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How can i increase this drawer icon size to full rectangle box ?

I understand , Just tell me which file i have to edit ?

Ok , I edited it.

Great to hear! Enjoy your app!

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Here my settings:

//The titles of your web items public static final Object[] TITLES = new Object[]{"URL1","URL2","URL3"}; //The URL's of your web items public static final String[] URLS = new String[]{"http://url1.com","http://url2.com","http://url3.com"}; . . . //Defines a set of urls/patterns that should exlusively load inside the webview. All other urls are loaded outside the WebView. Ignored if no urls are defined. public static final String[] OPEN_ALL_OUTSIDE_EXCEPT = new String[]{"url1.com","url2.com","url3.com"};

I want url1.com, url2.com, url3.com open inside on app, on url1.com, url2.com, url3.com i have many link/ads, but url1.com, url2.com, url3.com still open outside the app.
I want url1.com, url2.com, url3.com open inside app and link/ads from that url open outside app.

Need your advice

The configuration that you’ve stated above should do the trick.

If the configuration is not working for you, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/support/ticket/

What a trick ?
if i empty on public static final String[] OPEN_ALL_OUTSIDE_EXCEPT = new String[]{}; all link will open inside the app.
i can’t put all link, example i have 1000 link on this public static final String[] OPEN_OUTSIDE_WEBVIEW = new String[]{"ads1.com","ads2.com","ads1000.com"};

My apologies “do the trick” is an expression.

What I meant to say is that the configuration (as you have copied into your first comment) should be sufficient to get the behaviour you are after (i.e. open all urls outside your app, except url1.com, url2.com etc).


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web2app v3.1 Onesignal v3 is not working , Not showing any new users. But with previous web2app version with onesignal v2 is working fine.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

If you upgrade to Web2App V3.1, I’d recommend re-configuring OneSignal using new ID’s and a new app registration in both Google FCM/GCM and OneSignal.. As of OneSignal V3, you need a firebase project ID.

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/support/ticket


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After using the full-screen mode in youtube, keyboard can’t open !! You watch it here: https://youtu.be/rivZ9rbNPhY

Thank you for reporting this to us! I’ll check this out as soon as possible, and if confirmed it will be fixed by our team with the next update.

Feel free to let me know if I can help you with anything else.


kyume Purchased

You can quickly fix this, okay ?, my application for video, so it’s very important, I used jwplayer and it also bug like this

While I understand that a timely solution would be the most preferred, It’s hard to for me to make any predictions/promises about the timeframe of this update as it depends on the nature of the issue as well as various other factors (like tests, acceptance & queue times).

Hi Author, Tested your demo app, everything works fine for me except downloads. When downloading from a dynamic URL I get a .bin file.

Went through various forums and found that setting a cookie will solve this problem. Waiting for your reply.

Yes, we can only guarantee that downloads will work correctly when using non-dynamic urls. There are 3rd party solutions to fix this, and you are free to try them of course (you can try the cookie fix, and then test if your site works with the demo again).

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions for you.


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Hello, just both this, for testing. It is funny guys that you sell one app per one page, you need to know this that this is not hard to remake it in code.


r3L4x123 Purchased

3) Question I want to buy this for my other dating project, or it is possible to add cordova crosswalk? My other project have audio and video calls.


r3L4x123 Purchased

1) Solved 2) Solved

Okay, first of all great to hear your first two issues are resolved. regarding your third question: We don’t support Cordova Crosswalk out of the box (or have a Cordova version). So if you’d like to have a XWalkView instead of a WebView in your project you’d manually have to do this.


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HI sherdleapps, I just working on my app with the latest update. The app asks for grant permission when the app launched. I granted the permission at first time But why it is asking again and again ?

Thank you for your purchase! If investigated the issue, but I’m not able to reproduce the behaviour. On the latest version of Web2App (from sherdle.com/webtoapp):
1) Set additional permission in Config.java and Manifest (i.e. location)
2) Compile and install app on your phone
3) Run the app for the first time, the app will ask to grant permission
4) After clicking ‘Grant permission’ the system dialog is shown.

Now there are two scenarios:
1) You grant the permission, close the app (swipe it away from recents) and restart it.
2) You don’t grant the permission, close the app (swipe it away from recents) and restart it.

Now in the first scenario, the app will not ask for permissions again and in the second scenario it will (until you grant them).

If you have any additional information on the issue, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/support/ticket/


fageria Purchased

Is the “location” permission is necessary ??

It is not, so you can remove this permission from Config.java if you don’t use it and users will not be asked for the permission as a result.

I bought the iOS version worked pretty good, but the android version is not working strait out the box. I’ve tried contacting support but there portal doesn’t allow me. Ive emailed them with no response been 3 days. Im getting multiple errors concerning the AndroidManifest.xml file , first it said the file was missing then after going under project structure->facets and specifieng the path to the app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml I get five more errors stated here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41971471/android-error-no-resource-found-that-matches-the-given-name-in-android-studio/41971771#41971771

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to contact us.

I have sent an email to you (gq**s@gmail.com) yesterday at 15:02 (AMST time):
Thank you for your purchase! I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble.

Have you verified that manifest.xml is indeed present in your App module? In addition, you can try to open module settings -> Select modules tab -> click on your module -> from structure tab on the right change path for manifest file You can find your manifest file inside [module name]/src/[sub directory]

Feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.

However, by default the Android Studio project should run out of the box, without any of the errors you have stated. So please ensure you’re using the latest version of Android Studio (a fresh installation is preferred) and that you are using the latest copy of Web2App (from sherdle.com/webtoapp) as well and import it as described in your docs.

I think if you remove
and add
to tablayout in activity_main.xml you issue will be resolved.

hello, i received message from google play story … Why ? Hello Google Play Developer,

Our records show that your app, ** , with package name com.bosla.assiut.www, currently violates our User Data policy regarding Personal and Sensitive Information.

Policy issue: Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. Your app requests sensitive permissions (e.g. camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or phone) or user data, but does not include a valid privacy policy.

Action required: Include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app’s Store Listing page and within your app. You can find more information in our help center.

Alternatively, you may opt-out of this requirement by removing any requests for sensitive permissions or user data.

If you have additional apps in your catalog, please make sure they are compliant with our Prominent Disclosure requirements.

Please resolve this issue by March 15, 2017, or administrative action will be taken to limit the visibility of your app, up to and including removal from the Play Store. Thanks for helping us provide a clear and transparent experience for Google Play users.


Yes, the answer is in the email that you got:
Action required: Include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app’s Store Listing page and within your app. You can find more information in our help center.

Hi, my website has an audio player for mp3 I can click play in the app but it doesn’t show in the notification draw that a song is playing like it does in chrome mobile browser.

How can I resolve this?

Thank you for reporting this. I’ve added this to our backlog.

What will happen next: With the next release build, our developers will investigate and attempt to reproduce the issue. If the issue is confirmed, a fix will be established. After the release is finished, it will be published to CodeCanyon (no ETA).

Okay thanks. I have an issue with webview scrolling and the pull to refresh, once i scroll down if I try to scroll up it activates pull to refresh.

Previously you’ve said to just disable pull to refresh but is there any information I could look into designing my site to prevent against this?

There is very little I can say about this, because the nature of this behaviour is in the WebView itself (or your site) and not our template.

I can only say that if you use some very specific plugins/scripts to modify scrolling behaviour on your site I would disable these, and otherwise I’d simply recommend to disable pull to refresh.


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Any update on when the reales for the fix for GPS permission for andropd 6+ ?

In Config.java add the permissions to the permissions array (and add it to Manifest, if it isn’t added already at least)


welander Purchased

First off I can’t find the permission to add? in the download template from the link you gave me, And I keep getting this error:

E/cr_LocationProvider: Caught security exception while registering for location updates from the system. The application does not have sufficient geolocation permissions. E/EGL_emulation: tid 3281: eglSurfaceAttrib(1174): error 0x3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH) W/OpenGLRenderer: Failed to set EGL_SWAP_BEHAVIOR on surface 0x7de99220, error=EGL_BAD_MATCH
In Config.java add the permissions to the permissions array, make sure PERMISSIONS_REQUIRED looks like this:
public static String[] PERMISSIONS_REQUIRED = new String[]{Manifest.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION};
And add ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION to Manifest as well (if it isn’t already included).

NO_CONNECTION_PAGE didn’t work can you help ?

is it can request permission access files?

all solved



Can I put my website in Wordpress in this Webview? Will One Signal work?

You can show any mobile (webview) compatible site in our WebView, including your Wordpress site.

We do support OneSignal as well.

before I bought this webview template, I want to ask a little

What a mean by this Web2app Panel?

whether it can be edited from the webview web panel? such makemedroid.com or gonative.io or the other? if just change the name of the application through a web panel form?

how to install Panel Web2app? using my own hosting or hosting of you?

and if later I get the source code for android studio, and tutorial documents?

sorry to ask again .. before I use this source code ..universal-android-webview-app/8431507 and already uploaded on google PlayStore

if I moved the source code using your source code. whether it later can be uploaded again? I was scared when changing source code, can not be uploaded

version of the app that I use now 2.2.0 I might know this version of the source code version of what? if later no error if it differs from previous versions of the source code?

Yes, you can definately switch to to Web2app and maintain your Play Store listing.

What you need to do:
  • Increase the version code (not number, you can set that to anything you’d like) in Manifest to be above your current version number.
  • You need your current keystore
  • You need access to your Google Play Developer account.

That’s all, you can then simply follow Web2App’s documentation.

thanks for your reply next month I bought this source code

Hi, I wanted to buy both version iOS and android app. I just have few doubts. 1. I have wordpress website with Woocommerce. The theme is mobile responsive. I tested it in your app it works. But can i customize the side menu showing the website menus? I just my visitors to see my website when they open the app.

2. Can I remove the top title bar of the app which is shown in Blue colour? Since the website is mobile responsive, your app’s template i.e header is little obtrusive.

3. Is there any documentation to start and publish the app? i am new to app publishing.

4. Will you keep your app updated with bug fixes and latest version of android?

Please let me know ASAP.

Any video demo is available

I am php developer It is possible to use easily because i never work in android