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Hey, which is the best theme to go with this pluggin?

Hello! Every plugin release is tested on 60 themes. So do not worry about themes. Just pick theme what you like.

Hi, I am facing some alignment issues – can you help me fix this – I need the contest page to be centre-aligned and zoomed in to a bit

Also, for users to register, why isn’t there an option to provide their password?

Hi, I have posted here as you haven’t replied to my support question for 4 days most likely as you cant be bothered helping with as simple solution that would benefit everyone with this plugin. The submission form fields in the frontend would benefit greatly from having additional text in the fields! the symbols that are there are not 100% clear to understand which filed is which, this would help whoever is submitting a video a lot,

For someone who has written the code for this plugin this would take 5 mins of your time to implement and release in a updated version of the plugin since you state “I CANNOT do customization” when really it is something that should be there in the first place. even to show the fields to change would only take a few secs of your valuable time rather than expect someone who has PAYED for the addon ?

I would be grateful if you would post the solution until you address it in an update as I’m sure others would appreciate this also?

I am sorry Alan. I cannot do customization. But i can tell you that every single field is well commented like this one (WHERE?)

$html .= ' ';
$html .= ' <label for="username">' . __('Your Name:', 'video-contest') . '</label> ';
$html .= ' ';
$html .= '<input type="text" id="pc_username" name="username" class="form-control" value="' . $video_username . '">';
$html .= '                 ';
$html .= ' ';

so you see what is the field for it starts about line 767

Well the ”//Username” is the comment so you know that this part of the code and this form input is for Username. Everything what is followed by // is comment. It is information for people like you what that code do.

Yeah so where would I put text in the example of without breaking the code???

<label for="username">' . __('Your Name:', 'video-contest') . '</label>
<label for="username">' .HERE?('Your Name:', 'video-contest') . '</label>

<label for=”username”>Here ’ .(‘Your Name:’, ‘video-contest’) . ’</label>

Hi, I would have a question before buying the plugin, is it possible to upload video files instead of inserting the video URL?

No. And it is a reason why it is not possible to do. It is OK to upload an image because a normal image has a size between 1-4MB but video can have up to 4GB size so it is 1000x more. WordPress and basic hosting services are not prepared for so large files. Even 150Mb file will be problematic for any server. For streaming and rendering videos you need a very powerful server with a lot of space with enormous compute power and huge connectivity. This is not possible for 99% users.

How to remove the words “title” and “description” in single video view?

Hello. It must be removed from the code. It is file /shortcodes/contest-video-detail.php . If you will need help let me know and use official support form i can react much faster

Hi, in the gallery mode the menu does not appear, can you help me? Thank you

Hello. I have been following your plugins for the last 2 years and I am impressed that you keep improving it. I have been using a rival plugin before I discovered yours and I was not convinced to switch. Now I am considering it strongly. I noticed that the video entries do not have preview thumbnails. Is this how the plugin is designed. Are there options to show real thumbnails?

Hello. First thank you. Second, all thumbnails are original preview thumbnails from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Some of Facebook thumbnails can be wrong, because old videos (like 2 years old) can return error message that image is not exists. I fix that in new version.