add m3u8 inside app how i can edit it whn i want to ? i need to edit app again right ?

We offer remote configurations with Universal, that means you can update the content of your app (by editing the configuration file hosted on your site) without updating the app itself.


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how select more than one pic from gallery this webview don’t support select more than one pic thanks at all :)

Hi! Webview multi-file upload may only be available on certain android versions and websites. When it isn’t available (for example, in your case) we fall back on single file upload.


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web site support multi-files android version 6 marshmallow what’s problem ? test it on nogat 7 . but can’t multi-files

Hi! It’s determined by the webview engine whether file upload show up for multiple files or single. https://github.com/delight-im/Android-AdvancedWebView/issues

As this is determined by the WebView, i can’t tell you for sure which versions are supported and which are not

I have formatted my pc, like new with windows 7, I install what I need as a programmer, I install the latest version of android studio to date, as I lost my project, I download from here again the app to use it in android studio, I open it with the android studio, compile it as is without making any changes and the following happens: it asks me to change the sdk path? right I do it without any problem, it asks me to update the “gradle plugin”, 2 things happen, if I give it then the whole app is disarmed and in reality it throws me too many errors and never compiles anything (this without making any change in the app as it is offline), and if I do not update it (which would be the right thing), the android studio does not finish synchronizing the project, therefore I can not “run” it, I’m going to “file -> sync project with gradle files ”, it finishes and then if it lets me give in” to run ”, I select a device, either virtual or real (both tested) ... and then the error appears (an error that for more that I look for a solution I can not find! !!) ERROR: “Multiple dex files define Lcom / google / android / gms / internal / zzas” ... author please help me or someone, I’m desperate, beware that this has been downloading the package here, then open it with android studio and this happens to me, previously because I used a super old version of android studio but as I mentioned, my pc got hurt and I had to ue format it losing all my progress and projects

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

I would need to see your full error in order to help you, so if you could please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ with all the errors you have I can take a look.

However, note that you do need the latest Android Studio version. Perhaps, you can use a friends PC for this if it doesn’t work on your own?

already send the ticket

I have a website that supports mobile screens. Can I use this app ? You installed me?, I’m ready to buy.

Hi! You can use Web2App to create an app displaying your responsive/mobile site as an app.

You need to install and use Web2App yourself, we don’t set it up for you, but no coding knowledge is required.

How to implement OneSignal push notification that opens URL in webview rather than browser?

Hi, how can fix the preview display images in Marshmallow?

In the index site i have a searcher, after search, he display the results with preview images, but in Marshmallow dont display preview images of post, just after you go to post display images.

In Nougat, Oreo and P, all run perfectly.

How can help me with this :$ ?

I need change the colors of loader, how can make this? Where is the file need modfy?

And i need modify the time of SplashScreen what file is the time in MS?

Thanks Guys.

If you site shows differently in Marshmallow then other Android versions, than this is most likely a issue of the WebView engine of the device itself. https://sherdle.com/help/why-isnt-my-website-working-as-intended/

Learn more about the splash screen here: https://sherdle.com/help/customising-the-splash-screen/


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Hi! can i feed it with my own wordpress site?

Yes, you can show any site you like in Web2App :)

Hi, how does your plugin behave when clicking Social Share buttons? Does it open in external app or it will open a browser? Thanks

Can I use my own theme instead of your design? My theme is responsive and designed for mobile phones.

If I will use my own theme , can I still use: – pull to refresh feature? – rate my app? – loading indicator? – offline content?


Im happy to answer your questions. What happens when pressing a social share button is similar to in a browser.

You can configure Web2App also to open particular urls in the browser/appropriate app. For example, all facebook.com urls can be opened in the Facebook app or website.

You can use your website theme, certainly. That’s what Web2App is designed for, it doesn’t have a theme itself. You can use pull-refresh, rate my app and a loading indicator with it. Offline content works differently, your site is either local or online.

Does it support Native Facebook, Twitter and Google login?

tried to add facebook.com but it opens in external browser not in app :(

Just so you know, the reason I bought this is for Facebook Share to open in Native App.

Please see my reply to your other comment.

Is it possible that when I click my Responsive Mobile Menu Drawer, the menu that will appear is the native Menu Drawer?

Currently, we don’t offer such an option.

I tried to replace Base URL to my website URL and I am getting white screen.cant see aything. How do I fix that?

I’ve replied to your other comments, which do appear to show that content loads.

please reply to my last comment

Ok let me summarize this to you.. My Responsive website is working like native in mobile browser. Even without the web to app converter, when you open my website in mobile browser, this can do the ff:

1. When uploading file/image,(not in app but in web browser itself) there is a external intent where you can pick whichever you want the source be (ie Camera, Gallery etc). – Question – How do I maintain this feature of my website using your source code?

2. In my mobile responsive website, (not app) when you click share to twitter, linkedin, reddit, etc it will open in native app, when you click direction, it will open native app in external, – Question : How will I maintain this features using your source code.

In short, I dont need the intents features in your code for this prject that I am working on but for facebook only cause the only thing that doesnt opem in app in my website is the facebook.

Please answer me in organized and clear way so I can settle this asap.


Hi! to answer your questions:
1) File uploads are supported, but we can’t guarantee that they will be the same as on the browser. Note that while WebView is similar to the browser, it isn’t completely the same and may act different in some ways. We find from most of our users, that file uploads for images are supported exclusively through gallery, and not through the camera.
2) As discussed earlier, you can configure any url patterns that should open outside your app in Config.json. When we find that a url matching the pattern is requested, we will not load it inside the WebView, and instead we will ask the system to handle the url. The system will then determine what to do. For example, a play.google.com url may be openend in either the Google Play app, or the browser. This depends on what your system thinks is best, whether any apps support these urls, and what your system defaults are for opening urls.

Can you help me to make facebook share open in native app? Open facebook and google in sign up process? I am willing to pay.

First, I’d like to give you the following advice (so you can solve your problem at no costs): If you use a valid facebook url, that the app indicates it can handle (i.e. a url to a post, signing-requests are most likely handled by the browser), if your phone is set to open compatible links in the facebook app and if you added facebook in config.java to open outside your webview this should be enough.

If you’d like to integrate native facebook/google signing (auth) into your app, you may need integration with the official native API libraries, a freelancer can help you with this. You can reach a freelancer familiar with our products at freelance@sherdle.com