Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder Extensions Addon - iHover

Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder Extensions Addon - iHover

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Greetings, I noticed the 3 ihover elements on my page take a lot longer to load than all my other elements, including my slider. Is there a way to speed it up? I already tried using optimized images that are only 18kb each to no effect. Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi, please comment with purchase account, then you can send me the preview page via the contact form in my profile page, then I can try to help.

This is my purchase account??? I purchased the Wiz – The Smart Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme and have a year of support with my license. I can go right up to downloads and see my license on this account????

Sorry right now the support only cover the user who purchase this item directly. You can try to contact the theme author.

Hi, where is the button “guides” on the new version of WPBakery? I can see it on your video but not in my backend Tks and regards

Hello Hi, I have the hover box in my website, but the hover/flip doesn’t work on Safari. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thank you

Hi, please comment with your purchase account, and you can send me more details like the preview page via the contact form in my profile page. Then I can try to help.

Hi there. Is it possible to add a button within an ihover element?

Hi, what button? Right now the hover caption support icons.

Hi, I have the ihover on The7 theme, but the hover/flip doesn’t work on Safari. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thank you!

Hi, sorry right now the support cover the purchase of this item directly only.

HI, prepurchose question, do i need to have payed version of visual composer to be able to use this plugin or i can use it in free version. Thanks.

I clicked on the link in your description of the plugin, which one i need than, please. Is it this one?

Bro please need this ASAP, when i click on your link in the description of the plugin it goes here but you say i need different one,why is the link there if this is not the right one? Which one i need, please?

Hi. The old version of ihover for VC let you put the text in using the VC text editor – which was great because I need to use a small shortcode to show/hide content at set times.

This new version is awesome because it solves the mobile problem, but now there is only a form to put the Text Description into instead of the editor.

I am trying to use effect 16 to make an Advent calendar and it’s already December 2nd :-) I’m afraid I don’t know how to add the shortcode any other way…

Hi please try to copy the shortcode to the textfield directly?

Hi have bought IHover in bundle with Salbii theme. Ihover doesn’t work in mobile devices: when I tap on an image to enlarge it (lightbox) the screen become black and thr device it doesn’t load nothing

Hi sorry right now the support doesn’t cover the item in a theme.

Hello, your plugin is amazing and every addons are good! I’m Using iHover on the homepage images and try to change the font for title. but how.. ? and also removing the shadow under the title.

Best regards

The title text center aligns OK, but the description left aligns. Then when I add HTML <center> tags it changes the description font colour.

Can you help with this please?

Hey. I purchased Ultimate addons. I use ihover to make rows with two photos on each… please tell me, it is a way to make the photos rectangural and responsive??? To put height and width? I need the rows without white spaces between them…

Hi, you’re leaving comment in the wrong item, please try to contact the correct author.


I’m having issues with responsivity. Even though the update says it’s responsive. I added

.ih-item.square { width: auto !important; height: auto !important; }

with no effect. Hope you can help as I love the styling of this plugin.

Many thanks.

Hi, I have ihover packed with the7 theme, i’m unable to change the size of the module. In backend it says height& width but if set 250×450 it does not save the settings. i need rectangle shape not square, also tried with cutom css its ignored. could you help me please thanks

Pre-purchase quesiont…If you are the same author who contributed to the beaver builder addons I love your Ihover plugin. I now need it for Enfold theme by Kriesi. I see you have a visual composer version…will that work for Enfold? Does it have shortcode generation? That will work as well.

Hi, it required the Visual Composer to be installed and activated in your theme.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for youw wonderfull plugin. I would still ask you a question.

When using iHover I want the captions that show up marginized, that is: with a (little) margin on both sides of the picture. I tried HTML and was looking for CSS, but now I am hoping that you can give me the answer.

Thank you very much,

Hi, please comment with your purchase account, and you can send me more details like the preview page, screenshot etc via the contact form in my profile page too.

My purchase code is a6780793-ce4e-4c0f-8315-f98405a04f44. The website I’m referring to is My question is about the captions after hovering over the images on this website. I would like to make the margins larger.

Hi, you can send me a message via the contact form in my profile page, then I can verify the purchase.

Hi there, I have been using iHover on a site for a few months now and I just went to add another box to a row that I was using it, but when I change the image it comes up with a broken link and I can’t figure out why. The page is here:

Hi, it looks like the add-on in your page is from another item not this one. Please contact the correct author.

Huh? Is this not support for iHover for Visual Composer? That is what I used to make the Hover effect on the boxes on this site.

Hi, the iHover in your site isn’t from my plugin.

Purchase code: fe830e58-1ef0-4a30-942d-468efd453981

I need to deactivate and/or delete this plug in because my site is crashing and it’s ihover that’s causing it. HOWEVER, no matter how many times I select “deactivate” it just simply won’t go away. Cannot delete it either. Can you please tell me how to get this plugin to go away?

Hi, can you send me your WP and FTP account via the contact form in my profile page, then I can try to help.

Hello, I want to buy this plugin, but first I want to know if the ihover I can use it inside a carousel?

Hi, haven’t test with it. You may have to customize the code to make it work together.

Hey Sike Support, Firstly awesome extensions to VC- having some issues with the ihover not activating the lightbox when clicked. Are you able to assist?

Site in questions>

Can provided WP user login dets if required

Hi, please comment with your purchase account, and please try to update the plugin to the latest version first. There is an update for it recently.

Hi, it’s possible to have custom width and height? Example: if image is 368×280.

Hi, do you mean a fix size of the image? You can prepare the image with that size, and set the width in the backend.


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