Discussion on vCity - Online Browser Game Platform

Discussion on vCity - Online Browser Game Platform

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We installed the script succesfully on for GMCI coin thanks sorry for missing e

Nice, good work!

If you want to try my mobile application, you can download it.

Well done, very good work!

Nice work!

Can you add clan and clan chat to the game.

For the clan, anyone can become a clan monster and attack him.

The clan leader can initiate this monster attack.

It will be great if you also fix these shortcomings about the game.

I would be glad if you do it soon.

Thanks for the idea, I will keep it in mind for the future updates.

Are you working the clan, because this is a huge deficiency right now. Please at least make an update on this issue. I know I’ve written a lot of stuff, but this game has potential, and by fixing these shortcomings, you can make more than perfect sales. While you were adding them, I started api design. I can give you the source code, you can sell as you wish in the future. Best regards.

I am working on improving the current features and game modules. I can’t guarantee that the features you requested will be implemented and when but I am keeping them in mind.

Great game and code! (Very well made and good install guide).

Is there a easy way to edit or buy/upgrade the design/layout other than just change the colors like the “themes” section offers?

Thanks for the good words!

The design (layout) can be edited via modifying the source code of the php files. The main files that are related to the layout are core.php and ajax.php.


agony09 Purchased

I want to ask if the game is still being developed? Will there be any innovations and updates in the future?

Yes, the game is supported. In future new improvements and features are planned to be realized.


agony09 Purchased

ok, nice. thanks a lot

Any plans to add hcaptcha support as an alternative to recaptcha?

I checked hCaptcha but it does not works as good as Google’s alternative (ReCaptcha). This captcha seems to require more interactions from the user which interrupts their experience with the site. Also this captcha seems a little bit slower and not fully responsive. Its automatic translation engine is not accurate enough, too.

Alright, understandable. I noticed it says no SMTP support. Any plans on adding it in the future?

Yes, SMTP feature is not offered in the current version. I keep it in mind as idea for future updates but I can’t guarantee that I will succeed on adding it because I am not experienced with SMTP.


wridler Purchased

hi! pre-sale question, I want to use this program but I will add my local payment gateway to monetized it, and add other feature, is regular license is ok?


Yes, regular license will be enough for that case.


wridler Purchased

thanks, purchased it now

Good Script!! How can one earn money with this?

Thanks for the good words!

You can earn money via the script in the following way: Set up your PayPal account and connect with the script. Detailed instructions can be found in the Documentation and in the FAQ section. After that players can make in-game purchases for bonus money, gold, etc. When player purchases something from the Resources page, you will receive his money in your PayPal balance.

Hi, How difficult is to translate the game? It’s something like a single file for everything. Thanks.


The game is easy for translation. It is written in Procedural PHP and each page has related to it .php file. The text strings are in all .php files and can be translated easily.

Hi, A couple of observations. There are no black characters to choose from, so people like me, my friends, and family wouldn’t want to play this game without proper representation. That’s a huge deal! Also, there are complaints about the graphics when using cell phones, and i must agree. I’m old school, i use a cell phone for calls, a tablet and pc for everything else. But when that was drawn to my attention, i checked it out, and playing it on a tablet or pc, is 100% better than on a celly. Your thoughts??


Yes, I understand you but as programmer I am not very experienced with graphic design and due to this the added characters and other graphic resources are just as example. After installation they can be changed with different that fit to your needs.

In the item’s description is mentioned that the script is 99% responsive, not 100%. This is due to the smartphones and their smaller screens.

Entirely understandable. Question, how do you make the characters blend into every scene? I’ll take a go at it.

Characters are mainly used in the following files: home.php and player.php. Characters can be added, edited and delete via the Admin Panel, page Characters.

Unfortunately I do not understand your question very good. You can explain it to me more detailed via the Contact Form and I will answer you more correctly.

I noticed that a colleague proposes clans. Maybe it would be more interesting to divide the players by country. Let the country be the clan. Thus, battles can be organized between countries. Countries can have their own budgets, parliaments, elections …

Thanks for the idea, I will keep it in mind for the future updates.

I hope it appears as soon as possible. I would buy this script from now on, but my ideas lead to a totally free game at the players’ discretion. Even the products they need to be produced by them. Something to beat to erpublik … The Sims … Maybe even with real winnings in the game, Players can also make money playing, Something closer to real life. I would pay extra for some possible customizations. If anyone is interested contact me. Otherwise success to all!

I can’t guarantee that I will succeed on implementing the idea but I am keeping it in mind. Unfortunately I am very busy these days and I am not available for freelance work (customizations) and Customization Services are not included in the Support.

Do you want to add new updates in the future?

clan system and new features for items?

Yes, new updates will be released in future.

I bought the license :)

Thanks for purchase!

Hi, are you available for customization? Also, after purchase, can the script codes be modified?


I am very busy and I am not available for freelance work (customizations). The script’s code is very easy for modifications and after purchase you can modify it.

Hi, Hope You are doing well. Really your script is nice. I am ready to purchase Extended License. Can you provide free setup ? Can I run this script in local server?


Yes, I can help you with the installation of the script. Yes, it can be installed/used on localhost.

Any other requirement for running this script & any other expenses?

No, the only requirements are PHP and MySQL to be supported. The payment is one-time, there are no other expenses.

Yes, the script can be used as PvP text-based browser game.

What are the advantages of the winner and what are the disadvantages of the loser?

The winner gets bonus in-game money and gold, the loser is losing money & gold.