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When I uploaded my entries, some of them got geocoded properly. Some I had to log into the listing backend, and that showed the listing geocoded on the map.

Some even after loggin into the back end, when I click the button generate on google map, gives me this error – Sorry, we were unable to geocode that address (address #0) for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

When I google the address is correct.

Please help.

Hello, contact us from your purchase account.


jb_agl Purchased

Hi, The plugin is not loading on my mobile phone anymore. It works fine on the desktop but recently stopped loading on mobile devices. The site is

I tried disabling any recent plugins updated or installed, different themes and settings but I still can’t get it to load. I have tried different phones, wi-fi networks etc. as well to no avail.



it looks like it does not build some part of page when you browse from mobile devices. I tested and see that some code is missing in the header of your site when I’m using responsive view.

Double check if any 3rd party plugins or your theme has such options.


is this possible with the plugin:

Want to creaate Numbers of locations. Each Location should get a number. Then a visitor of the site shuold be able to search for a number (exactly one number) an get a result “list” with exactly one location.

I am using the impreza theme and the visual comoser


Hello, no, there isn’t such functionality.

On the new listing page as soon as enter the “listing location” and click on “Generate on google maps” Button,nothing happens.No map is loaded for the address input.When I tried debugging the issue I get below error on inspect : Uncaught ReferenceError: w2gm_ajax_loader_show is not defined at window.w2gm_generateMap_backend (google_maps_edit.js:145) at HTMLInputElement.onclick (post.php:1097)

Ive send ftp and admin, I removed all api codes, please make it work thanks

I logged in through ftp. w2gm/resources/js/js_functions.js file exists, but it is 0 bytes. I don’t know how, but the plugin was installed incorrectly.

Download the plugin archive from codecanyon again and repeat installation.

I replaced the file and it works now, thanks for helping


I bought your plugin and must say: it is outstanding. It has all the features I need, a good backend and documentation and a great performance. Till now I used another plugin which is capable of showing the entries on a map as well as in a calendar. But its very slow so Id like to change to your plugin in a longterm. Is there a way to connect the Listings (with date/opening times) to a calendar? If possible with the same search functions like on the map overview? That would make this package complete and a real competitor to the plugin I am talking about which was sold thousands of times…

Unfortunately, existing calendar plugins work only with their own data types.

Anyway, we have added calendar widget in our to-do list.

That is really great. A very basic week or month overview, connected to the advanced search form would do it I think. Any idea when you will add that feature?

Unfortunately can not say anything about the date of release.

Also could you explain in details how this will work. Do you mean just a display of calendar. So users will select a date and click search button. But this is the same as date-time content field in the search form, but calendar widget will be visible by default.

We are currently moving our website from EE to Wordpress, I am attempting to recreate this:

Is this possible with your plugin?

Something like that is possible with this our plugin

Hi Shamalli, i purchased the Web 2.0 Google Maps, and i tried to translate the plugin to Spanish with the POEdit, generating the .mo and uploading it to Wordpress but it seems that it doesn’t work. I tried CodeStyling and Loco Translate but i can’t translate the SearchBox and the buttons like (Search on map). I need your Help.


Hello, prefer to use PoEdit. Did you follow translation instructions in the documentation

Did you upload generated .mo file into /languages/ folder of the plugin?

I upload again the .mo file into /languages/, and it works!. Thank’You!.


Marnick Purchased


Just installed your plugin, but I get the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_shortcode_param() in /home/brandp1q/public_html/wp-content/plugins/Google Maps/classes/search_fields/fields/content_field_datetime_search.php on line 114

Can you help me with that?

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. The issue related with new versions of visual composer plugin. We just sent an update with the fix for review, I hope it will be approved by codecanyon team quite soon. Tomorrow or in Monday. Here is a link on how to update the plugin

I have purchased web 2.0 google maps.

I am having difficulty understanding how to obtain the “google server API key”

I am able to get the “google browser api key” but the provided instructions are not clear how to get the associated “server api” Please advise or provide more detailed instructions than is provided in the service section

Contact us from your purchase account, please.

Hello. I read the description. But I would like to confirm, also ask few question detail about your plugin. Is the plugin have:
1) FRONT END user can manager there own listing, add new listing (Not allow enter backend)

2) During add new listing allow choose currency type (Multiple type currency available) , allow choose country/city… (Not just use autocomplete enter full address, because some country have there own special address)

3) Search option to choose country/ city/ street…. Dynamice (After choose country – city list will limited in this city – after choose city – will appear limited street of city)

4) Option to choose currency type when add new product, because difference country have difference curreny

5) Available create my own for rent, for sale, …. None limited

6) Available create my own bed / room / bancony / kitchen / all detail of propert…… None limited

7) The plugin created LISTING is custom post type or used as woocommerce product type


1. yes

2. the plugin does not have payment functionality, there isn’t currencies.

3. yes, you can predefine locations such as countries/cities

4. the plugin does not have payment functionality, there isn’t currencies.

5. and 6. sorry, I’m not sure about this

7. yes, own custom post type.

6) this is listing plugin, which can create property, right?
if so
2,4) have user filter price range of listing?


your plugin is great, but I have some minor concerns.

1. Is it possible to make the “adcanced search” menu collapse as soon as the user hit “search”? It is annoying, especially on a mobile that it wont collapse after clicking on search, because in case of many options it will overlay the map and you are forced to close it manually (which users are not used to).

2. The info windows, especially when the marker in the upper half of the map, partly vanishes beneath the options panel of the map. Activating “center map on click” in the options doesnt change the problem.

3. Is it possible to show only the days in the list of the info window when the event occurs? E.g. its only on mondays from 11-12 pm. I want only the monday to be shown, so it doenst say “tuesday: closed, wednesday: closed” etc.



1. the search can not overlay the map, it only can move it down. The map and the search are different elements in different shortcodes, probably you configured container of the search to overlay other layers. There isn’t such option to force to hide advanced search block.

2. you can make the map higher, so it shows whole info window.

3. unfortunately, no, there is no way.

Apologies I asked a question but I’ve now worked it out :)

Hi, I need to upload a csv with 630 records. But I can’t make it work with dutch adresses. This contains a streetname, number, city, postal code (and country when needed). How do I have to format my CSV so it’ll work? Please help me, thanks!

Did you enable “Geocode imported listings by address parts” option during import?

Also most import thing is Google API keys, did you generate them before import


Marnick Purchased

Yes did both things, still not working.. Can I email my Wordpress login to you so you can check?

Yes, you can, but the reason of this problem in Google API keys, I can not generate and set up it in your google account, only you can do this.

Is it possible to use this plugin to get locations from Google Places API and add them to WP Database (map fields to custom post types)?

No, this is not possible. Also it would violate google APIs user agreement.


seerweb Purchased

Hi! I have a problem with the filters Category and Country. When I used it the select item not is displayed, and I can’t select an option. on the search bar integrated on map.

Apeears: – Category – What would be the reason?


Hello, sorry I do not understand what does it mean. Could you be more specific and give more details about this issue.