User Login Register and User Management

User Login Register and User Management

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This is the complete management of the User.It includes


Front end

  1. Ajax User Register
  2. Ajax User Login
  3. Forget password (Get Password on email)
  4. User Dashboard
    • Dashboard
    • Profile Edit (Change basic info,Change Avatar Image)
    • Change Password
    • Logout

Admin Panel

  1. Admin Panel Dashboard
    • Total Users
    • Line chart stats of current month
    • Recent Sign ups
  2. View User
    • All users
    • Update,Delete
    • Export users to CSV
  3. Add New User
    • Profile Image addition
    • Add with unique username
    • Add geolocation address
  4. Edit user
  5. Delete User


  1. Make database connection setting in config.php file
  2. Create database using phpmyadmin or whatever way you like
  3. Now open http://localhost/user/install.php to the browser
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Front end :
  • First register your account
  • then login using your account

Admin Panel:


Admin Login Page

Admin Dashboard

Admin User management

User Dashboard

Review and Rating

Update History

Version 2.3
--Security issue:GET method Changed to POST
AJAX Load Users in admin panel
---admin/view_users.php - Edited 
---admin/code/ajaxUserView.php - New File
Version 2.1 18th December 2014
- Fixed: Admin sha1 password update
Version 2.0 8th December 2014
- Added: Email Verification
- Added: Encrypted Passwords
- Added: Reset Password 
Version 1.3 3nd December 2014
- Added: Export csv
- Added: Line Graph dashboard
- Added: Recent Sign ups
- Added: Profile Setting Page

Version 1.2 2nd December 2014

-Bug fixed
Version 1.1 1st December 2014
-Profile page security issue fixed
Version 1.0 28th November 2014
-Initial Release