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Latest version 2.0 doesn’t generate any contest and returns to the same generate contest page. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi. Sorry support is only for buyers

Hello Alfinator , i want to upload video option in video contest …

will it possible because i have taken vimeo pro/plus option …. so need some help on this

Hi. Sorry support is only for buyers


I am interested in your plugin.

Is it possible to grind the videos directly on the site? Or is it mandatory to go through youtube, vimeo or dailymotion?

Hi. It is mandatory but it have very serious reasons. First for uploading video to your site you need enormous space (for videos) and enormous compute power (for rendering videos) and hughe memory size on your host. And of course you need super high connectivity for your server becouse people will read videos directly from your server. And another reason is Rights. If you allow directly upload videos users they can upload videos without author permission and if it happens you can be legaly responsible for that. So upload through youtube is the best way how to do contest. You do not need nothing and video rights are on Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

I do not want to allow uploading videos, it’s for a private video contest. The web space and the resources to read the videos are not a problem. On the other hand for reasons of rights, I can not host the videos on third platforms.

Sorry but this is how it is. Most of my customers can not allow uploading videos directly to server. Not even me and i have own server. It is very unpractical do upload to own server. Sorry what you want is very unusual and my plugin is not the right for you.


i’d like to buy this plugin but some questions before :

-can we limit one vote by IP ? -can the user change his vote ? -can we hie the buttons : ADD VIDEO RULES & PRIZES YOUR VIDEOS ?

Thanks for your answer,


Hi Yes you can limit vote by IP. It is actually 5 layers of protection IP is one of them. and Yes you can hide section Rules and Prizes and Your Videos

Hello staff, I have a pre sale questions. When users sign up become wordpress users? Can I use a social login (FB or Twitter)? Enfold is a tested theme? thank you so much D.

Hi. Yes every user become a wordpress user. So you can use original wordpress registration form.

How do you update?

I have already answered your question in the email. But here also you can find the step by step tutorial here


ypraise Purchased

thanks for the new update to allow for a secondary page for the video contests. I had to change the post type to fbtab for the secondary page because of the facebook page tab plugin I use but I can now run the same video contest on both my web site and facebook page :)


mr-fly Purchased

Hey man, how do i center the video’s in Video Contest plugin? This is my website:

Please use support form and send me URL of your site


mr-fly Purchased

what a support.

You did some code change and I must see what exactly you did. And Is better send me URL private way by email.

Great plugin, however, is it possible to make only one vote possible among all the video by ip user : if someone vote for a video, and then he votes for another video, the first video will be unvoted. Is it possible ?

Thank you. No sorry. This is not possible.

Hey, Just purchased the plugin. Great job. However, I’m having an issue, my “Vote Now” button is not working.

Any help is much appreciated.

removed comment and sent via support

Listen. I am actually very proud on my security. Not only that every file is secured against use from outside but also is every form is secured by WordPress internal functions and only admin can execute functions from the backend. This is why was never security problem with my plugins. Not even one. Plus there is secure check from Envato personal. Every new version must go through a review. I understand that you have worries and it is OK because the security is most important if you are online. I believe that your host found something dangerous. But my plugins are hosted on Hostgator normally a lot of my customers when need help ask me for help direct on their installation. If is there the problem I will know that. Security is important so all users and all comments are also 100% integrated to WordPress no single data about users or comments or contest are stored or is access to them from my plugin.

Great. And I actually LOVE your plugin so I am trying to find out what happened. If I learn anything I will send it your way as extra information. But again, I LOVE your plugin, not complaining at all. Just being informative and helpful if I can be.

Listen which version actually you have? Because every new version has a new security check and some improvements so it is clear that version 2.1 have more security features than version 1.1. Like I said the security first in my case not only the access but also security in voting is important. So if you have a version older than 2.1 do the update. How to do it you will find in documentation

Presale question: does it work well with themeforest/envato themes VideoTouch and OneVideo?

Sorry, i do not know. I do test on 60 themes but none one of them is VideoTouch or OneVideo. Do not worry if you will have a trouble I am here for you and we can handle this.


Prolet Purchased

Hello Alfinator. Thank you for this fabulous plugin :) It worked at once. I have no problems with it. Only that I have no idea how to combine it with my membership plugin. If I don’t do it, I will be in the middle of a big mess. Thinking about it I have two options – only members of the website will be able to attend the contest or people to pay a fee to attend the contest. If you already explained this situation, please excuse me, but I didn’t see it yet. Regards


Prolet Purchased

Alfinator, how to disable the register function of your plugin?

Hello! Sorry, i do not know how membership plugin works. All users are 100% integrated to WordPress. So what I know 3rd party plugins does not have a problem with that. Register function can not be disabled. BUT if you want I can do some small changes for you, that upload section will be visible to registered users only. If you want to use standard support form and send me a message. I will need an only temporary admin account for that.

Updating to 2, or 2.1 from 1.2 breaks the contest. When trying to add a new contest from the font-end, the page only reloads and not contest gets added.

Is anyone else having this issue? I tested with the WP default theme or premium themes.

Hi. Did you do all steps in update procedure? Did you do deactivate and activate plugin again? (just deactivate NOT delete)

Pre-sale questions: When exporting the data of the users, is saved along with their data to whom they voted?

Hello. No only personal user data

Thanks! Any way to know? One prize is for the one who vote for the favourite video!!!

I am sorry. I do know how to do it but it is work for 3-5 hours.

The plugin will not allow me to upload videos, because when I click to add video in the menu not show the form and the screen is blank

Great pluggin… two things: How do Centralized the plugging inside my page and make it site wide and I’m having trouble when I upload a video, this message comes in red: Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include. This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.

To fix it you can: 1. In the Slider Settings -> Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body option to true. 2. Find the double jquery.js include and remove it.

I will send a support ticket

I fixe the revolution slide error but the fixing to the center and fit wide won’t work and it seems off the center. I was wondering if this could be centered and bigger? Also After I uploaded a sample video the page reloads and my plugging got lost.

Solved by email

Hi there, any plans to integrate Facebook videos ?

Hello. Not now. You are first who ask me about facebook videos.

Can I upload all videos on backend? I don’t want an option on frontend for users to upload

You can hide fronted upload

Will Instagram video links be Integrated sometime soon thanks for your Support

Hello. You are the only second one who asks me for such feature in three years. But i will check how problematic (or not) it can be.