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My Quick View doesn`t work. What can I do? Thanks for help

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin.

Sorry for delay, I fixed it…it was a error of my theme settings. Plugin is great. thx

after updating wordpress to the latest version, its completely naff. cant update pages, contantly in a loading state


is it possible to change Quick View content? I want the main dexfription instead of short description.

Thanks for Help! ;)

I would like to place currency symbol after price. Where and which code should I edit?

I found below code. Is it the one to be modified? If so would you kindly modify the code for me? I am no PHP expert.

echo get_woocommerce_currency_symbol().’ ’.$product->get_price();?>

Many thanks

echo $product->get_price().’ ’.get_woocommerce_currency_symbol();

Replace this code

Works like a charm!~ :) Cheers!

I really need to have 6 or 8 columns grid on shop page. Would you please share me a tip to modify your css?

Thank you so much!! Please refer to below URL.


I just need 6 or 8 columns grid set on desktop view(PC version). Thank you indeed!

I have solved this issue! :)

Hi Saragna, I have bought the woocommerce grid product carousel. I dont have visual composer however but would like to use this plugin. I am just wondering if you know how I can get this to work on my website without Visual Composer. Please let me know.


I notice that there was two plugins available and I mistakenly bought the VC version. Would it be possible to receive the WooCommerce version instead as I am unable to use this plugin without VC. Thanks anyway Saragna.

anything that you can do to help me out please

Hi Saragna, would you please let me know how to make my badges such as “new”, “sold-out” appear on single product and shop pages?

Any update please?

Pre-purchase Question – We have a Membership WooCommerce site, we need the grid to restrict the products to their corresponding members. Right now, all products for all members show up when you click on shop. Here is an example of how this should work.

Lets say Member A has products 1, 2. & 3 and lets say Member B has products 4, 5, & 6. We can not have Member B seeing products 1, 2 & 3.

Does this plug in support this?

This plugin in query builder in add author Id option available. So each grid in manually add user ID.

Does that mean I would need to make a separate grid for each member? If so I am not sure that would work for us. Please clarify, and thank you so much for your quick response.

Yes separate grid foe each user. I think this plugin not for your use.

Hi, I need to add categories filter and tags filter, but when i select some categories, the tags filter dissappears…. can you help me please?

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

Hi again, im using your plugin in http://www.massociedad.org.mx/recursos-3/ I want to use the tags filter, but when i specify the filter category the TAGS filter dissappears.

HI!, How I can hide only author and comment ?

Hi I just purchased this plugin and it is not working. Not even on a default WordPress theme and on VC and this one activated. How can I get this resolved?

Please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.


Odeexx Purchased


the plug in is not working after activation. Is it compulsory to download Visual Composer for the plugin? If it is the case, i have mistakenly bought this. Please refund to my account. Thanks

Please send me your message in my email Id Khunthitesh32@Gmail.com

I will provide WordPress version.


The products exhibit labels theme ??

Thank you

Discount Banner

Hi is in grid carousel a chance to display a discount banner same as in woocommerce for discounted products

Some kind of banner an if not can this be done in css or php and if yes how

Thanks Regards


Responsivity works not on ipad landscape – 3 items should be shown and in display appear 4 – how can I fix that – example: iq-bag.eu


Aquestion about the showing one specific category. Is it possible to show only that category without any attributes filters and product tags filters and so on?

Like I want to show category for Honda cars. Not BWM, or all cars, Volvo etc. ONLY BMW. will it only show the active menus or will it also show all menus thats not active and no products in?

When I check your demo, I can see that some items doesnt excist when pressing around and the counter doesnt go down and inactivate the menues that is empty.

best regards,

This plugin does not work well. I can not select the categories to be displayed, but only the individual products. because? update?

option available in addon. woocommerce category id in texonomy field not category field.

Hi. Pre purchase question.

1) your plugin can show “short description” or “description” but within a shortcode of video or audio?

I want to make a product list. But in the description put audio / video preview without having to click on the product.


Hey, is there an possibilty to change the button action from “add to cart” to a link to post like “view details”?

Hey ist there an option to show the “sales” prices as “sales”? Actual all prices shown as normal prices

if sale price added so display first sale price. if you display sale price please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com