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Hi, I bought addon bundle, I installed social stream and configured facebook, but on my theme is always loading with the rotating wheel, how can I fix this problem?

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

Hi Saragna,

Today I have bought first one single plugin and later the full bundle. My objective was to find a plugin to fix a social media feed consisting of multiple channels on my website. None of your plugins is useful for this purpose unfortunately. The only plugin that is able to combine more then one channel is not automated. So I have to put each post in the plugin myself. Then it’s no better then just uploading an image with a link. I have spend over 100$ today on plugins but still have not found my solution. Is it possible to get a refund on my purchases today?

I bought: - Visual Composer Addons Bundle - WordPress Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel

The WordPress Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel I bought wrongly because the information on the site was not clear what was included in the package. All demo content was listed there but the price was only for this package, which is not very clear. The bundle I bought after this to see if any other plugin was an option. But they are far les customizable then I expected. I really would appreciate it if I can refund my purchase and receive my money back.

Kind regards, Stijn

I need help with your product that I purchased

how does support worl

what is issue.?

Hi Support-Team,

what is the difference between this PlugIn collection here, and this PlugIn also from you: “Visual Composer Addons”. Please can you explain it in more detail! The answer you gave over a year ago, was not really understandable, that’s the reason for my new request.

Best regards

Visual Composer Addons in limited functionality available. and bundle in full functionality available.

I would totally buy this… but I need it for Modern Tribes events plugin… the events plugin create a custom post type so it works on the Visual Composers “Post Grid” the only thing is your post grid has the date… I want to be able to use the date for the events instead of the post published dates.

Hi there,

I am checking your vc bundle and I am not sure if I can achieve something with any of this addons. Could you please confirm if I can get the dropdown “select industry” in this page

I am using posts isotope grid from VC but I really need also to sort by other categories or tags in a dropdown. Would SORTABLE POST GRID ADDON work for this?... Thanks a lot, it is quite urgent.



yes this bundle addons work with post category and tags dropdown sorting.

Hi there,

We bought the addon, but not working as intended. As in this example,, they have the top links to sort by category and also the dropdown. I installed your addon and tested, but top links do not show, only dropdown. I need to have both. ... Thanks

Can not be installed..How to install this plugin.? Thank you.

please help your developer. bundle zip in individual plugin zip available.

Hi I have tried to add a facebook feed – by following your guide, but it doesn’t work properly …

I have also added a youtube and this works perfect … but when the facebook feed have been added it doesn’t work at all

please add facebook field in only id “227894821019481”

perfect … it works … but it does not display the column in full wide

I have installed Social Streams with Carousel in a Visual Composer/WordPress site. The social streams show up in all browsers but Chrome. How do I fix this?

Hi, I left a message about a week ago, and haven’t gotten a response. I have purchased the Visual Composer – Post Layout with Carousel, I get the spinning wheel for some reason. It was working fine, then it stopped. Please assist.

Hi, I left a message about a week ago, and haven’t gotten a response. I have purchased the Visual Composer – Post Layout with Carousel, I get the spinning wheel for some reason. It was working fine, then it stopped. Please assist.

Hi Saragna

I purchased your plugin vc bundle. i can not install it as a plugin(zip file)wordpress doesn’t reconise it as such. or is saying couldn’t find a functional plugin.

Any idea



individual plugin with documentation available in main zip file. and plugin with doc zip file in main plugin zip file.

Hi Saragna

The Social Stream Plugin bugs of, all the rows content which been set to only visible on phones (screens smaller than 765px of width)

if i set it to all visibility it works.

i have content for Desktops and some only for phones, somehow need to make it work.

Any Ideas

cheers dave

please send me link.