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Waveform Audio Filter

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Waveform Audio Filter is a powerful audio player for Wordpress with filterable genres and keywords support. Organize your music based on music genre and other categorization. It can display unlimited playlists and songs in a waveform style. Plugin uses song statistics to analyze and track song plays and downloads. Comes with developer API to further extend its functionality.


- Audio statistics is disabled in preview demo

- Dummy lyrics is used in preview demo

- Waveform generation requires audio songs located on the same server or cors is required if you want to load songs remotely

- Support for bulk song import (import playlist from json file or folder of audio files in wordpress uploads directory). Json import supports all parameters available in player while folder import cannot support genres and keywords.

- Genres and keywords are optional and player can be used without this feature

- Song download is optional

- Add To Cart, Add To Collection, Save link buttons can be set to any url

- Option to display short preview version of a song for non logged in users

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 2.6 [6.08.2021]

 - [UPDATE] option to show all tracks on start even when genres and keywords are used
 - [ADD] option to upload json playlist in admin

VERSION 2.55 [29.07.2021]

 - [UPDATE] download file names with song title instead of download.mp3

VERSION 2.52 [23.05.2021]

 - [UPDATE] PHP 8 compatibility 

VERSION 2.51 [19.5.2021]

 - [FIX] audio preview field error when uploading songs in playlist manager

VERSION 2.5 [10.3.2021]

 - [FIX] when player loads through share url link progress bar in song list does not work
 - [UPDATE] fixed player now working with multiple players in page
 - [UPDATE] search songs for keywords using search field

VERSION 2.0 [11.1.2021]

 - [FIX] download icon created while no download url set on song
 - [UPDATE] admin improvements
 - [UPDATE] keyboard controls improve
 - [UPDATE] show / hide statistic icons in frontend
 - [ADD] sort songs by title, artist, duration
 - [ADD] show all audio waveforms in playlist on start
 - [ADD] optional fixed player bottom connected with song list
 - [ADD] option to read folder of songs (including ID3 tags) located in custom location on server
 - [ADD] options to show / hide individual action buttons (save playlist, keyboard info...)

VERSION 1.2 [29.10.2020]

 - [UPDATE] added song pagination to frontpage (works on page scroll + load more button)
 - [UPDATE] added animation effect for songs display
 - [UPDATE] backend pagination for playlist songs
 - [UPDATE] genre / keywords alphabetical sort on frontpage

VERSION 1.0.1 [5.10.2020]

 - [FIX] undefined index 0 in taxonomy page

VERSION 1.0 [1.09.2020]

 - first release