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Wow ! awesome script



I have some problems to get the backgrpund working. This are the values I entered:

63 44 21 1 0 0 0,011 0 100 75 360 0 1

The effect I get in the generator is not the same as at my site:

Can you please tell me whats wrong?


Hey, Thanks for purchasing! Can we have a screenshot of the generator, so we know what do you want to achieve? You can PM us.

Best, Boom Apps Team


How can I send you a screenshot. Its not possible right here.

I guess I found what was wrong when i generate my effect.

The values of MultiX, MultiY and MultiSum doesn’t change when i move the bars in the generator.


Hello, Please use our email,

In the demo the bars for these parameters work. Can you please confirm that these parameters work here but not on your server/in your browser?

Best, Boom Apps Team

HI, Are there instructions? I don’t see any referecne to VC SIne Background anywhere in the CMS or VC modules…. Please advise…

So it’s all fine now (your other comment)? Best, Boom Apps Team

HI, I don’t see a UI to use the effect. Where do I find it?

So it’s all fine now? Best, Boom Apps Team

Something odd is going on. Any chance I can get you credentials to see what is going on? I’m sure it’s nothing big

OOPS. never mind. I think I had a bug in my eye. Now it’s there.

Pesky bug in my eye. LOL

this is REALLY COOL!

Purchase code: 8b1ec943-7560-4940-b913-f58c03259fe7 – 5 Feb 2016

Hello, good afternoon, I’m designing a page with wordpress and I installed Visual Composer and vc-sine-background. When you add any of the predefined elements of visual composer work, but not the additional addon.

The vc-sine-background does not show the effect with the settings you’ve added


Versions: - WordPress 4.5.1 - Visual Composer 4.11.2 - Theme Avada 3.8.4

What it is that I need to make them work? Thank you for your help. Greetings from Mexico

Hey, We can see multiple issues on this page: 1) There are some JS console errors, 2) There is some Visual Composer issue, as “/vc_column_text[/vc_row]” tags can be seen unparsed. 3) There is absolutelly no sign of our plugin.

The fastest would be if you can send us your wp-admin credentials to – we’ll make it work.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi there, I was wondering can we have something in hexagon shape but not this wild rather like a particle.js or wiresphere? Thanks!

Hey, Thanks for contacting us, but I’m affraid I don’t understand your question. Can you pls ask again? :)

You can see all the possibilities of VC Sine Background using generator:

Best, David Boom Apps Team

Awesome! Will try to find a website to use buy that one… love it!