Web Catalog

Web Catalog

Web catalog is a simple, easy to modify and use online website catalog. It contains rich modules for the front-end viewing of items as well as administration pages for adding, updating and manipulating with categories and URLs.
Looking for a free regular licence? I’m looking for translation the application into following languages: french, portuguese, italian, norwegian, swedish, danish, dutch. Contact me if you are interested.


  • CRUD Nested Categories
  • Email Notification
  • Multilanguage Interface (Russian, English)
  • Role Based Access Control
  • URLs Managment
  • System Logging
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive Design
  • Dofollow Link Checker
  • Sitemap Generation


  • PHP 5.1.0 or higher
  • cURL Extension
  • SMTP Mail Server
  • GD Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • Multibyte String Functions
  • Mcrypt Extension (MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256 ciphername)
  • Cron Jobs
  • Rewrite module (optional)
  • DOMDocument (optional. For sitemap generation)

Applications demo


Admin panel:
Login: demo
Password: demo

Installation & Documentation

All information you can find here


v 2.1 – 2017.07.09

  • PHP 7.x compatibility
Already bought? Remove all files from root/framework directory and upload fresh version from archive.

v 2.0 – 2017.02.05

  • Security update
Already bought? Replace modified file

Open `root/protected/config/main.php

Append two new parameters to “mailer” array
'mailer' => array(

    // set "tls" if Port is 587 or "ssl" if Port is 465
    // SMTP connection options
    'SMTPOptions' => array(
        'ssl' => array(
            'verify_peer' => false,
            'verify_peer_name' => false,
            'allow_self_signed' => true

Remove all files from `root/protected/extensions/mailer/phpmailer directory and upload new files from archive.

v 1.9 – 2016.01.10

  • Updated EU Cookie Law Javascript plugin
Already bought? Replace following file:

v 1.8 – 2015.09.28

  • Added Danish UI
  • Solution for EU cookie law
Already bought? Replace/add below listed files.
Next, open root/protected/config/main.php file and add new language into languages array:
'languages' => array(
            'da' => 'Dansk',
And flush the cache (Admin -> Tools -> Flush Cache)

v 1.7 – 2014.10.10

  • Small bug fixes
Already bought? Replace/add listed below files
Next, open ~root/protected/config/main.php file: Replace following lines:
'<language:\w{2}>/country/<country:[\\pL\w\s]+>' => 'country/url',
'<language:\w{2}>/country/<country:[\\pL\w\s]+>/<page:\d+>' => 'country/url',
'<language:\w{2}>/country/<country:[\\pL\w\s\-\,\'\(\)\.]+>' => 'country/url',
'<language:\w{2}>/country/<country:[\\pL\w\s\-\,\'\(\)\.]+>/<page:\d+>' => 'country/url',
And flush the cache (Admin -> Tools -> Flush Cache)

v 1.7 – 2014.09.02

  • Gz compression are used to compress sitemaps, whereby traffic will be decreased
  • Handling pagepeeker error
  • Some design bug fixes
Modified files:
New files:

v 1.6 – 2014.05.22

Some bug fixes
Modified files:


v 1.5 – 2014.05.20

Mirror of v1.5 version. The only difference is that archive is not corrupted.

v 1.4 – 2014.05.18

Multiple sitemap support.
Already bought? Just modify/add following files (make sure sitemap directory has writable permissions). Also make sure you have installed DOMDocument(
Modified files:

New direcotry:


v 1.3 – 2014.03.31

Improved SMTP error handling

Following files has been modified


v 1.2 – 2014.02.08

Fixed issue with cyrillic symbols in URL
The correct translation of the phrase

Following files has been modified


v 1.1 – 2014.01.21

Click here to find out what changes has been done.
Filtering websites by country
Calculation how much URL contain each category
Added German interface
Some bug fixes

v 1.0 Initial – 2014.01.14