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Is there a param that can be added to the shortcode to remove the country & state search filter? Our map will be for a small area so we may not need the state and country filters

So I only want to remove the the “Country” drop down on the map… Could you tell me what section in the settings area I could find the controls to hide locations… ex: General settings, Listings, Search shortcode, Default Maps, Markers & Addresses, Email notifications, Advanced settings, Customization,

and what exactly that setting is labeled?

Seach shortcode tab -> “Show locations search?” setting


Hello I just added your plugin to my site and I am getting the following errors in the inspector console:

(index):431 Uncaught ReferenceError: w2gm_map_markers_attrs_array is not defined at (index):431 (anonymous) @ (index):431 (index):453 Uncaught ReferenceError: w2gm_js_objects is not defined at (index):453 (anonymous) @ (index):453 (index):458 Uncaught ReferenceError: w2gm_js_objects is not defined at (index):458 (anonymous) @ (index):458

hello does this work if I use the php do shortcode function: <? echo do_shortcode(‘[webmap]’); ?>

Ok so I added the shortcode to the body section and I am pulling that into my page via <?php the_content(); ?> .. I also have a foreach loop on my home page that is pulling in data from a custom post type… I noticed that if I place the <?php the_content(); ?> code any place before my loop it pulls in just fine… however if I place the <?php the_content(); ?> anyplace after my loop it doesn’t get pulled in.. I also noticed that if I just delete my loop the map comes in just fine… however the section I need the map to display in comes after my foreach loop…. Any idea on how I can get this map to pull into the page after the section that contains my foreach loop?

I got it sorted out… I needed to do a reset after my loop <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup Google Tag Manager to track map search form submissions but it doesn’t look like a push event is configured for successfuly form submission.

Can you please add something like:

dataLayer.push({ ‘event’: ‘formSubmission’, ‘formType’: ‘Map search’ });

Or instruct me where to add this in the plugin code?


Hello, sorry, but unfortunately I do not have any idea what is it and how to configure this for submission.

Hey Shamali,

Can you at least tell me are there any callbacks for the search form submission success, and if not could you please add one?

Hello, there is a callback for jquery AJAX success method, but it is busy by plugin’s w2gm_completeAJAXSearch function.

Requesting refund. Bought wrong product.