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2 small questions before I buy this module. Is is possible to use an external url in place of uploading an image? And is it easy with an specific template to made the module full screen default when you check the website?

Hello, unfortunately, no, there is not such functionality in the plugin. It uses only internal content images and currently full screen available only by click (we will try to add this option in future).


crsiX Purchased

Hello. Thanks for this plugin, is very usefu and well codedl! Please can you tell me if it’s possible to add a word count on the visual editor for the description and excerpt fields in the front-end adding new listing?

Thanks again

Hello, there is no way to limit or add words counter description and excerpt fields on submission, but excerpt can be limited at the frontend view by “Excerpt max length” setting on Listings settings tab.

can this plugin draw a Google Map with a custom-defined overlay (ie. an area)? I’m looking for a map-based directory solution that would allow me to switch an overlay on/off. I’m thinking about marking historic borders for example.

Hello, unfortunately, there is not such functionality in the plugin.

Is there any way to set the sidebar on the google_map.tpl.php file to return the listings in two columns instead of one?

Unfortunately no, there is not such functionality in the plugin.

This is the option of our directory plugin you’ve also purchased.


sdefaut Purchased

Hello How to classify the map display with a default category? Instead of taking the last addresses entered. Thanks Benjamin

Hello, I am not quite sure what you mean. but probably you need to set categories=ID parameter into [webmap] shortcode. Like [webmap categories=12]