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sike supports this item


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does it support deeplinking? if not, could it in future?


Hi, thanks your feedback, will try to add it in the future update.

can we see the back end? Does it support icons on the tabs?

Hi, the backend looks like: http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/8956084-visual-composer-addon-tabs?index=1&url_name=visual-composer-addon-tabs

And if you page contains Font Awesome icon, you can put it in the tab menu, like:
<i class="fa pull-left fa-1x fa-cloud" style="margin-top:12px" /> Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3
Another Tab
And I’ll add the icon as option in the next update.

Hi, the latest update support Font Awesome icon now.


THe design looks great but filling content in tabs is actually way too painful and not intuitive to me. There might be some easier ways to create tabs and set content. Aother point that is weird to me is that your live exemples do show tons of styles and the plug only has 3. I know that it’s of good tone to start with a minimal viable product and iterate reagarding users needs/feedbacks but the risk with such a lack of intuitivity is you not to get feedbacks at all because people will just give up on this in regard to the plug low price.



Hi, thanks your feedback, there is only 3 tab style now, but the color option is unlimited, which let you to customize with many styles. Right now you can only update the tab content in the text editor due to the VC API limit, will try to make the UI more intuitively in the future update.

Hello, is it possible to force a refresh of the tab content as the tabs automatically change?


Can you add VC components within a content area or is it limited to just a text editor?


Just bought your plugin… Can I use shortcodes in the tabs?

a little help here please, thx

7 days and NO HELP??!!

Hi, please drop me a line via the contact form in my profile page, then I can send you the update file which enable the shortcode, but not full test with the contact form plugin.

After installing it does not show up in the VC element options.

Hi, this styles works too in vertical tabs? thanks

I mean in a tour element

can i use this for product tabs?

woocommerce products? tabs,

Hi haven’t test with it, maybe not, right now this plugin will insert shortcode to the post via Visual Composer.

Will this component work INSIDE the Visual Composer standar Tour component? IE i have the tour with vertical tabs and this component with horizontal tas inside tour? Trying to fijnd a solution…

Hi sorry not test with it yet.

i purchased the component and confirmed it doesnt work….


I bought your plugin , it is pretty good. but as you see in the link below.


I use table plug in,

it has an error. tab 2

umm. How do I do this?

Please check this out.

Thank you.

I use

tables by Supsystic – plug in

Blaszok – themes

Hi, it looks like the tables are with loading animation. Right now it may not be compatible with the tabs. The content require to be visible by default. It’s hidden while you put in in the tab.

Hello Author, Greative with your plugin, And I’m really like and easy modify. I would like have some issue with my requirement I want to show tab in my website with tab responsive inline. When user view on mobile phone I want to show they with tab fit inline on mobile view. my website follow help view in mobile screen 320×480 px http://lofica-cabinet.com/product/tabs/?preview_id=413&preview_nonce=878cf2b8ee&_thumbnail_id=357&preview=true I try to do but can’t make change.
I just bought this plugin and It’s not loading properly. View the pic here http://www.connect-websites.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/tabs.jpg or view the page here. http://www.connect-websites.com/swing-door/brilliance-bsbd/

If I refresh the page it works ok. But I can’t have first-time visitors refresh. Luckily this is only a demo site. Please help a.s.a.p. Thank you

Hi, I notice your site is with AJAX loading animation, right now the element is not compatible with loading animation, please try to disable the loading animation in that page, or try to relayout the tab when AJAX content is loaded.


HELKE Purchased


Nice plugin

I was wondering if you can put tabs inside tabs like this:

Also could it be possible to add elements in the content using drag and drop (not to add them in the text editor)?

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