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Nice work GLWS :)


Amazing work, it looks fantastic!

Thank you!

hi in several browsers the game only can view ver very big, no adjut in sceen , can fix this ? regards

Yes right now the game uses a SHOW_ALL scale algorithm. By using a NO_SCALE one we have the following result: (a static size)

thanks where i change this setting ?

Hi You can fix the size and put my logo in the game ? let me know please to, thanks


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Hey there is an API.js included which contain server side functions. These functions are not in use, when do you plan to include them? It would be a very nice feature!

They were meant to be there as a placeholder for multiplayer functionality. This might be sold as a separate module because it requires extensive work. I might add an update however to be able to get information on the player progress etc.

If you have any requests or ideas feel free to send me an email.

Nice product

Thank you!

I bought this game but i cant play on ipad because the screen size is huge (i tested in different browsers)...can i lock up a width and height for this game? Please let me know where i can update this settings!!!

Hello, I have sent you replacement files for the game, that handle this bug. Mobile devices are not officially supported, but I will do what I can to mitigate that for you.