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Requesting refund. Bought wrong product.


I found a bug which I cant solve. On this map: please click on the top marker that merges 7 events. It zooms in like supposed, showing 5 markers and another 2 merge marker. All of the events are on the same adress! However, I cant click on the 2 merge marker and show the 2 missing events. Also, when searching for the business (shuri ryu) it only shows the 5 markers that are shown when clicking on it, but the 2 events that keep hiding in the 2 merge marker wont be shown when doing a full text search.

Any suggestion? I switched off all plugins, it doenst help, therefore must be some bug in your plugin.

Thanks, Hannes


there are such lines in w2gm/resources/js/js_functions.js file
var newLat = + (Math.random() -.5) / 8000;
var newLng = markerToComparePos.lng() + (Math.random() -.5) / 8000;
I would suggest to change 8000 value to bigger/smaller to test how it will look like.

Cool, that workes. And which value needs to be changed so that markers that are merged ans have the exact same adress are not so far away from each other when zoomed it – because it looks like theyre on a dofferent place, which theyre not…


What is the search shortcode for for a search with tags, not categories? So only Tags, and a SEARCH button?

Kind regards, Gerjanne

Hello, unfortunately, there isn’t such functionality to use tags instead of categories. The only way to search by tags is to install Relevanssi plugin to search by tags taxonomy and use keywords search field to enter tags.


I really love your plugin, however it lacks one feature. The datepicker works fine, but i am missing the “standard” option to use recurring dates. For events that occur e.g. once a week and that I want to show on the map (and not make an entry for every week), it is useless. It is important for me because I want to read the data to use in a calendar as well and the normal opening times are not suitable for this.

Is there a way to update/omplement this in the nexr version or maybe a simple workaround to activate that function?

thx in advance and keep up the good work.


Hello, unfortunately there isn’t workaround and there is no easy way to improve it. We will try to add this functionality in future releases, but can not say when it will be done.

Thanks for your fast reply. I hope you will implement it soon. :-) Keep up the good work.

Hi there, just a presale question. I am wondering if it’s possible to display the listings or search results randomly rather than alphabetically, date, etc.


Hello, in the current plugin listings can be ordered only alphabetically.

We have directory plugin with more features including this one

More bugs, sorry to say that :-( When using the search function, I get a “null” entry on the info box. Plus, when saying to reload the map, my filter doesnt. Means if I used a dilter option it shows me the icons that fit the categories. Works so far. But after resetting the map it just shows the same, filtered icons….

Hi there, we’re using your plugin @ and are noticing some performance issues and it would be great if you could assist. We currently have 2400+ locations and the page takes forever to load. We’ve optimized WordPress, are using a good caching plugin, and have great hosting so those are not issues. Is there anything we can do on the plugin side to help speed up load time?

Thanks! Jonah

Hello, actually I do not see huge performance issues on your site, it works fast enough for such amount of markers on the map. The plugin does as much as it can. You can try to enable “InfoWindow AJAX loading” and/or “Use AJAX loading” settings, sometimes it can help.

The best way to speed up this page is to reduce the number of listings to load on the map.

How can I set more than 1 location selector? Example I need to have one selector for region location, one for country and a third location for city…not all in’s possiible?

Actually I’m not sure what you mean. You can select multiple markers for one listing, select different locations for them: country, state, city, or another locations as you configured. You can set a tree of locations cities in states, states in countries, and so on.

Your support has expired. We would recommend you to renew it for getting further assistance from our team.

I found a bug which I cant solve. On this map: from today I can no longer surf the map … I encounter problems when I zoom and when I move with the mouse


m17rce Purchased

Hi I have an old version Version 1.1.1 of Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin and some of the functions are no longer working (ie location search, moving the map by mouse). If I renew support will I get the updates to bring me up to date or should I buy the software again? The price difference is minimal – I would prefer the simplest and quickest way to get the software working again and keep my existing data. Thanks

Hello, yes, of course, you can renew support and update the plugin


Apparently there is a known bug regarding the zooming on the map. I uploaded the last version of the plugin (I think 1.14.15) and the bug is still there. Are you planning on fixing this. If so when? Thanks!


1. you are asking about another plugin, this is not directory plugin comments section

2. the latest version of directory plugin is v2.0.6


sdefaut Purchased

Hello! it’s a great plugin! I wondered if is it possible to put the borders of a region or a city? Like when you search a city in Google Maps. Have a good day! Ben

Hello, unfortunately, no. Google Maps API does not share this functionality for 3rd party applications.


blo23 Purchased

Hi, is there a way to add an attendee list or a button that can show attendees in the listing window on map markers. So when someone clicks on the map markers and goes into the listing window they can click a button to show they will be at this location and also be able to see who else will be attending location/event.

Hello, no, there isn’t “social” functionality in the plugin.

Your support has expired. We would recommend you to renew it for getting further assistance from our team.

Hi There, I purchased the Web 2.0 Google Maps plug-in but the zoom etc doesn’t seem to work the webpage is

Could you possibly tell me what is wrong?


Hello, contact us from your purchase account.

Hi there, I purchased Web 2.0 Google Maps plug in for wordpress through a company called business jump who helped set up my wordpress site so I don’t know the login details for the purchase account but I do have this information: Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin for WordPress Regular License 6 months support (expires on 05 Apr 2018) Purchase code: c3e65747-3c5f-4ab9-8aba-19e2f338427

Basically none of the listings I have added come up on the map and it doesn’t zoom

Hello, you have to update the plugin. There is a fix in new version.

My wordpress says that Web 2.0 google maps Version is 1.2.2 and there are no other updates available?

Hi Shamalli, please let me know if this is the most current version? 1.2.2 My wordpress says there are no updates available so I’m guessing I already have the update you say will fix it? Please let me know I really need to get my site fixed.


mmichtus Purchased

i have the same problem on safari and ios, even with 1.2.3, huge delay, performance and zoom problems, can you pls fix that? thank you

Of course, more listings you have on a map – more performance you need.


mmichtus Purchased

sure i understand that, but i have dedicated server, my resources are under 30% used, also the problem is on mobile in my case ios and on desktop safari, chrome works fine on desktop (i have not try on android), i have also try with 1.2.4 but no change. thank you

This does not depend on your server performance. This is client-side job to render a map and map markers.

hello, i purchased yesterday your plugin, I am using version 1.2.3 , I use avada theme and I have an issue when I am viewing the map from mobile or tablet. My problem is that I can’t “click” from touch screen devices on the POI-marker to open POIs info window. This is crucial for my work since we work only from mobile and touchscreens. I checked your demo site from my moble and I saw that is working. Can you please help me?

Hello, we recently released v1.2.4, Update, please:


I have a problem. Please try to filter my markers by using any type of filter and click search (e.g. “voll rollstuhlgerecht”) on

The search is fine but whenever I click on a marker the detail box says “null”. This is not the case when just clicking on it without doing a search.

It is urgent, please reply ASAP.

Thanks and have a nice evening!


Hello, I would recommend to disable “InfoWindow AJAX loading” setting on Default Maps settings tab.

Hi Shamalli, I have reinstalled the plugin as I couldn’t get the update to fix the zoom. That is all now working but my listings aren’t showing up on the map when I go to my website. When I search and select the location in the add listings section it comes up then when I press save or update it disappears? Can you help?

Is there also a ‘how to’ section or file or manual for this plugin?

Hello, probably there are related php error messages. Please, look at php errors log file on your host.

Here is documentation for the plugin: