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sbrebo Purchased

Hi, I purcased the vp animation but I can’t see CSS Animator on VC. Can you check please? user: ospite pwd: 5mjfzmRATVaZgS5z8Lf5l1Rr

try this page:

Hi, you were probably trying to add Animation element directly to page/post. You need to add it to Column element (click ”+” icon inside Column) and it will appear as described.

Also, since this comment is publicly visible, we advise you to change WP password as soon as possible.

Just a note: When running in WP Multisite environment, the plugin needs to be activated on website’s level. Activation on master WP install will return fatal error:

Fatal error: Class ‘bt_vca’ not found in …/wp-content/plugins/vc_animations/vc_animations.php on line 204

Maybe you want to fix for future updates.

Thanks for the feedback. To avoid error with current version, you can also select Network Activate for VC. The update is submitted and will be available for download as soon as it is approved by Envato.

Oh ok, thank you. One more thing for future updates: It would be a perfect match, if the plugin enables both, in and out animations in reference to the viewpoint. Like, fadeIn on ScrollOffset 100 and FadeOut on ScrollOffset -600 for sample.

Tried a workaround, to FadeIn with theme functions and finally to FadeOut by your plugin. Basically works, but unfortunately, element remains faded out when you scroll back up :-/

You would have a killer feature if you can enable this.

We will consider this.

Does the animation works on Rows and Column too? Or do they work on elements only?

It works only with content elements.