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how does a post look in the admin when you want to edit it? I use the mycred.me shortcode and only include the post id to call the video (i.e. youtube.com/watch?v=(this is the ID)). Am I able to see the video URL & ID when i edit the video post after the import and can make edits manually from there to just use the ID in my shortcode?

VBP uses a Post Content Template, so you can set it up however you wish, including using the mycred.me shortcode with the YouTube ID. No problem.

excellent. just purchased. i’ll probably need your help to set up my template. i’ll contact you through the support tab

I John I am using video Blogster pro lite and I am trying to buy pro for last 2 months every day 2-4 times , I belongs to India and PayPal has been banned in India and many others debit cards are not working on evanto so please help me how may I buy this. Thanks your lite version is to good

presales question – is this capable of updating/synchronizing posted comments as new comments are posted in YT ?

Yes it is possible to update existing posts with any new video data, including comments.

well…could i refund it?ive bought just few mins ago.and i realized can’t use a lot by Japanese.

Just make the request through Envato. Sorry it only supports the sites listed. I hadn’t even heard of those Japanese media sites you mentioned. :(

I have requested now.so sorry it was not much by japanese

It’s okay. If those Japanese media sites ever have an API I can read I can probably add them.

Hi .. Ihave questions plz *I need your plugin just to pull the video from wordpress to youtube ..is it posipple?
  • I have another pluging copy video from other youtube Chanell and pest it in my WordPress( imean idont ubload video ) is your pluging can push it to youtube ?
    • I have live football match ( 90 minutes) purplish it on my wordpress on the same match time ..how long it take to be shown on youtube ? My regards

No sorry. This plugin imports from YouTube (and others) into WordPress. It does not upload videos to YouTube.

Hi there Johnh10,

I am looking to buy your plugin. But I would like to see 1 or 2 things implemented if possible.

1. First off great looking plugin. I love the features but I would really love Subtitles/Transcripts added into the mix in the page/post content. These are unique by nature as they are not normally indexed. But even so can you add a separate option to auto-spin these with WordAi or SpinRewriter for auto-blogs. As some people already have plugins to auto-pull Subtitles/Transcripts from videos.

2. Auto-pull live stream videos I would love a feature like this. This can be great for sports, gaming, politics, etc. websites.

Thank you.

Hmm I didn’t think anyone would want to spin captions, but I can add the option. I’ll look into importing live stream videos as well.

Thank you I will buy as soon as you add

1. Captions/Transcripts

2. The option to spin the Captions/Transcripts. With WordAi & Spinrewriter

3. Importing Live Videos

Btw… This maybe a great idea. Can you add in an option so a user can either

4a. Use Captions/Transcripts as the only written content for video

4b. Both Captions/Transcripts and Video Description as written content.

4c. Use Video Description as the only written for video

I would like the above options to be on the global level so I can set and forget it when I am autoblogging.

P.S. The real reason I want to spin the Captions/Transcripts is so I can reuse the same video but use different written content over and over on Private Blog Network type setups for SEO Ranking. And as a way to make sure that if anyone used this method before that at least mine will be more unique.

Reply back if my ideas make sense. Thank you for your time.


I plan to buy Video Blogster Pro. There is one question before buying.

We are looking for features that are not implemented in Video Blogster Lite.

Can Video Blogster Pro automatically respond when uploading new YouTube videos? When a new video is uploaded to the YouTube channel registered for Video Blogster Pro.

Thank you

Yes when VBP queries for channel videos by date, the newest ones are returned first by the API and imported automatically.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Hello I wanted to ask a presales question. I know that the addon also imports video thumbnails. Would it be a way for the thumbnail to be imported but to be referenced externally? Meaning that it would not actually be imported in the Media library but rather referenced externally and still being able to be viewed from the blog. Thank you.

Yes that is how it works.

I want to make sure I get this right before I commit. How would I reference an external video thumb(probably saved as a WordPress custom field, I would imagine) and make it appear in the place of the featured image? I have set up a local WP installation and I am experimenting with a custom field set to a custom URL. Do you have any examples?

Your theme will have code that checks and displays the featured image. You want to replace that with code that checks and displays the custom field instead.


fifie30 Purchased

Hi, I just bought your plugin, and I don’t understand something !!! I just want to add a feed to automatically upload news videos on my website. My channel is here :https://www.dailymotion.com/usamnimesgard Please help me to do that !

thanks a lot

Please PM me so I can send you a screenshot.


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Hi, I just bought your plugin, and I don’t understand something ! I use dailymotion Feed.

Dailymotion have NOT Group and You must put Channel into compobox.

I had some code can search exactly keyword in title. You can try this keyword “El Rico y Lázaro”, your plugin show nothing from user “xavi-zao”

Check my tool: https://tool.tranquocdai.com/dailymotion/find.php?search=El%20Rico%20y%20L%C3%A1zaro&user=xavi-zao

Please change Dailymotion query foreach option input. Some keyword non latin character doesn’t work well.

PM me if you want my way.

Hello. DM has made some changes. Please PM me and I’ll get you the beta I’m working on.

Hi, Can I use one license for my private blog network? I have over 100 sites that I need to automate content publishing from youtube

Envato has their license page: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/faq

You can send me a PM for options.


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hey bro sound clowns dont do the api bit anymore does that mean we have nothin coming from them anymore or is there still action ?

SoundCloud is currently not giving out any more API keys. I don’t know when that will change. However VBP comes with its own SoundCloud key you can use to import tracks no problem.