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Amazing addon, keep going :)

Congrats on launch of this product. I’ll be watching this plugin with interest esp when hooks for WP query are introduced.

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you very much! Have a nice day.

Hi…can this be made full width of the page and is it compatible with visual composer?

Do you have an example that shows the full width of the page…similar to this:


Is it capable of doing this?

Sorry, we don’t have demo like your link. But you can do it as well. If you see any problem, just let us know.

Ok thank you

Does the plugin work with Custom Post Types, and will any HTML markup from the post content also be displayed?

No, it doesn’t work with Custom Post Types. You can try use free version here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/vg-postcarousel/

This is a pre sales questions. Is it possible to have just a single image and text beneath it but then auto play through three sliders.

For example I want to create a “packages” slider built on blog posts assigned with the category of “packages”. On the home page I’ll have your slider and when loaded it will show the first package and then start autoplaying through the remaining packages but only ever show one at a time?

Much appreciated for your quick response.

Sure, our plugin can work exactly like what you want. You just need set display One Item at a time. If you see any problem, just let us know.

Hi, is it possible to get text formatting tags in Post Description (this class: vgpc-post-desc)? Now it’s just formatting raw text.


We can modify plugin to display HTML tag in Post Description as you want.

I noticed in your plugin that you can your carousel to show a certain category and then it has a drop down box to show whether it’s sorted by latest, oldest or featured. In terms of featured how does that work, do I need to make a category called featured to make that work?

Please submit a ticket here: http://tickets.vinagecko.com/ and don’t forget include URL to your page, admin account and FTP account, our support team will check this issue for you.

I need to customize the style of the post on the carousel. By category or tags, as I can fix it?

Yes, you can create new theme for carousel or override the theme in your WordPress Theme. Please read the document of this plugin to see how to customize it: http://wordpress.vinagecko.com/docs/?plugin=postcarousel

Yes, you just need style it in your theme.

does it resize images to thumbnails that are the same size?

Sorry no. The plugin with get image size form global config of WordPress.

Hello! Pre sales question: is this plugin compatible with visual composer? Thanks!

Sorry no. This plugin doesn’t compatible with visual composer.

Hi ‘ive seen the plugin hasn’t been updated since one year, is there any potential issue with the actual WP version ?

We don’t see any problem with plugin and latest version of WordPress. If you see any problem, just let us know.

Hi! Pre sales question: Is this plugin compatible with Avada theme and Fusion Page Builder Plugin? Thanks!

Yes, this plugin compatible with all WordPress themes and it will show the post of WordPress in responsive carousel. You can load carousel in Visual Composer page. But it can’t display content of Page Builder page.

If you have any other questions, please always ask …

Hi! I’ve already bought it and i need to show excerpt instead of post content.. is that possible?

Yes, you can show excerpt as well. But you need modify the theme of the plugin.


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How can I translate the Read more and Next & Preview Buttons?

You can follow this to see how to translate WordPress plugin: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-plugin/

Hi, just wondering if there is a way to make all thumbnails show at the same size?

Sorry no, the carousel it get the thumbnails image from your post, it doesn’t control the image size. So you need make the image from your post same size when upload.

I’m using the free version for now. Now in my home page i have a VG PostCarousel that show the latest post from my blog. In one post i have inserted a [gallery]. in my home page i didn’t see the gallery but the code. It’s possible to see the gallery in home page with the pro version?

Sorry no. The plugin can’t display shortcode in the content.


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Hi There. Your demo page is either damaged or has been removed. Kindly advise so I can view the result of the plugin.