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How can I add videos to pages, when page is selected in create the post I don’t see any option to select an excisting page, only see categories.

Yes. A new post is created for each video imported. If you wish to do something custom, like add to an existing post, you can use the filter ‘vb_create_the_post’ to hook in your code changes. See the Documentation section ‘Filter Hooks’ for ideas.

Ok but I only want to show the imported videos on a specific page which I’ve created, should I be messing around with filters, in the “and post type” pull down menu I’ve selected page in stead of post but there is now option to selct on which page?

Yes, ‘Create the Posts’ is to create a new post. To import a video to an existing post, you’d need to use the filter and your code.

hello friend, this plugin is compatible with wowza?

If wowza can display the embeds on your WordPress site, then it will work just fine.


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No more product web site ? Disappeared: documentation, tutorials, demos… ?

Best regards.

Yes, website is up…


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Thanks !


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hi can you add video caption and subtitles in different language ?

Unfortunately, YouTube requires user authorization to download captions so they are not available through the public API via an api key. :(

The cron jobs are eating up my server CPU 79% but I only have the query set in the Scheduler every 6 hours and the utility for every 24 hours. I have 6 feeds set to fetch between 1 and 5 videos each.

When I check my Cpanel, I can see that the crons run every minute, thereby overloading the server.

How can I fix this issue?



WordPress can have trouble with launching cron jobs on servers with high traffic and/or low resources. Take a look at the docs, FAQ #2, “Can I turn off WP-Cron and use server cron jobs instead?”

I think this is a bug. I installed today and the videos returned are 90% blacklisted and the balance of the videos have nothing to do with the keyphrase. Keyphrase is skincare (and I also tried “skin care”) but videos are random, like about the movie Cars and Trump’s 2005 tax returns – totally irrelevant. Can this be fixed?

Thanks, Nancy

Hello. The videos are returned by (I assume you are using) YouTube, so I’m guessing there is something else set besides just the search term. Send me a PM (or use the support button on the plugin page) with your query page details and I can help you figure this out asap.

hi i cannot seem to load the demo page? just stays blank

What demo page? Can you be more specific?

does the user has to be be logged into spotify or have spotify account to play the playlist on my site?

Is your playlist public or private?