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Can I make a link to the product instead? for example on aliexpress

Yes, you can. You have “Products URL” field at admin products edit page. And you have {$PRODUCTS_URL} template placeholder. Add this placeholder at product info template (/templates/vamshop4/module/product_info/product_info_v1.html) to display products url.

or you can make affiliate links with ref parameter. Like and get your commission for every sale that made by this link.

X – this is your affiliate id number.

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Hi there, is this version also built with CakePHP or it doen’t uses any pre built frameworks? Is it code OOP or structure? Thank you

No, just plain functional php + php classes. And result is very fast cms. Check google pagespeed insights results for online demo

any admin demo for this? – english.

This is english version.

I know, some russian texts in payment modules you can see, now i’m translating this texts to english and then update archive at codecanyon.

But 99% of texts in english.

Great news :)

Payment modules, shipping modules, order total modules texts updated at

really great product, i am just confused between VamShop 2 and VamShop what is the difference between them ?
Thank you

Hi! VamShop based on CakePHP framework. VamShop based on plain PHP code and have maximumn functionality.

great thank you

Wow, just tested the shop, works really good! Too bad nobody pays attention. I think the problem is the rather simple/basic optics/design. But functionality is perfect.


I’ll make more simpler design step by step. Thanks.

New design, new navigation at admin side released.

Once installed everything works fine but it gives me an error when I access categories, it is always with an address ending in html.

404 Products not found. Search form!


Or you can contact with me from my profile page – , i’ll send you .htaccess

Thanks for answering so quickly.

Ok, the problem was that I had installed it in a server folder not in the root.

Wouldn’t this be possible without having to make a subdomain?

Congratulations, very good work.

You can run in into the folder, but you need to make some change in 1 file. Please, contact with me –

Dear vamshop, can you pls help me by installing this software? i am newbie. if possible pls help! thanks in advance!

Hi! Yes, installation service included in the package.

Going to order! Thank U so much! Much love from Bangladesh


Can i see admin panel? Can I import products?


Of course.

Got to 12345

Then click Admin link at the top right.

Yes, you can import products from Excel, CSV. At Admin – Catalog – Easypopulate

can you add Indian Payment gateway?

Yes, by custom work.

I can’t install more languages in the demo version. if you purchase, I can copy and translate English-language in other languages?

Hi! Thanks! Can you contact me at – . Contact form at the right. I’ll send you ready to use italian package for translate.

Hi, I wrote you in the form on your page. But in the Vamshop4 template how does the language selection work?

Hi! Italian archive based on english sended to your email. Copy files from archive to your store. Add new language at Admin – Order – Languages. Directory options must be italian Then translate all files. If you want to switch language, try  to add {$box_LANGUAGES} at /templates/vamshop4/components/navbar/navbar_slide_menu.htmlBox template at /templates/vasmhop4/boxes/box_languages.html, source code at /templates/vamshop4/souce/boxes/languages.php Or just add html link /?language=en/?language=it EnglishItalian

Hi! I have just bought and installed your product. When I log in and click Admin it redirects me to account.php. I tried two different desktop browsers and with mobile browser – all with the same results.


Can you cantact with me –

And send me url or your store, admin access and ftp access. I’ll try to investigate this.

Done :-)

Thanks! Replied

We need it in other language. How to translate it?

You can translate and /lang/english folder

Dear Developer,

Thanks for making this beautiful eCommerce CMS. I have downloaded this product with my Envato Elements subscription. But I am unable to change currency. When I am making a change, at product page price is not showing. Only free is showing.

I have also tried it on your product website. But the same issue is occurring. I am trying to add an Indian Rupee currency (INR).

Thanks and regards

Support available for customer only.

Am I not on the list of your customers?

I subscribed to Envato Elements after watching your product listed there. If you can not provide support, why you listed your product on Envato Elements? I know that product downloaded from Envato Elements does not come under support terms, but you should tell the small things.

I am ready to pay for the product if you promise to install this CMS for me in a customized way.

Thanks and regards

Of course you are not listed as my customer.


Can I sell Digital products ?

Kind regards


Yes, you can sell digital products. and customer can download ordered file just right after the payment.

Fully automatically.

Add to cart. Checkout. Payment. File download.


Yes, you can sell digital products. and customer can download ordered file just right after the payment.

Fully automatically.

Add to cart. Checkout. Payment. File download.

If I purchase what do you charge to install..

I can install it for free. You need php+mysql web hosting and domain name.

Message Sent, Thank you