Discussion on Vuforia Cloud Recognition App With Web Panel

Discussion on Vuforia Cloud Recognition App With Web Panel

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Is support still available?

Hi, is it available as multi-users with registration and login page?

Hi! Is it possible to create personal app (with personal name and logos) ?

yes, i can do that for you. If you want you can do that yourself too, as i am giving complete source code

Please, share with me

Contact on whatsapp: +923174843022, or order service on fiverr:

can we convert normal images to 3d?

not using my software, but you may find tools online, or other 3d making softwares

Please compatibility Android Studio 2022 ????compatibility Android Studio 2022. I’m going to buy the system

it’s made with unity3d, updateable in playstore, works with latest unity version too

hello, compatibility Android Studio 2022 ????

it’s made in unity3d, works with latest too

HI @ sundasfatima, this looks and sounds amazing :D I would like to find out, and Vuforia themselves not really clear on this, but is it possible, if knowing exact GPS, and elevation of a remote location, to create/assign an object to that remote location, and then on the user side who is at that location, could we make something like a printable pattern that could be laid on the ground at certain distance, or placed at a certain height/distance from body to trigger that object for the person.

(our GPS in this country is really terrible, and has like a 100m to 500m variance everytime, even with extended location permissions on device.

I feel it should be possible, to create some kind of mobile pattern that is unique to a particular location.

as part of standard purchase, is there any credits included for vuforia, or would it be the free option / for my own expense seperately

Thanks & All the best,

yes if you make pattern or image target, put it in the location, then there will be no need to use GPS

Hello sir . Is it possible Detect 2D images and display digital content over them in augmented reality on browser web ?

i haven’t made solution for web yet

Hello, I have a couple of questions:

- Does it work if you place vertical objects like curtains or blinds over the windows? - Can you measure the size of the object you place? (height x width)

Thanks in advanced and best regards

this project displays on markers or image targets only, you need another one, you can contact here: +923174843022

Is it possible to see the documentation before buying?

should i buy any vuforia cloud licence?

works well with latest versions of android and ios?

Vuforia offers 1000 recognition per month for free, if you need more you have to buy cloud add on that costs $99 per month and allows 10,000 recognitions. If limit exceeds 0.01$ per recognition.

Yes it will work on latest versions

Hello, Very nice :-) The IOS and Android APP are marked with Vuforia. Can we set our Brand and do we need to pay for Vuforia ?. Thanks BR Fred

yes, for commercial use have to pay to vufoira

Я должен хранить файлы на своём сервере или в стороннем облаке?

Files will be on your server, vuforia cloud is used to scan image targets and get metadata, metadata contains url to files

А как либо обойтись без облака vuforia возможно?

Best option is using cloud, for more details whatsapp here: +923174843022 or email at:

I bought it and it’s great clean code, It’s easy for install and has file package unity program that make it work in programs like Unity as well. I don’t have much programming knowledge but I can follow his manual. and excellent support makes I got the app and the App with web panel ,Thanks to the sundasfatima team ,you are appreciated.

their products are awesome with clean code and good features with good support

Hello my friends, can we contact you for custom quote for project?


Hello. What 3d file format is required?

fbx,obj etc

Hi, can you geo-coordinates to the platform so that we know where the user is located, and so we can also use the coordinates to show certain images or things.

yes, can do

On what platform are the IOS and Android applications?

developed using unity3d

can you integrate it with amazon s3? in such a way that the uploaded videos are saved on the s3 backet

We can mount EFS and S3 with EC2 instance, But with additional cost to the current script cost

can you give me a quote for the job? I saw that the app is not optimized enough on the scanning of the flags, or when you scan the photo the video is not perfectly anchored, can you fix it?

can you send screenshot of the issue, contact on whatsappp please: +923174843022


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