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Does your date in includes wheel sizes?? Search by wheels to see what I am asking: Thanks

No, the dates don’t include wheel sizes. Each car, brand, model, year can have multiple wheel sizes.. so it will make no sense to have it filtered.

But if you have Woocommerce shop, and you can implement for each product the wheel as TAG – then you can filter it. We do custom work, so if you explain in detail what you need maybe we can implement it for you.

Very good job, fantastic work :) i wish you huge and successful sales for the week :)

Thank you. I can’t wait to get rich :)

only to 2013 models?

Yes. So far only 2013. If it will worth it, we will make it bigger, and we want to include motorcycles, ATVs and so on..But I don’t know when.

fantastic work, very cool :) i wish you big sales for the week ;)

Thank you :)

Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!

Hello. Do you have a preview of this database somewhere? Demo link does not work.


There is no livepreview. Only screenshots. More details and discounts here:

When will an updated version be added? It is now 2019 and this is running up to 2013.

Unfortunately I haven’t worked on a new version. Only 3 sales in 1 year didn’t motivated me :) It is a lot of work on this one. However, if you want some custom work, just wrote me an email with what exactly you need, and we can think about it. Thank you