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How easy would it be to add something like this http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-products-list-pro/full_screen_preview/17893660?_ga=1.97016986.447067908.1474701459

Where the user would be able to add a quantity and add to cart from the category page

I just purchased this plugin, created a few portfolio posts with multiple images, added the portfolio grid to my page, but when I hover over the thumbnail I don’t see an option to view the other images attached to the project. Can you please help me with this?

I messaged you the link to my webpage.

You guys all of a sudden stopped responding to my emails after I have sent multiple follow up emails. Please get back to me as soon as you can

Check mail.

Hi, i see that images are all so dark, probably to allow a better readability, but in that way, images and site looses too much light…. So, how can i get brighter images, without that dark layer? Thank You Maurizio

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin. i will send css.

It works only with the visual composer?

I use the visual content composer and when I put it: “[svc_social_stream fb_id =” https://www.facebook.com/NossaClinicaOdontologica “]” is loading.

Look: http://nossaclinicadf.com.br/#noticias

i found you have add user name with quote like “NossaClinicaOdontologica”.

please only add username like : NossaClinicaOdontologica

please remove quote.



I installed the plugin and added the meet the team feature. It works good, but there are a couple of settings that I am unable to get to work:

- Disable the description Excerpt on mouse hover? - Add designation under the name?

I played with these settings but it does not affect it. Here is the page:

Please advise?

Thanks, Shay

Your support is crap – you haven’t replied to my support issues for Portfolio and Gallery Grid Layout with Carousel for WordPress – 10 days

mine only stays loading

can someone help me fix it?

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.


I have a pre-sale question.

I would just like to know does your addon offer a Most Viewed sorting option for posts?

I want to create an page that shows my most viewed posts for my blogs.


Thanks for this great plugin. I have only one problem. I want filter on a category but the categories doesn’t show up so i cant select a category on the query builder.

Thanks in advance! Roel van Haandel