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hjanjua Purchased

Some cron jobs doesn’t work

Hi! can you send me private message on email with examples ?

Hi, just bought and testing things out. I have 2 questions/comments:

1. Is there a reason why the folder permissions need to be 777? 2. Is it possible to incorporate the command features from ( so that we can run CLI type of commands?


1. These folder must be writable by webserver (nginx, apache etc) and by PHP cli (console)

2. Currently this feature doesn’t supported.

Regards, Roman

Ok thanks, so 755 should be fine.

No plans for the CLI features at all?

I like the idea. I think I’ll add it in next update (after 1-2 weeks)


grufus Purchased

Hello, i have some trouble with : short_open_tag (php.ini directive) Failed You need to enable short_open_tag in php.ini. : . Can you help me please ?


grufus Purchased

i have change the php.ini to short_open_tag = On and restart the service and it didn’t work

Hi. Please check your emial

hello,i am new ,i set all but i get An internal server error occurred. i use subdomain ? could you help me,thank you

Thank you,i just send you my set up info,hope it works..

i think i fix it but could you check if all fine i did ? thank you

Can you send me link to online version please?

in my site my hosting provider let me create 5min cron jobs can i do 1 min cron jobs with that script?


1. The script will work fine. The only thing is that if you will set every minute cron job task – it will be executing every 5 minutes, because this is your minimal interval.

2. No restriction here. You can install at any place you want i.e. domain / subdomian / subfolder and etc.

Regards, Roman

i see… it is also not for me

OK. I see. No problem.

Hi bro, for suggestion, this script need auto remove cron job log from database.. Its make my database full and heavy

Hi. Agree. Will do in next update.

i have set up the script and add some cron jobs there,is it enough now or do i need to do some extra things? is this fine now ? for cron to work or do i need to install something extra to my sever ?


Will you ever help ? i set up but cron never work ,can you please guide how it will work,i added the cron job but seems not action,do we need to do something extra to server ????

Hi. Sorry for late response. I was far away from civilization.

Have you setup master cron? If you can’t do it, then send me cPanel credentials and link to online version on email.

When i click manualy,cron works but when i set every 1 minute,no actions,what may cause this ? could you help please

Hi. Have you setup master cron?
If you can’t do it, then send me cPanel credentials and link to online version on email.

Hello can you please answer, does this cron jobs creat extra files on my server ? if yes where can i erase this left overs ?

Hi. What does it mean “create extra files”? In general – no. All data is stored in database. I’ll add function to clear database in next update.


hjanjua Purchased

I am getting following failure in requirement file. What is this “Mcrypt extension Failed” Mcrypt extension is not loaded. I have already installed mcrypt for php7.1 and its still failing… Can you please let me know which php package/module is this ?

Hi. Sorry for late response. Try to create PHP file and run it in your browser.
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Do you see an Mcrypt extension? Maybe it’s enabled only for CLI, but not for web?