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Hello, Pre-purchase question

Can your plugin allow me to automatically assign to my users a specific “role” which was created by another third party plugin upon registration?

Example: When users register, they will be automatically assigned to the “role” created by the third party plugin?

- GM


user signup is just an addon to main plugin arforms which is form builder. so, user signup for arforms does not work alone.

But, for any member and user related need i would suggest you use our full fledged plugin ARMember, it has everything


Question before purchasing: 1. When a user registers, does the administrator have to agree before he can log in? 2. Can we use your plugin to privatize a page of the site? 3. Has a registered user accessed the administration interface?


sorry for delay.

user signup for arforms is addon plugin for ARForms.

1. Are you asking for approval?? it will be auto approve. 2. No this addon is just works as addon to our main plugin ARForms and you can create nice fancy signup/login forms which will sync with wp user. IF you need membership related functionality then i would suggest you buy our other full fledge plugin ARMember

3. You can assign role in configuration.


With this add-on can I allow just logged user to upload and send me files?


Hello. I found a bug with this plugin.

1. A guest user makes a purchase of a product on my WooCommerce site – they are required to create an account using the checkout process. They create a password and their email address is used as username.

2. When they use my ARForms Login form to login using that password/email combo from the purchase process, they cannot login.

So basically, ARForms is not linked to user accounts created using WooCommerce, which is stored under WP Users.

Any way I can resolve this?? Customers are complaining they cannot login and I have switched the login form with the default WC My Account Login form until this can be resolved.


its not bug in user signup. user signup currently does not have facility to enter email as username. we would add this feature in future release.


Yes but in the ARForms User/Signup Configuration, my login form has been set as only email address/password – and in the settings I linked the username to be used by the email address field – so I always use email to login.

But users registered with WooCommerce uses the email address as username, and your form is linked to use email field as username, but still doesnt work.

I think there should be some WC sync added to the forms.

yes, i think it wont work that way. And as i explained we are going to add email support in upcoming version.

if you need personal technical assistance then you need to get support extension of arforms.

I am really confused. I purchased this product and arforms. I went through all the steps to customize the user login, and now there is no code to create a user registration/login page… am i missing something?


for technical support kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk and our technical experts will certainly assist you with best knowledge they have.


Hello! I have a multi-site WordPress network. I want to customize the new site registration page on my network. With this plugin I can do this? Any demo page for registering new website in the multisite network?