Visual Composer Particle Backgrounds

Visual Composer Particle Backgrounds

This plugin is addon for Visual Composer Page Builder

customize particles

Particle Background adds a additional particle background tab to your main row. In which you can choose which kind of particle you want to use as background and customize them as you need.

Particle Effect Background Included:

- Matrix

Use Default or customize little bit and good to go

Matrix Effect

- Smoke

Use Default or from 11 predefined options. Didn’t like or want to make some unique, customize it.

Smoke Effect

- Rain

Only 4 Predefined options but you can always try out with different background.

Rain Effect

- ParticleJs

Whole customize options to create your own particle effects with custom shapes / image and many more customize parameters.

Particle Js

Currently we have included ParticleGround.js, Rainydays.js, waterpipe.js and Particlejs.js. All 4 javascript library is available in github but it takes more time to include on each element by code. so we integrated it with visual composer row and you can use them wherever you want.

Note: All js are based on canvas. so it will be a issue for the browsers who don’t support canvas and latest html5. so don’t bother on same. Also when using custom option, make sure you place around little bit on no, cause more particle can create browser cache issue.

Try around and have a fun!

Have any other particle library in mind which you want to be a part of addon, what are you waiting for ? Let us here your voice and we will be happy to add them into the list.

Change Log

-- May 11 - Version 2 --
- Particle Js Added
- Fix some compatible issue with some theme which removed vc_row class
- Optimize jQuery File - Loading all minify scripts now.

-- April 10 - Version 1 --
- Initial Release
- Matrix Effect Added
- Smoke Effect Added
- Rain Effect Added