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Nicely done! :) 1170

Nice looking. Could this be used within Facebook? Post results to wall etc. as a Facebook application?

Thanks. Looks like good fun so I’ve purchased :)

Is it iPad friendly? I have a trouble loading it on my iPad.

Thank you for your fast reply. What i meant was if I try to test your script on Codecanyon demo page, my iPad “freezes” on Loading… message. I tried with Safari and Chrome as well. I like your game and I would like to purchase it but I am a little concern with this issue and not being able to test it on my iPad.

I’ll fix it.

Purchased :) Hope you will transfer some of your flash games to javascript or HTML5.

I have the same issue. It’s not compatible with iPhone either. Very good script though.

I have fixed it already. But to do that I removed all sound effect exept background sound. In a few days I’ll upload archive on site. Tell me your mail and I’ll send you fixed game.

Thank you. I’ve sent you a private message with my email.

How do I adjust the width of the game to be less than 450px?

There are no such option

for android version ?

for all browsers, not only Android

Well, is not possible for android?

What you mean? There are no .java file

can you add top 25 players?