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Hi, i’m using Portfolio Layout with Carousel, Style 1, and a query that get data from a portfolio.

I would like to get :

1. No title on the image 2. The link to the post just on the image

How can i do? Thank You Maurizio

Problem solved, after waiting 6 days in silence, by MY programmer. Could this “support” be called “support”?

Hello, I sent my response to your email, kindly check it.

Thank you.

got it.

Hi, I have sent you an email few days ago but did not receive any response. My nick here matches the email. Thanks

Hello, I wanted to ask a question. on its module Team Grid Layouts this works without visual module composer.

Or to use your module I need to have a visual composer to work with the woocommerce grid.

if you confirm it

Thank you

Is it possible to create a list of organizations and filter them by state?

yes it is possible. state as portfolio category use.

Hi, I have an issue, I needed the “Portfolio Grid with 35+ hover effects” feature for my website then first I purchased this item since it included the “Portfolio Grid” and it’s linking to this details page: http://plugin.saragna.com/all-in-one-grid/ and in the details on that page under “Portfolio Grid With Carousel” it says “4 Style Available + Style 4 in 35+ hover effects” but after I purchased and installed I realized this plugin says “All In One” but it doesn’t include “Style 4 in 35+ hover effects” so this plugin was useless on that case then I purchased your other plugin which is “Portfolio and Gallery Grid” which says it also has “Style 4 in 35+ hover effects” then I installed that plugin and it has the feature I wanted, so the issue is that I don’t need 2 plugins only the one which has the feature I want, so can you please issue a refund for this plugin?

I sent you an email with the same information but I didn’t get a fair response from you regarding the refund request and i’m still waiting..

I want to create a list of items; the items don’t show up anywhere else on my site. Is there any way to create a list besides creating a custom post type for those items? (For example, querying and displaying private posts?)

please send me link where are you setup this plugin. and also send me screenshot admin plugin setting.

I haven’t bought the plugin yet because I’m not sure if it’s possible to create my list without a new custom post type. If it’s possible I will buy the plugin and set it up. Is it?

post layout only possible using custom post type.

Hi there, I wanted to purchase this item but wanted to make sure it can do what I need it to:

1) I want to create a page that displays a portfolio grid of YouTube/Vimeo videos 2) A filter by category above the grid 3) Once user clicks on video, a lightbox opens and plays the video

Is this all possible?


casser23 Purchased

How do I exclude other post types from my filter categories? I only want to include tags that are used on my custom post type. Thanks!


casser23 Purchased

Currently, other post types are showing up in my drop down filter. I only want to include tags that are used on my custom post type. How do I exclude other post types from my filter categories? Thanks!

I’ve bought the plugin, and want to create custom posts called ‘Videos’.

However when I create the custom post type, I don’t see the ‘Post Options’ below to be able to specifically be able to create the video link to YouTube.

I don’t want to create this grid for standard posts – if you can help that would be great!

please send me screenshot link.


casser23 Purchased

Hi there,

I’ve posted several requests for assistance through the comments for All in One Grid, but haven’t received any replies yet. Do you need more detail on my situation?

Thanks, Alex

please send me link.where are you setup this plugin.


casser23 Purchased

No problem. I just sent the link via the email message box on your profile page. Thanks!

i found you have used default post type tag as custome post type tag. so display this all tag. so please add tag in tag field : http://prntscr.com/i16sdv