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Good. My suggestion: add classical style to this. GLWS!

Thank you Granth,

Could you please be a bit more explicit, what do you mean by ‘classical style’?


Is this an actual working preloader or just an animation?

Does it actually hide the main pages first while it’s loading and then proceed to ‘fade’ or animate the web page when the loading has completed?

Hi there,

Thank you for being interested in VSPreloader. Actually this is just a CSS library, there is no JavaScript logic behind this pack. It’s up to you – how, when and why you’ll hide it. Concerning your first question, in the pack are included 30 unique animations, which can be combined between them in many different ways. Also in the pack we’ve prepared 40 presets (full working preloaders) that can be used, in case you don’t want to create your own unique preloader. Also we’ve posted a demo video, on how it works.

Hope it helps, Warm regards.

Can this be used with a wordpress site? I know it’s not a plugin but could it be integrated?

Hi Jrudy,

Thank you for being interested in VSPreloader. Sure, behind it there is no JavaScript logic, just CSS, so all you’ll have to do is include the css file in your theme (or just copy the css into your existing css file) and it’s up to you how and when you’ll hide the preloader. You can easily integrate it on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Magento or any other CMS. And if you are familiar with less, then there are even more advantages you can get from it.

Hope it helps, Warm regards

Hello, how can I incorporate VSPreloader in my wordpress, can you describe the whole perocedure, thank you

I’m not sure that I understand you, as I’ve seen on your profile, you are from France and I lived in France for a while so please explain it in french and may be I’ll understand it better.

Thank you

Bonjour, merci pour votre patience , j’aimerai connaitre ou il faut mettre les fichiers de votre plugin (dans mon Wordpress ou le theme) pour que je puisse ajouté les codes de votre demonstration dans index.php Merci

Bonjour, je m’excuse en avance pour les fautes d’orthographe que je le ferais. Il y a déjà peut-être quelques une dans ma phrase précédente :). Alors à propos de votre question, je suis pas tout à fait familiarise avec la structure fichier du WordPress, mais je suppose que vous devais avoir vos fichiers css qui sont inclue dans votre fichier PHP (header.php si je ne me trompe pas), donc à côté de ces fichier vous devais inclure le vspreloader.min.css, vous devais avoir quelque chose similaire <link href=”css/vspreloader.min.css” /> et c’est tout. Une foi que vous avez ça vous avez accès a tout les ‘class’ qui VSPreloader offres. Bien sure, ne oublie pas de copier coller le vspreloader.min.css dans votre theme (ça doit être root/wp-content/themes/le-nom-de-votre-theme/css/).

Il me semble que c’est ça. J’espère que vous allez avance et si quelque chose reste peu clair, n’hésitez pas de me poser des questions.


I am most interested in attaining the very same effect that your ‘Live Preview’ renders: The preloader page (with css animation) is displayed while the website page content is being loaded, and then a smooth fade transition is applied when the preloader page gives way to the fully loaded webpage file.

Would you be willing to provide any javascript code and/or instructions with this css library package that will ensure a like-rendering of your Live Preview?

Hi DTFChime,

Thank you for being interested in VSPreloader. Certainly it would be a pleasure helping you with that trick. All you’ll have to do is to submit a ticket on our support service and I’ll be there to help you.

Warm regards

can i use this on the wordpress? and change the svg animation to my own animation?

Nice to meet you again weilinzhong.

As I already mentioned, VSPreloader doesn’t have any JavaScript logic, in other words, it’s completely up to how and when your are going to hide it. I mean, VSPreloader contains only the CSS animations them selves and nothing more than that.

We didn’t want to limit our customers to a specific behavior since this is very easy to accomplish.

Warm regards,
Vlad Sargu

so can you help me to achieve how the demo auto disappear after loading?

Thank you for contacting us. I have written a FAQ article for you that should help you to achieve that.

Hope it helps.

Warm regards,
Vlad Sargu

can i use this on the wordpress? and change the svg animation to my own animation?

Please see your previous comment.

Thank you

Hi, i want animated my logo with your animations… is posibble?...i have my logo in JPG, PNG and EPS format

Dear YuryHoyos,

Thank you for contacting us and for choosing VSPreloader. Actually VSPreloader is a CSS library which contains 30 predefined animations.So using VSPreloader you can easily animate HTML elements by following the documentation, however beside the rotation animations and few other simple animations there isn’t much you can do with an image.

Honestly hope it helps.

Please let me know if you need farther assistance.

Vlad Sargu

Congrats! Nice work

Thank you!