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Would I be able to give a custom element I designed the ability for the slider rather than just rows?

Sorry I don’t get you. Can you explain more? Thanks :)

Hi, we added a slider to a page, but the full screen functionality of our theme creates a white background behind text content, but in front of the slider. We believe it’s coming from the theme (when we turn full screen off, it doesn’t add the white) but we have no idea how to get rid of it, and were wondering if you’ve run into this issue, or have any suggestions. Thank you.

Hi, Can you please send me website link and admin details at so I can check it and will try to solve for you.

Thank You. ::)


gharr99 Purchased

Hi, I am noticing the images are not taking up the full height of the page. It’s acting as if the page is cropped.

If I take the same images and use it as a background, instead of a slider, it fills up the height of the page the way I like.

Can you send me website link and admin details at so I can check?

Thanks :)


There’s an issue with the background slider. When seeing the page initially the first image to appear crops about half way across the page not covering the full background. But when the first image transitions to the second image it very quickly scales and fills background. From then on the images are fill the background perfectly.

This is the url:

Kind regards Ben

HI, Sorry but I can’t produce error. Any way if you can show me screenshot?

Send me at

Thanks :)

Hello! Is it possible to have a vertical slide? You have an example of what i would like : scroll to the demo section. Thanks :D


No, this slider is just fading background image. The concept you are looking for can’t be possible with this plugin.

Thanks :)

Ok, thanks for your time. :)

Hi, I’m using a a video youtube row background for desktop that switches to image background when viewed on a mobile or tablet since video row does not work good with mobiles.

Will I be able to have this slider instead of that one image? And when visitors browse on desktops they will see my youtube row?

Thanks in advance


It has no option like to remove slider in desktop but yes we can easily hide it in desktop so yes you can achieve what you need with small css code.

Can you send me your site link and admin details at so I can check and confirm that it will work as you expected.

Thank You.


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Hello, how to put the wallpapers in full screen ?


Hi, I don’t get what you mean by wallpaper on full screen? What you can do is you can add background to any row or element in visual composer, so if you have any element in visual composer which is covering whole screen then add it as background and it will work.


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Can we add arrows or navigation to the slider?


Sorry but that option is not available right now. I will consider this options for next version.

Thanks :)

any idea when the arrow feature would be added?

Hi, Yes actually I added it but its conflicting with content for most of users. As all user add content above this slider as its background slider. So I removed it. I will have to think other way for this.

I didn’t launched this feature but I tested this with my other clients and result is not satisfying.

Hi, I’ve been trying to configure your plugin, but no matter what I do, I always end up with a white area between the top of the row and the slides.

This is how my slider looks!AmcA1Wj522TZy94jmJ8tutWjnS6chQ These are my slider settings!AmcA1Wj522TZy94nSzJdDxJSKmr1WA these are my row settings!AmcA1Wj522TZy94ooezfAi3PhHTNhA

Hope you can help me, thanks


Slider automatically covered parent row element. So here it seems your parent row is not covering that white space.

Can you send me admin login details at so I can check how your site stricture is.


Hey, this is AJ from WPExplorer. Cool looking plugin! And hey I see you are using our Total theme for your demo, nice ;)

If you are open to it, I may have a little free time next week and I can help you come up with some ideas to improve the demo a bit for you and maybe even optimize things further via child theme edits in exchange for adding “Total” as a recommended product under your item. If interested email me directly at wpexplorer (at gmail dot com).

Also since I see your demo working with the Total theme I’m going to recommend it to some customers that were asking for this ability 8-)

- AJ

Hi there, I’ve got a project that needs a simple slider that looks good on a mobile device. I hate slider revolution nd layer slider – too complicated and results are rando. Is it possible to test drive your slider?

Just for information. This slider is background slider, not slider like other normal sliders.

- It has only one effect: face effect - It only change background image, not content added over it. - It will only work with visual composer as its visual composer addon

Here you can see demo:

Here you can see options :

Options are very simple and easy. Check screenshots.

Just confirming all thing because if you compare this with revolution or other slider then this is very different slider and it can not work like other sliders. So make sure this is what you need before purchase.

Thanks :)

I have added to the first row on my home page, and nothing happens, just want 3 images to appear in the row and slide. Nothing.


Can you send me admin login details at so I can check?

Thanks :)

I have added a background slider to my VC row. The row is set to full height. The background slider is not contained within that row. It is showing on the background of the overall homepage. Please advise. Thanks.

Please send me admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)

Hi. I can’t get the slider to NOT align vertically. I want it to be top-aligned, but the settings wont work. Can you help? Thanks

Please send me all details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


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Is there option for navigation arrows so the user can switch sliders themselves?



No it has no arrows or dots as its not like normal slider. Its background slide so it will run in background and over it content will remains same.

Thanks :)


hesam12 Purchased

Will you be adding arrows or different animation instead of just fade?


May be I will plan for arrow in future versions but its tough to manage as people add content above it so sometimes it goes behind content and it conflicts.

For animation I tried in past but its hard to manage as background image. But still I will try to find some solution in next version. But yes it will take some time.

Thanks :)

hi, I can’t figure out how make this fill 100% of the screen – I have removed padding, etc. It only fills as wide as the theme width (not row). Row is set to Stretch Row and Content (no paddings).

Also, when using VC frontend I can not see the slider.

Please send me admin login details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


I am using Kleo theme, please check here:

Would you please let me know whether your plugin is compatible with Kleo theme? any way to have a test before pay?

Thanks, and have a nice day.


Please send me admin details at so I can setup demo for you.

Thanks :)