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Really nicely done – would be great if you could create a Visual Composer add-on with these, I’d buy straight away!

Thanks for suggestion and in future we will update and more information contact on skype:support.viaviweb

Nice work! Good luck with sales.

Thanks Sir :)

super! thanks for publishing

Thanks and Welcome :)

Awesome set! Could you tell me how to use Button 9 as a submit button for a contact form?

input button not supported.Thanks.

When adding news ,it always show something went wrong, you said Facebook copus is integrated ,but it’s not working,...,I want to know if you have a video code so that the editors can post video news,.another I want to change the front-page with a template, but in the admin panel the there is no place to change it..I want to change the control panel is it possible?

Thanks for your interest and If you are checking demo then you can’t do add, edit delete on that. It’s only for demo. If you already buy this product then it’s not possible in video. Only possible in Button and Social Media icon.


I would like to modify the width of button 13 with 180px (not 110px).

Can you help? Thanks! Mick

I do not use Skype ! :(

Then create Skype account and send me request. We will solve your issue..

I do not want to create of Skype account… :(

How do you make the buttons link to another page (another domain)? For example button number 5. Thanks.

Thanks for purchase our app. Please check this screenshot and do like that:

Thank you, except the text link above any chance to link the entire box?

Sir, you must need some basic knowledge about coding and HTML. This all things you have to do yourself. If you can’t do then it’s possible with customization. Check this:


ghodson Purchased

Hey guys, still waiting to hear regarding my email. Thanks

Thanks for purchase our app. Sir actually here Diwali and New Year vacation going on so support close for 30th Oct. to 6th Nov. After 7th Nov. Support only possible.

prof work,100% Retina/HiDPI Ready ?

Thanks for your interest on our product, This is only for button so don’t worry about this Retina/HiDPI Ready.

Good work! GLWS!

Thanks :)

Very nice work !!!


Nice Work. GLWS :)


Looks very nice Buttons. Good work and good luck.


)Nicee GLWS


Thanks :)