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Really nice! :) Even degrades well in IE.

Oh and congrats on the first product! :D

Thank’s! I never imagine how fast approvement can be :D Just trying to make really useful products.

Very good stuff! Welcome on board ;)

Thanks a lot!

Very nice job! I like forms like these

Very nice and clean! Will certainly buy it for one of my projects. This could be perfect with a touch of jQuery.

Thank you! Yes, I thought about jQuery, but I want make it very simple. Everyone can use touch of jQuery in it. Forgotten password or error / success states should be nice with toggle :)

Very nice! Some basic validations like on the NEVIA template contact form (A personal favorite validation method of mine) and basic instructions on how to make the Social API stuff to work would make this a must have.

I just completed jQuery validation, but I was adviced to create a separate item in a Javascript category. In CSS it would not be approved, they said. I let you know after approval :)

Awesome! Thanks!

This looks simple and great but how exactly could I implement this for my website? For example, what could this be used for? If somebody log ins to my website, what is the perk of creating an account? I guess I’m just really confused with all of the login and registration forms in general. If you could give me a better idea of what I could use this for, I would definitely consider buying!

Thanks in advance!


Thank you! That really helped! Do you know of any programs that are available for purchase that allow you to create a database where if somebody signs up, it saves all of there shipping and billing information kind of like you just mentioned? I am selling products on my website but as of right now, I am just using PayPal as my shopping cart method. Do you have any methods you would recommend?

Uff, I’m not sure. You have to create your database on your hosting and some way (PHP) save this data (users, products, shipping etc.).

I guess if you look to PHP section of codecanyon, you’ll find what you looking for :) I’m not php developer unfortunately

Ok, I will do some more research! Thanks for all help! You have the been the fastest support I have received from any seller! Keep up the great work! I wish you the best!


How is the forgotten password used as clicking on the link in the demo does not bring up the dialog!

Good question! This is pure css form, just a look and buttons effects. You have to connect it with simple javascript, or jQuery. Thats everyone choise and I made it open. I want demo just like what you get in files. But good point, maybe in next update I do function form.

Excellent job :)

Thanks a lot :)

just a noobie question, wouldn’t you be better off making a screenr preview as your source is completly viewable at present?

We like paying for things but others, others don’t :(

Good point, thanks :) But $3 is good price for licence, too cheap to make people pay.

However, I can find similar things like a freebie all around the internet.

I still believe in good people :) who can appraise others work.

Hi everyone. My new item was approved. It’s the same css form but it has a full jQuery validation! I was adviced to create a separate item, so I’m sorry that’s not a update. In CSS category would not be approved.

Thanks for purchase and enjoy :)


Wordpress version coming soon?

Hi, sorry for answer delay (I’ve been on long vacation). Wordpress version not in weeks, but I’m working on my wordpress theme so maybe after that :)

Ok will still consider purchasing. Thanks.

Hi there!
I have a quick question, ‘cause I wonder if this would work for me. I’m a novice when it comes to web development in any form.
I have this restricted area where unpublished documents are available for download and read. Due to copyright issues, I’d like to have all the interested people to register to access to that content.
So, from index there will be a button “Unpublished content”. That button will take to your script, and then, after registering, users will be able to access a page where the content is.
Would this work? Would I have access to a list of registered users?
Many thanks in advance!

Hi, it works different than you think. Its just a style and javacript code. So its just how it will looks like and validate inputs. You have to connect it with your PHP script (database). It has no server side manipulation.



I need the sign in form with the social buttons only. can you make it responsive?


Hi, you can easily delete the inputs and some code from JS file checking right format of those inputs. And let just a Social buttons part. Do you need help with that?

I’m working on responsive very long time, but I have not enought time and will to finish it, honestly :) so maybe some day.

Hi! Would love to purchase the item but not sure on how to use it in Magento 1.7

Can you help?


Hi, sorry, me neither :/ I have no experience with Magento.


hi have u a time for freelance work ?

Hi, it depends what’s the work about :) write me on hipstacowboys@gmail.com