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paint any custom post type or only post?

It only working fine with post.

Check also presentation on designrazzi: Wordpress Slider Plugins

Great project!

Hey mate nice plugin!

I would like to know if there is a way to make the slider clickable to it can send the user to the post when they click it ?

if you check this image, I don’t make the thumbnail showable, only the image slider.

Thanks !

Ok thanks mate

When is the next version comming ?

We’ve released version 1.1 that allow you click the post image on the slider. Please read the change log to see more details:

Hello! Is it still possible to make the posts “sticky”? I want to use it so that one post will stay there longer… And I guess that would be done with making it “sticky”?

I understand what you want. However, current plugin don’t have this function. We will thinking about it and implement in next version if it’s possible. Thanks for your suggestion!

Would it be possible for me to simply add it myself? Because I need that function for this website? Or if you could in a simple way add in now?

It’s not easy. Even, i don’t have any idea to do it now. Sorry.

Images in slider plugin are the featured ones in each post or is it available to add also other images? Thank you for the support

Images the slider is the featured image of the post. It’s not available to add other images.

It doesnt work. Just one image appears,

You can load slideshow buy use Shortcode (insert to Post, Page, Widget). Or use PHP code (insert to the code of the theme). You must decided it by yourself.

I don’t see where you load our slideshow. So i’m not sure exactly the problem here.

Ok I almost solve the problem but one think you should see in the website .I couldn’t put the titles of post to right of the pictures in the thumbnails side. Can you check out again? .

Where i can see our plugin? I don’t see it here:

Hi This is very excellent plugin and I bought it. I am a little disappointed that the information:”This plugin can’t show content from Visual Composer or Page Builder, it’s only work with normal WordPress Posts.” is on the bottom. It ought to be on the top of the page. For me this plugin is not useless although it is really fantastic. Regards

Buddy, I’m doing landing pages and on each page I want a different slider. Each page will have a slider for a given category posts. Is it possible with your plugin?

Yes, it’s possible. You can create unlimited slider with different category and insert to each page as well.

Is this plugin work with Visual Composer Page Builder ?

Yes, you can use shortcode to load slider inside Visual Composer Page to display posts slider (normal post).

The thumbnail post title is hidden, even when i make it “show”, any help please?

It’s problem with css conflict. You can solve the problem by add this code to your css file of the theme: .sp-thumbnail-text { float: left; }

I’ve added to the file, but no result…

i saw it working fine here:

hi, i want to buy but i want to know is it possible make changes slides when mouse hover on thumbnails ? i mean when mouse will hover on any thumbnail it will focus on them and change automatically post information ? sorry for bad english

and second question is it possible to changes thumbails with numbers?

Sorry, this plugin can’t work as you want. It only can work exactly like live demo as you can see.

Hi I can not use the plugin demo (3) create a slider like my demo! Please tell me what to do and how to do it. I want to create something like this:

I could not make the sliders:

I’d like to create Slider Demo 3.

please guide me… I am waiting for your response.

It seem like a problem with CSS conflict between your theme and our plugin. Please submit a ticket here: our support team will config for you.

Hey I just purchased your plugin, however it doesn’t work – it only displays one featured image of one posts, without any headers and no animations: I tried it with a default WP theme, and without the other plugins – and it still doesn’t work..

Please submit a ticket here: and provide Purchase Code and username you’ve using to purchased plugin to verify your license.


etse007 Purchased

Pls i need a support. When i install it failed

Please provide more details about the problem to get the support. What is the message you’ve got when install plugin?


JAYDI70 Purchased

Hello i’m trying to customise the sider but i can not change css code? How can i do that?

You can write your custom CSS code in the css file of the theme you are using.


JAYDI70 Purchased

 it’s not accepting it.

You should install child theme, then you can write your custom CSS to the file style.css of child theme as well.

My site was throwing errors since the plugin css was trying to grab files that aren’t included in the latest version of the plugin. This is in includes > css > postslider.css and these .cur files don’t exist:

.vgps-wrapper .sp-grab { cursor: url(../images/openhand.cur), move; } .vgps-wrapper .sp-grabbing { cursor: url(../images/closedhand.cur), move; }

Can you update the plugin or at least explain what’s going on there? Thanks.

Please submit a ticket here: our support team will check and fix the problem for you.

Done. Thanks!