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allpow Purchased

Can the default number of videos displayed on the video and top 10 pages be changed? Thanks.

Yes. But only manually. Use support form and i will do that for you.(free of course)


allpow Purchased

Ok. I sent the request. Thank you.


askaris Purchased

is it possible to have an option to upload the actual video to our server instead of putting the link from youtube of Vimeo?


askaris Purchased

read the documentation on increasing the width manually but no luck.


askaris Purchased

Can we get a geolocation option under registration process, like what we need is contestant only for UK region and we want other contestant to redirect to a global page?

Hello. All that you can change is in contest settings and general settings. Other things you can change only through CSS file. There is not possible use geolocation right now. Sorry

Hey! I’m wondering how can I change the default active link (currently at videos menu item). I want to change it to Rules and prizes. I know some php if it is needed to change plugin files.

Thanks in advance!

Hello. No sorry the default page is the gallery

Hello! Plugin is tested on 60 themes so i believe yes. But if you want you can send me your theme and i will do test for you.

Hi! Great plugin, just a quick question, how can I edit the videos and description? Right now when I click on the edit button in the videos section it brings me to a blank edit page which doesn’t have any options, eg, .../wp-admin/post.php?post=568&action=edit Thanks again T

lol nevermind, I found the answer to my question, settings are available. thanks


:) Thank you ToniMiranda!

No Soundcloud support yet?


kleb1 Purchased

I will be having six contests running at once. What I’d like is to click on the contest and go directly through to the contest information rather than having the page that gives a very short overview. How can this be done?

Is there a Audio version of this plugin… or is there a way I can make this plugin audio instead of video???

No. But You can do video with the song and with album cover right?

Ahhhh thats inconvenient… not buying a plugin for a work around

Create a audio version

Can you tell me how to update to the latest version thank you

Sure. Download package from Codecanyon with documentation and you will find the tutorial there. Or visit online documentation here

Just dropping by to say AMAZING UPDATE!! Thank you!!

No problem ;)

I’ve been using the plugin since May to run a contest. The upload page is now blank. Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

Hello. Sure. Please fill the support form and i will help you with that.

Is it possible for guests to leave a comment on a video page without having to register or be logged in? Thank you!


guitwiz Purchased

Ill pass. But thanks anyway

Listen if you are only one with this issue just try (when is traffic low) to disable all plugins which can affect somehow an email. Or try to disable all plugins and turn on them one by one. All emails are sent through WordPress core using original and official WP function wp_mail. There is no function for that in my plugin. So only think what can be wrong is some email filter in some plugin OR theme.


guitwiz Purchased

Sends emails fine when “user must be registered to vote” is enabled, I get the emailright away (not in spam folder) with login details just fine. Just doesn’t send an email when verifying votes is enabled (tried 3 different email addresses). But, I’ll try what you suggested.

Hello i was wondering if you had IP protection on voting for a contestant? Thanks

Yes but NOT only this. There is 8 layers of protection. You can even track every single vote by IP address, country, user or email in vote log.

Excellent, tyvm

Love this plugin. Couple questions 1. Can I upload all the videos myself and disable the upload option 2. Can I collect more info from the voter other than their email? Like a country and phone number? 3. Can I disable Top 10, Rules, Your videos, etc. 4. Can I pay you directly for an edit and customizing?

Hello! Thank you ;)
1. Yes
2. Yes and No. You can collect IP, Email and country but not phone number
3. Yes you can hide any section you want
4. Well hard to tell. If you need a small change i will do that for free, for but if you need some major changes i will have problem with the time.