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Hi there,

Do you have I live demo of all animations? Now at “Live preview” page – you’re showing only the 10 simple icons. It’s difficult to guess what a plugin can do!

Thanks for understanding.

Regards, Igor

Hi! There is no demo with all animations yet. Most of animations are based on animate.css ( but there are some unique animations, like masked slide in (text over ice background in demo after page is loaded) or reveal animation (VC logo at the end of page). Icons in demo are VC icon elements, but also other content elements are used in demo like images and heading. It is possible to use any animation with any content element (there might be some exceptions, it is not possible to test all possible combinations).

Please, provide better preview.

Does this have an “appear from center” or “fade in/out” animation?

It has fade in/out and zoom in (element appears from center and then it is resized to its normal size).

Not working installed Wordpress? Please help me.

Thanks and Cheers! Vivek

Please clarify. You are saying that you can not activate the plugin?

I need ticket support. Please link send to me. I can show my screen share.

You can send screenshot to

I’ve bought it but it doesn’t work, it does not appear on the Visual Composer menu as Animation. Please advice, I need quick help. Thanks

Please send WP login credentials to and we will check what is wrong.

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email!

hie , is there anyway to get this animation re begun when scrolling up or down like it starts on loading the page ?

Hi, currently there is no such option.

I bought this animations so i can implement on images and take them to a new page just like it is here but I dont seem to understand how i can do that

Hi, please log in with same account which you have used to purchase (and repeat question) or send purchase code.


I would like to know if, just in case, your addon allows me for example to open automatically the element of a FAQ while linking to it from another page and although this element is closed by default.

For exemple : I write a text on a page of my website, and there is a special, technical word in it, and I want to make a link to a lexicon in another page, that I built with FAQ elements. I would like the visitor to see the element of the FAQ, i.e. the definition of this word, open automatically.

Can you do that ?

Hello, it is not possible to do that with this plugin.

Hello, when i use the plugin the content of the site disappear. What’s happening there?

Hello, please send your WP login credentials and site URL to so that we can take a closer look at the issue and try to reproduce it.

Hi, can this plugin work with charts. Currently, the charts only load if I move the to the first row.

Hi, not sure what kind of issue do you experience but it should work with any standard VC elements.

While scrolling on full page the charts do not load on the row. but, if I move the row first they load…

This seems unrelated to our plugin.


Hi, I’m not sure how to apply the license code to my website. Please advise.

Hi, you do not need to apply it in any way to run the plugin.

Hi, I just bought the Visual Composer Animations addon from you. I installed and activated it. But it’s not listed in the Visual Composer “Add new elements” section. I’m using Visual Composer 5.0 and my wordpress Version 4.6.1. Please help.

Hello, please send your WP login credentials and site URL to so that we can take a closer look at the issue.

With this plugin is it possible to extend the duration of CSS animations on existing VC components like a textbox?

It can not affect any existing animations.

Hello I bought the Visual Composer Animations and installe already but it says: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/wooloop/wp-content/plugins/vc_animations/Mobile_Detect.php on line 29 What can I do? Regards M

Hello, it looks like some other plugin or theme is already using the same class so you can try to comment out line 64 in vc_animations.php: require_once( ‘Mobile_Detect.php’ );

Hello. How can I animate an entire row? I have a row with three columns and I need to animate the entire row.

Hello. I have a row with three columns and I need to animate the entire row. How do I do that?

Hello, it is only possible to animate content elements, animation of grid elements like rows and columns is not currently possible with this plugin.

Hi there, not working on WP 4.7.2 running VC 5.0.1 …please help. The Animation element does not appear inside the Visual Composer as described.

You were probably trying to add Animation element directly to page/post. You need to add it to Column element (click ”+” icon inside Column) and it will appear as described.

Many thanks for the prompt feedback – worked perfectly after trying out your explanation. It might be worth putting these details into the setup/guide that comes with the plugin as it’s not immediately clear that you have to add to the column and not the page.

Thanks once again and kind regards,


Thanks for suggestion, we will include updated documentation in the next plugin update.

Hello I have installed vc_animations add-on with visual composer in wordpress 4.7.2 and appears this in frontend: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/centuritech/wp-content/plugins/vc_animations/Mobile_Detect.php on line 29 Please help me, what can I do?


it means that Mobile_Detect class is already declared by some other plugin or theme. You can try to comment out line 64 in vc_animations/vc_animations.php – just replace this:

require_once( ‘Mobile_Detect.php’ );

with this:

//require_once( ‘Mobile_Detect.php’ );