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How easy would it be to add something like this http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-products-list-pro/full_screen_preview/17893660?_ga=1.97016986.447067908.1474701459

Where the user would be able to add a quantity and add to cart from the category page

I just purchased this plugin, created a few portfolio posts with multiple images, added the portfolio grid to my page, but when I hover over the thumbnail I don’t see an option to view the other images attached to the project. Can you please help me with this?

I messaged you the link to my webpage.

You guys all of a sudden stopped responding to my emails after I have sent multiple follow up emails. Please get back to me as soon as you can

Check mail.

Hi, i see that images are all so dark, probably to allow a better readability, but in that way, images and site looses too much light…. So, how can i get brighter images, without that dark layer? Thank You Maurizio

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin. i will send css.

It works only with the visual composer?

I use the visual content composer and when I put it: “[svc_social_stream fb_id =” https://www.facebook.com/NossaClinicaOdontologica “]” is loading.

Look: http://nossaclinicadf.com.br/#noticias

i found you have add user name with quote like “NossaClinicaOdontologica”.

please only add username like : NossaClinicaOdontologica

please remove quote.



I installed the plugin and added the meet the team feature. It works good, but there are a couple of settings that I am unable to get to work:

- Disable the description Excerpt on mouse hover? - Add designation under the name?

I played with these settings but it does not affect it. Here is the page:

Please advise?

Thanks, Shay

Your support is crap – you haven’t replied to my support issues for Portfolio and Gallery Grid Layout with Carousel for WordPress – 10 days


aguti17 Purchased

mine only stays loading


aguti17 Purchased

can someone help me fix it?

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.


I have a pre-sale question.

I would just like to know does your addon offer a Most Viewed sorting option for posts?

I want to create an page that shows my most viewed posts for my blogs.


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Thanks for this great plugin. I have only one problem. I want filter on a category but the categories doesn’t show up so i cant select a category on the query builder.

Thanks in advance! Roel van Haandel

Hi there, it seems your plugin conflict with my website theme, the dropdown menu for mobile not working and this cause from your plugin.

Can you fix this? Thanks.

Here the link for my website: http://www.seetrustudio.com/projects/niftiportal - Please view it on MOBILE and you will see no dropdown menu appear. Desktop view is working fine.

Appreciate your help.


please can you explain me how to do the carrousel (2nd gallery in the folowing post) : http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-post-portfolio-social-stream-woocommerce-team-grid-layouts/full_screen_preview/16082149

Thank you to give me a detailled explaination cause it is really annoying to losing time with a premium paid plugin…



and so ? how to do it ? detailled explaination please…

always waiting… your explaination ? too hard to answer ?

please select portfolio aadon and select type = slider.

if you any issue please contact my emial id : khunthitesh32@gmail.com


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Hello How can I insert min and plus buttons in the add to cart button? I use the Woocommerce Grid Layout Style 3 Thanks


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Thanks for this great plugin. One question: is it possible to delete the last slide in a popup (the featured image).

Thanks in advance! Roel van Haandel

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Talking about “post Layout addon” / style5 for list View, i have some questions…

1. How can i keep alive the html format in the excerpt? Also a is enough…

2. How can i completely remove the readmore text/link

3. Why the image size does’nt chang also if i change the dimensions in the image size field?

Thank You Maurizio

Pre-Purchase Question: I am looking for plugin that, where I can build a portfolio grid, that looks similar to this:


Most themes redirect to a new page when loading a portfolio-item. I just want a pop-up like in the example to open instead of loading a new page.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks and best regards

yes this plugin in not load more redirect. load more new item without reload page append old item.

Hello, I contact you because I have a problem with the plugin. Indeed the items “post layout” and “portfolio” do not load. Only the item “Grid block layout” works. Here is an example on this page: “http://recette.sotteville-les-rouen.fr/actutest/”

How can I solve this problem?

Regards, Axel Duval

hi How can I make the images brighter – the dark background is too much – client would like the image to go brighter and the colour of text to change on hover

http://soyaking.co.uk – trying a couple of post grid plugins – yours is at the bottom

can you help please

purchase code: b6012237-c23f-4cd7-890f-f989dd6af9c5

add below css in your style.css file for dark background slightly light.
.sa-grid-style-5 .sa-module-thumb a:last-child:before {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3) !important;

also text color in hover change using css.


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I like the plugin, but I’m having trouble fixing some small issues. 1) Is it possible to integrate the woocommerce shopping grid with my existing product category pages? 2) The excerpt is showing text from the product description, but not from the product excerpt? 3) The product image slider is showing a double arrow

Could these be fixed?

Thank you

1. category pages in possible using wordpress file hierarchy. 2 and 3 please send me your site access detail in my email id khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will set 2 and 3 point.