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Latest version 2.0 doesn’t generate any contest and returns to the same generate contest page. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi. Sorry support is only for buyers

Hello Alfinator , i want to upload video option in video contest …

will it possible because i have taken vimeo pro/plus option …. so need some help on this

Hi. Sorry support is only for buyers


I am interested in your plugin.

Is it possible to grind the videos directly on the site? Or is it mandatory to go through youtube, vimeo or dailymotion?

Hi. It is mandatory but it have very serious reasons. First for uploading video to your site you need enormous space (for videos) and enormous compute power (for rendering videos) and hughe memory size on your host. And of course you need super high connectivity for your server becouse people will read videos directly from your server. And another reason is Rights. If you allow directly upload videos users they can upload videos without author permission and if it happens you can be legaly responsible for that. So upload through youtube is the best way how to do contest. You do not need nothing and video rights are on Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

I do not want to allow uploading videos, it’s for a private video contest. The web space and the resources to read the videos are not a problem. On the other hand for reasons of rights, I can not host the videos on third platforms.

Sorry but this is how it is. Most of my customers can not allow uploading videos directly to server. Not even me and i have own server. It is very unpractical do upload to own server. Sorry what you want is very unusual and my plugin is not the right for you.


i’d like to buy this plugin but some questions before :

-can we limit one vote by IP ? -can the user change his vote ? -can we hie the buttons : ADD VIDEO RULES & PRIZES YOUR VIDEOS ?

Thanks for your answer,


Hi Yes you can limit vote by IP. It is actually 5 layers of protection IP is one of them. and Yes you can hide section Rules and Prizes and Your Videos