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Nice work GLWS :)


Amazing work, it looks fantastic!

Thank you!

hi in several browsers the game only can view ver very big, no adjut in sceen , can fix this ? regards

Yes right now the game uses a SHOW_ALL scale algorithm. By using a NO_SCALE one we have the following result: (a static size)

thanks where i change this setting ?

Hi You can fix the size and put my logo in the game ? let me know please to, thanks

Hey there is an API.js included which contain server side functions. These functions are not in use, when do you plan to include them? It would be a very nice feature!

They were meant to be there as a placeholder for multiplayer functionality. This might be sold as a separate module because it requires extensive work. I might add an update however to be able to get information on the player progress etc.

If you have any requests or ideas feel free to send me an email.

Nice product

Thank you!

I bought this game but i cant play on ipad because the screen size is huge (i tested in different browsers)...can i lock up a width and height for this game? Please let me know where i can update this settings!!!

Hello, I have sent you replacement files for the game, that handle this bug. Mobile devices are not officially supported, but I will do what I can to mitigate that for you.

hello Live Preview does not work I want to watch the game to buy

Thanks for the heads up, it should be working now!

I really like your game. I have only tinkered with it briefly, but I would like to ask you some questions, please.

1) how much reskinning would I need to do to use it? Would you be willing to reskin it for me? How much would you charge me? Please give me the price with and without you providing graphics (if it’s different).

2) I saw you mentioned in a comment that it is not 100% mobile friendly. Can it easily be made so? How much would you charge?

3) How long (approx) would it take for someone to complete the game? Do you have any interest at all in expanding it for a fee? I am not sure I want to do this, but just asking in case. Of course, price…maybe per section or whatever.

4) As the creator of this game, what would you say the best way to monetize it would be? I don’t think it has anything the player can actually buy in the game.

5) What do you think about a leaderboard feature (such as using Google leaderboard or an online database)? Perhaps they get more points also by redoing sections (if that is possible) to encourage re-playing and further engagement.

6) I don’t quite understand how Masteries work.

7) Does anything happen once you clear all of the battles?

8) Just to be 100% sure, is there any aspect to the game other than fighting each battle? I’m not saying that’s not enough…just want to be sure I’m not missing anything. :)

Sorry to load you with so many questions. I am anxious to hear back from you and perhaps work with you some! Have a great evening!


Thanks for taking the time to play my game.

1) You can use it as is, as for re-skinning it depends what do you want to change (Player, enemies, backgrounds, map, user interface, etc). If you want to change everything then I would say (a week of work more or less, because changing the graphics also means tinkering with the animations also).

2) Not extremely easy but it can be brought to a place where it is easy to play on mobile, the main thing is how the scaling of it will work and if all graphics would appear correctly. I would estimate this at (2-3 day work)

3) The game has 5 levels each one with 5 battles, and then the main boss appears. My nephew who really likes this game can finish it within a couple of hours. The fee would depend on the expansion (another map with other battles probably? more enemies? random encounters?) It might be a slightly heavy task because many parts would need to be moved around but I would say 1.5 weeks (again it depends on the expansion volume)

4) Pay to buy access to it maybe, or unlock masteries, unlock other pets (not only raven), unlock player skins, unlock spellcards, etc

5) Ye sure it can be done, after each battle there can be some points distributed based on (remaining health, time it took to win the fight, etc)

6) Masteries increase either Sword damage (the attack that happens with the sword when the sword icon is pressed, before any buffs are taken into account), the spell damage increases all damage done by spell cards (single target or all targets), raven mastery increases the damage the raven does when it randomly attacks after the player attack.

7) The boss fight appears and if you win that (which is slightly difficult). Then nothing you can start from the beginning. Anticlimactic I know, but it was already in months in development…

8) Appart from the boss fight at the end no nothing else.

Note: The way the battles happen in sequence is the games greatest flaw, if the battles had an element of “speed” and the turns would be non-linear then it would have much more depth, also the damage could use some better formulas.

I hope I covered some of your questions. If you want me to translate the days of work into cost please send me an email at info[at]

Thanks again for your interest.