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Additional requests for more security and flexibility, and also they will be needed a lot for my contest :)

1. Rating option

When enabled the option changes simple Vote button to Rate (for example stars ☆☆☆☆☆). Administrator choose this Option (Vote or Rate) for each contest.

2. Premoderation for Rates/Votes.+ Users’ descriptions/comments for their rates/votes

When Premoderation is enabled, Administrator sets additional option: Require comments(descriptions).

If Require comments option is enabled, then users have to write comment(reason for their rate/vote) after they press Vote/Rate button to confirm their vote/rate.

In Admin Premoderaton panel there’s list of rates with user comments, so moderator can read every comment before approve/decline the vote or rate.

These comments (descriptions) are for administrator/moderator only and are nor visible in the front end.

If Rate option is enabled, Administrator can set a treshhold rate value when description becomes required. For example, the descripton is required only for rates less than three stars inclusive (★★★☆☆ and less). So users must have a really good reasons to rate videos with low marks.

This will save contestants from twisting votes and unreasonly low ratings, and will help to find the real winner.

Such type of votes/ratings validation is used in a big Russian Citizen Initiative National Award ( and works very well for 2 years already, so this idea is not new and is tested in real life.

P.S. It may be optionally used as one more layer of security (10th).

P.P.S. These features can be added to Photo Contest Plugin as well.

Thank you for your suggestions!

No problem, it’s for everybody’s sake (except сheaters) :)

And one suggestion more, to easily identify bots attacks – statistics charts of activity based on how much votes were made in particular period of time in general and for any video in particular. Visual information may help us a lot in the holy war against vandals and cheaters ;)

11th layer… Oh my, these layers may overgrow the Great Wall :D

There’s no end in this race, haha, but we must be always a step ahead

I’ve just finished translation for one more plugin in WordPress repo, and ready to translate Video Contest Plugin to Russian. Only if such contribution is welcome, of course.


kml29 Purchased

Another features: Allow us to create a contest which will use the winner of each category selected or another contest selected. For example, we want to create a contest for each city of the country and a national contest will only have the 1st video of each city contest. Thanks

kml29 Isn’t it possible to make it manually?

By the way, is it possible for Admin to move videos from one contest to another?

No, it is not. There is no reason for that. Imagine transferring the video from Pet contest to Selfie contest. It just makes no sense

Yes, I see your point and I agree. Thanks for reply


dmsea Purchased

Hi 1) When click voting button, it doesn’t show focus state on my site. After refresh, got count on entry. How can I get exactly action like demo. 2) How can limit voting count one time per day for each user IP.


dmsea Purchased

Hello, Please follow up my email. Thanks you!

Is there a way to charge for video entries? Maybe integration with paypal or WooCommerce?

Hello. There is no option for that. But it should not be a problem use some content locker like this one

I have the photocontest license, is it possible to use both plugins at the same time? in the same contest? that the user can upload photo or video?

Hello. No it is not possible tu use both plugins on one page

Good evening, your product is perfect for my plans but i need a solution to disable the user upload in the menu is there any way?

cause i wanna do a contest but only few persons should be able to upload and not all registered members

or members send me a youtube link and i will upload it in the contest board and other can vote something like that

Hello. Sure. You can hide whole submit section actually you can hide any section you want. So you can hide submit section and profile section and also you can hide author (because all video will be submitted by you)

Hi, I see the plugin was updated a week ago, that’s good news! Could you please clarify what improvements were made, on the Plugin description page? Thank you!

Last Update 20 February 18

One update more, that’s very good! Please what was updated? No information in Item Details, no changes in demo.. Were it just minor updates and bug fixes?

The changes were only small. Only code optimization and some minors errors. There is no need to do an update.

hi before purchasing . is it possible to have thumbnail of videos before numbers in widget? now i see widget with text and widget with video thumbnails we need both of them in one widget . something like the screenshot. thanks .

Sorry no. It is possible only with some PHP modification. But it should be easy to do. After you get licence let me know and i will do that for you (free of course)

wow great thanks :) now im going to buy it with our other account (bigapples76) thanks

Hello, any possibility to make share and voting button bigger (and vote text)? I think it will be more visible… Thank you!

100% agree. It will be in next version


Is it possible that if you select a category you stay in that category on the overview contest page, unless you select another category?

1. For example when you select a category, then click on a video then click on next or previous video you’ll stay in that category?

2. For example when you select a category, then click on a video then click on the overview button you stay in the category you selected.

Cause now when you click on next, previous or video the category resets to all.

Kind regards, Team We Are Media

1+2) No. If you create a contest about something the category is there because to help sort videos by some specifications. But important is still the contest itself. Example you do a dance contest and you do category boys and girls. But it is still dance contest. If you need separate categories you can do two contests where you will have separate content and it will be much better for your needs.

Hi this plugin supported DIVI theme ?

Helo. The plugin is tested on 60 themes and Divi is one of them

Hello, I want my videos to be uploaded directly to file media files but there seems to be no option for this. is there a way around this?

No. With videos is one problem. Those files are big. If you image normal 2Mb image and compare with 4Gb video that is 2000x more. WordPress is not prepared for that. Only for some small files up to 32mb mostly so it is a video for one minute. Even is the problem with streaming so big files so you need huge space, enormous connectivity on your server and powerful processor for rendering videos. It is not just possible for normal WordPress installation to do that


kg4izp Purchased

Is there a way to limit the video size upload, I was looking at the demo and did not see that you could limit the upload like the photo contest? I have the photo contest one and was looking to add this one, but I dont want them to be able to upload videos to fill the server.

Hello. It is not possible to upload video directly this is why is not added any limit. You do not need to worry about space on your server.

Does anyone using this plugin use Godaddy hosting for Wordpress & if you do, are you having any trouble with the plugin?

Author is unable to help, so reaching out to the community to see if anyone had any fix…

Thank you, again…

Hi, I want to delete (deactivate) the search bar and the select order video’s…How do I?

Solved through support form


AlanDogg Purchased

I’m looking to create a video music chart, the most rated video goes to the no1 spot automatically followed by 2 & 3 spots and so on? want to show a chart list is this possible with this plugin?


AlanDogg Purchased

Hi, is there a way to get all the columns in one page? row of 3 is fine but need more than 9 on one page?


AlanDogg Purchased


Hello. You can limit your rows and columns in contest settings. Just hit edit icon in the contest menu. And please use next time support form i can react much faster.

is there anyway to embed into wordpress post?

this really screws my site flow up on the concept i had i didnt realize it couldnt be embedded into posts is there any way to fix this?

It can be do manually through database. But you need first have a license with activate support and after use official support form.

I bought the bundled package I forgot I was posting in the non bundle item page