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Hi, just bought your plugin and switched it on for one VC row, however, it’s covering my whole page. Any ideas why?

Hi, Reason can be your visual composer using modified version. Send me your admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)

Issue with the latest version of Visual Composer:

The issue can be reproduced by going to Front End or Backend Editor and editing a row. Browser console shows a call to admin-ajax.php with a 500 (Internal Server Error)

Cause: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function vc_generate_dependencies_attributes() in /var/www/Staging/wp-content/plugins/sb-background-slider-vc-addon/sb-background-slider-vc-addon.php:217

Older versions of Visual Composer reported a deprecation warning: vc_generate_dependencies_attributes is deprecated since version 4.8 (will be removed in 5.1)

Solution To Issue: The offending line is: $dependency = vc_generate_dependencies_attributes($settings);

The $dependency variable doesn’t appear to be used, so the line can just be removed entirely.


Really thanks for reporting this . We know this and we already making new version which is about to finish and will be published to codecanyon in next 1 to 2 days.

Thank You :)


Just checekd with dev team and this issue is already solved in last version. So please make sure you are using latest version of plugin. If you still facing some issue then contact at with more details and admin side access so we can check more.

Thanks :)

Hi there,

I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong. I’m working on a website and I have the plugin installed.

When I set the background to “cover” the images go insanely large and show up behind other rows for some reason (you can see this if you scroll down the page).

If I set the background to “contain” I get a white background. Nothing more.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Tanya

Hi, I think reason can be your theme or other plugin has modified default structure of VC. Please send me admin details at so I can check and make compatible with your theme.

Thanks :)

Is possible to show navigation bullets down the slider? I


Sorry but not for now. This is not normal slider as other slides.

Its background slider, so your content over it stays same and images will change with fade effect in background.

Thanks :)

Is this plugin still being supported? I haven’t seen a VC compatibility update since November of last year.

Why is the changelog so out of date?

Why is the changelog so out of date?

Well no need for udpate. As it worked with latest versions.

if you have any specific issue then please send me email at so I can check.

Thanks :)


i want to stop slideshow when all pictures were shown. how can i setup that?

Best regards Thilo


Can you give me website URL so I can check first.

Thanks :)

Hi, here is the link.

I will add some more pictures later, but i don’t want a loop if possible.


Paste this code in your js file and it will work.

jQuery(window).on(“backstretch.before”, function (e, instance, index) { if (index === instance.images.length – 1) { instance.pause(); } });

If you are not able to do this then send me email at with website login details and I will setup it.

Thanks :)

How do we make the Slider appear as Full width of the full screen? We already set our row to be full width, are we missing something.

Hey, can you send me website link at so I can see?

Slider takes full width of row automatically, so if you have set row as full width then it should work.


Hi, Do you have any questions? Thanks :)

The slider is not working on my version of visual composer. It appears in visual composer, but will not save as a functioning background slider. I am using the Salient theme, with it enabled as a background. Please let me know how to fix this! Thanks

Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)

After updating to Visual Composer Version 5.4.2, I cannot open row settings we have identified it as an incompatibility with your plugin. Any chance for an update soon? Have you heard of this from other users?

Hey can you send me your admin details at ? I see this issue once before but it was modified version of Visual Composer. Thanks :)

i will send you. This theme is also using a modified version of VC.

Yes modified version is reason its not working. You will get reply to your email soon.

Thanks :)

We are having an issue with the responsive functionality of our website and we have determined that the VC Background Sliders plugin is the issue.

On our homepage we set up two rows for the home search area. One row is for desktop using your Slider (Uses 3 images, slider needed) and the other for mobile not using your slider (only holds one image, no slider needed). We set the Desktop row responsive setting to hide on tablet and mobile, and we set the mobile row to hide on desktop.

When we view our side on desktop, the mobile/tablet row disappears as it should and we only see the desktop row. However, when we view the site on a mobile phone, the desktop row does not disappear. It shows the rotating background images of the row, but none of the content within the row.

The only time a row does not shut off when it should, is when we use your plugin. All other rows act as they should when set up to be responsive.

Can you please help us fix this plugin related issue?

Hi, Please send me admin details at so I can check. Thanks :)

Hello I’ve attempted to install this plugin and have the following error when i attempt to activate it. My theme is app play.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare vc_theme_before_vc_row() (previously declared in /home/beautyjk/public_html/V2/wp-content/plugins/sb-background-slider-vc-addon/sb-background-slider-vc-addon.php:233) in /home/beautyjk/public_html/V2/wp-content/themes/applay/functions.php on line 485

I’ve just realised i have wpbakery installed and not visual composer. Is there an update for this plugin?

Hi, Issue is in theme not in plugin. They didnt checked before declaring function that if this already delraed or not.

Send me admin details at so I can check in theme and suggest accordingly.

Thanks :)


when developing add-ons can I make a condition for example a person selects this div or a link

if the link is output from the url field

Hey, I dont get your question. Can you please explain a bit more? Thanks :)

I installed the plugin but I have a problem with the image display: They are not clear, the same images used instead in rev slider are fine, so I do not think it’s a problem of size. I used row setting to set the slides Can you help me? I enter the link to the page


Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


feefyou Purchased

I have a big issue with this NOT being responsive… The problem is HEIGHT. you HAVE to put in a height parameter, otherwise nothing shows. But yet height causes problems with responsiveness and how the elements within will move and shift.

Hi No height is not necessary. If you dont set height then it will take height of your content automatically.

Can you send me admin details at and also send URL where you setting so I can check how you doing it.

Thanks :)

Hi, I just bought your plugin, and I’ve set it up on a test site, and I was hoping that it would have the rotating images at the top of the page, in the hero image section. I’ve just put the rotating images in the background of the top row here: but instead of being at the top of the page only, just in that row… the rotating images are taking up the whole page! and this looks terrible. So I can’t use the plugin. I’ve tried every setting I can test, and it still produces this result. Please help… can your plugin work with just a rotating image within the row it self? Thanks, Barnaby