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how to create own app link like whatsapp:// to target app


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i need my own deeplink like scozey://


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<intent-filter> <action android:name=”android.intent.action.VIEW”></action> <category android:name=”android.intent.category.DEFAULT”></category> <category android:name=”android.intent.category.BROWSABLE”></category> <data android:scheme=”http” android:host=”mysite.com” ></data> <data android:scheme=”http” android:host=”.mysite.com” ></data> <data android:scheme=”https” android:host=”mysite.com” ></data> <data android:scheme=”https” android:host=”.mysite.com” ></data> </intent-filter>

We don’t support deeplinks like myscheme://, but only regular links like http://domain.com. You can modify the scheme as you’ve sent (replaicng mysite.com with your own domain) to do this.


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I have a problem. I have used the web configurator and entered my interstitial admob ID. Interstitial ads are not shown. Please help.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. First, double check your interstitial ID and ensure that it is in the proper format, next you can check in Config.java the interstitial intervals to ensure that they are properly shown.

Finally, if the issue still persists, please collect a copy of the log and submit at ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/


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I have checked everything and it still does not work. I have opened a ticket.

Congratulations for your app …. very fast and beautiful …. but the extraordinary thing is your assistance …. ++++++++

Amazing, thank you for your kind words! If you haven’t already, it would be superb if you could also leave a review at http://codecanyon.net/downloads/

Thank you in advance, and of course, feel free to let me know if I can be of any help.


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and how to fetch contact list and retrieve own server


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how to force to open gps in app when we run geolocation command

Hi! I am sorry to hear the issue persists. Following our guide should help you implement location. We don’t support retrieving contact lists. If you would like me to look into this issue after I return from vacation, please leave me a ticket here. Thank you!


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it’s possible to develope ios in windows pc . If i purchase web2ios


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how much you for compile


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and how to test ios app without iphone

For freelance you can email us at freelance@sherdle.com. You can test on the IOS simulator in XCode.

Hi, I’ve already made an app … very nice … I have to do another, turn a wordpress site, can I do it?

Hi! For each application/app you create you have to purchase an additional license (in line with the CodeCanyon license terms)

Is it possible to use a dynamic url? and use multiple url ?

How do you mean dynamic url? You can use redirect urls. You can also use multiple urls (tabs or drawer).

problem uploading apk to play store. it says “Upload failed You uploaded an APK signed with a certificate that is not yet valid. You need to sign your APK with a certificate that is currently valid” – tried v1 signing and v2 signing help me out

Make sure that your certificate is valid for about 100-1000 years starting today. Sign it both V1 and V2. In many cases, searching Google for an answer can also be helpful. If you would like me to look into this issue after I return from vacation, please leave me a ticket here. Thank you!

The software can integrate Doubleclick for Publishers google ads

We do not directly support DFP (PublisherAdView). Instead, we only support Admob (Adview).

However, it might be that you can display DFP ads in your Adview, but you should contact your DFP contact person about this.

I can manually upgrade this version after purchase to be able to integrate the audience ad network Facebook ads or double click publisher google

Yes sure, you are completely free to edit the template to fit your needs (just keep in mind that customer support for such customisations is not included)

Hi, if i’m using the tabs option and on one tab has a youtube video can the video be paused if i switch tabs instead of playing in the background?

With Tabs we currently don’t support this. Instead, please use the drawer option to stop video when switching content.

Hello, do you know how I can configure the onesignal icons? Should I put the icons in the template folder?

You can follow the following OneSignal guide on how to add icons to your project, next you can use the icons from the OneSignal dashboard: https://documentation.onesignal.com/v3.0/docs/customize-notification-icons

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Hello I’m trying to hide the scrollbar and I found this code



I had some error when I put it in the Mainactivity.java So could you please tell me how to insert this code in your app? Thank you

For this, you should locate the WebView instance (it isn’t ‘WebView’ as in your example) in WebFragment.java and apply this code at an appropiate location.

Please note that I’m happy to give suggestions as above, but that actual support for customisation and changes beyond the options we offer is offically not included in our support. Thank you for understanding this!

What is meant by local content

Hi! Web2App is capable of loading online web pages (i.e. websites like google.com) as well as offline web pages (local html pages) that can be viewed offline. This is ‘local content’.

Hi, can you update to support firebase analytics as it’s now the new option for android apps.

Okay, i got onesiganl configured and working but when I get inapp notifications i can’t go to the story, it justs give me an option to click “okay” how can i get it to go to the targeturl i’m sending through onesignal additional data?

How are you attaching urls to your notification?

The urls work in the notification area and open the app and go to where I want. I use the key “url” value “http://tld.com/*”

What i’m asking is if the app is open and there is a new notification a regular android dialog popsup with the title/heading of the notification and just “ok”

I want to know now if its possible for the “ok” to be a link to where that notification is sending the app user?

Hi, .. How to remove url address if aplication error? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByEVxUQwkBI0bmhCUENJN3ZyUGs

Remarkable, this should happen by default. Could you ensure you are using the latest version updated about 1,5 month ago (you can download it from http://sherdle.com/webtoapp )

If you are, and the issue is stil not resolved, please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ and I’ll get back to you.

I am interested in your app, but i have a few questions

1. Do i need to use your online tool to create App for i can manually edit the android studio project files ?

2. I am creating web view theme for my wordpress blog, but in mobile it did not show properly, i mean it shows my content half of the screen and other half in black see screenshot: ( http://i.imgur.com/qIJydSE.jpg ) can we solve this issue ?

3. Can i add left Menu bar in top of the app native navigation ? Can i also add links into it ?

4. Can i add photos / html that can view as offline ?

5. If internet is not working then it show some error or error screen ?

Hi. I’m happy to answer your questions:
1) It’s up to you, you can do both. But I’d recommend using the panel, configuring and updating is easier and faster, and it has no disadvantages really.
2)I’m not sure, it can be that this is a problem of your own web view but it can also be that your websites background simply doesn’t resize (it ‘wraps content’). So changing your html/css to ensure that the body attribute of your page has a certain background color might resolve this.
3) I assume you mean a drawer menu (can be opened with a button in the top left corner)? https://s3.envato.com/files/226910560/Drawer-open-noicons.jpeg Yes we support this, you can add as many links to this menu as you’d like.
4) Yes, we support offline web pages (you can also include images in these).
5) Yes. For pages that require internet, when there is no internet access, will show a no connection screen: https://s3.envato.com/files/226910560/Error.png (you can change the text)

My Question is if i generate an application by using your online module and if in case i want to close my website and want to make a new website then can i use the same online portal & purchase key to make a web view app of new website ?

Hi! Yes, you can always update your existing apps, our panel allows unlimited updates for applications. So you can change the url/title/details of your app at any time (we only do not allow the creation of multiple apps, for different sites, at the same time).