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Can we add more web pages ?

You can add as many page as you want.

Adding user roles to Controllers and Controller Actions inside the Web with Webpage or GUI

Hello, we have an ASP MVC 4.52 web app, and want to purchase a user role management GUI with controls for adding, users, roles, permissions.

Does the component support the following.

Adding, Users, Roles, Permissions  




  1. In the Web Gui for admin role, does the application list/show all the controllers and actions inside the controller?
  2. When I add the permission for a role, does it let me add or map the User Role to the Controllers and Actions.
  3. Does implement hte security and authentication correctly, if the user does not have a role, will the roles prevent user from typing the path to the controller/action (route) to the action.
  4. Can I also manage multiple companies/groups (multi-tenancy) inside my applicaiton – for e.g. Company A has Manager, and workers – Company B manager should NOT be able to see company A employees

thanks and looking forward to understand if this is supported?


Yes, you can add users, roles and permissions in this component.

Just have a look at the following link http://usermgmt.ittutorials.in/help

Is it possible to add more user roles in user management ?

Yes, you can add custom roles. Make sure to customize javascript for every new role you add.

Very nice, but I wish it had a registration page with email confirmation. Still, thank you very much.

Thank You :-)

this is exactly was I was looking for… perfect kick-start to any project… Only suggestion would be to add hashing to the passwords… but thats simple enough to implement anyway =)

Your feedback is appreciated.


We want to customize or develop a small small with Admin Area & member area.

Purpose: Company they have shareholders. around 500+. company transfer and make payment(shares money) to member every year.

Admin Area Features Required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Admin Dashboard shows total number of members. recent transaction. 2- Add member. edit member. edit member details. 3- Export report to excel. pdf etc.

Member Area features required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Member Dashboard shows his details, like = recent payment, his profile, his documents. edit and add features. 2- Member registration form, with uploading the documents. 3- Add his family, like, dad, mom, son, daughter, wife, etc.. 4- Export report to excel, pdf, etc.

please quote us reasonable price for this small script.

Our Hosting Platform is Linux.

awaiting your urgent response, we want to start this project urgently now.

Shafiq Ur Rehman email : shaafiqrehman@gmail.com mob: 00966 50 9064163

awesome mate . good luck


Have you used Entity Framework or Stored Procedures? Thanks.

Most of the DML operations are carried out using stored procedures in this application.

if u are using simply asp.net c# sql stored procedure or LINQ or EF

Hi, The datetime picker is not letting me to pick dates from 2018. I have tried both future and ” ” as well. Please help me. Thanks.


There is a file “datetimepicker_css.js” under “Js” folder in your application. Open it and just replace “var EndYear = 0” with “var EndYear = 10” and save it.

That’s it.

Thank you!! It works. Another question – I want to use Date of Birth which is a past date and in another control I want use the expiry date which is a future date. How can I disable future dates for Date of Birth and how can I disable past dates for expiry date? thanks.

In “datetimepicker_css.js” uncomment any of the following line of code as per your needs.

//All dates are clickable. //this.EnableDateMode = ””

//Before today’s date is not clickable. //this.EnableDateMode = “future”

//After today’s date is not clickable. this.EnableDateMode = “past”

In the current version of user management, future date is not enabled. If you like User Management, please give your valuable ratings.

Thanks :-)

Hi i love your product but i need you to add some few this for me. More custome Register filed. also the ability for the admin to send a private message to a selected user. and for a user to send back a message to admin. also for a user to a green or red notification back to the admin by just a click of a button. can you added it please.

can you make i really need it and tell me how to get it?



Check out the new item on CodeCanyon https://codecanyon.net/item/multilingual-user-management/20386532

Hope this will help you.


why cant see demo of all your products you seeling?

it say “service not Availble”

Demo for all products are hosted on the same server that is why they are not available.