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It is Online video player ? Can you create for minimum Android OS 2.3

Stream player, min. version 4.0

Great App. Thanks a lot

have ads on this app ?

There is no built in

if you can please send me APK on: jolingo-leo@web.de


hjanjua Purchased

Can it pull from database ? Youtube Daily motion supported?

Simple xml file

I have one more question, Does screen resize on Android TV ? If not, its easy to do or difficult ?

I am getting following error when trying to build Error:The SDK Build Tools revision (19.0.0) is too low for project ’:MIVideoPlayer’. Minimum required is 19.1.0

After getting tired of the author not responding to my queries, I ended up burning my $17.. Here is what I have tested I would like to share with community so they don’t in trap of buying this application

1) Youtube, Dailymotion doesn’t work 2) Streaming links doesn’t work 3) Only direct link to video will be played by the player 4) Application does size correctly on android player 5) There is no categorization, basically, the application is reading the XML and populating the screen with links to the video.