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Can’t wait to see how this looks on our new short URL :)

Hello, Please check your email

I cant tanslate it. I just wont let me. There is an error page every time I try?


Could you send me link to online version and FTP credentials?


i works now. But only 1 line at the time.

hello, i am looking forward to buy this script, plz enable re captcha and if the shortened link is pasted, i dont want my users to wait for 5 seconds, i want them to visit to that page asap. can you do this??

Hello, I don’t think I’ll include this in next update.

Hi. You can add ads via admin panel: Settings -> Basic -> Banner (field).

Or if you set count down timer then read here how to add ads on redirect page:!/admin_panel_instant_redirect_or_ads

sir this script work on sub folder or not for exampale my site is i want to install this example work install on sub folder or not if work i buy it if any problem after the buy you help install wait reply immedaite please

Hello. Doesn’t matter. You can install it in subfolder/subdomain or in any place you want. If you will have problems during installation then send me FTP + cPanel credentials on email and I’ll install script for you.

presale question ?
when we use API, can make the result auto load/auto view, i want to make like

Hi, could you send me working example, because URL has been deleted.

It’s impossible to do directly via API, but it’s possible to set count down timer (like on my demo page. You can do it in admin panel) and paste following code into root/app/veiws/frontend/application/redirect.php
<iframe scrolling="auto" src="<?= $url ?>" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width:100%;height:100%;margin-top:20px"></iframe>
In this way when the user opens short url he will see pre-loaded page.


Hi I wanted to add a button (Click to Continue) after timer is finished so user presses the button to go to the URL that was shorted. Instead of going to the shorted URL right away I want user to click the button and go. Can you please tell me how can I do that?


Yes, you can. Open: root\app\views\frontend\application\redirect.php Find
document.location.href = url;
Replace with:
$(".pressed").html('<a href="'+url+'" class="go-to-button">Go to URL</a>');
Next, you can add some CSS styles to button in root/css/frontend.css
.go-to-button {
   border:1px solid grey;
   padding: 5px;
   /* and etc */


Works thanks for the help :)

You are welcome :)

Do you have a technical or step-by-step set-up doc for newbs? I also sent an email to you with some additional questions. Thanks for your time.


Yes of course: Also this link is posted on product’s page.

Speaking about email, I didn’t receive it.

Feel free to ask any question if something goes wrong.


Sent product questions to the email included in set-up doc.

Hi. Sorry for late response. Check the email please.


good script here :D But i need some improvements, 1. Can you add custom link ? so user can write custom link for shorting. 2. Can you add stats page ? So visitor / user who already shorten their links can track it or view the statistics ? 3. Make it more like / kind of please


Sorry, but I’m working on a large project and complitely do not have free time (even on weekends, I have to update my other products because some of 3rd party APIs completely have been changed).

Currently I provide only bug fixes and help during installation and customization script.

Maybe after 3 – 4 weeks, but not earlier.


Why on google is only showing 288 indexed pages? But till now is shortened 8640 . Can you explain that? Thanks

Hi. Because no one know how Google index works.

Hi, once the shortener is bought, is it possible to install it on several computers at the same time? Thanks in advance

Hi. According rules, you can install script on several hosts only if you buy extended license. Regular license allow you to install script only on single host.

If i use this script on my Domain would it be like yours with only 3 letters even if i had 9k urls like your script? EG:

Hello. Yes of course. Moreover to reach limit of 3 characters you should have about 227.000 links. To reach limit of 4 characters – more than 13 millions of links.

Speaking about member area. Currently I don’t have time to develop extra features because I’m working on a large project. For now I’m providing support and bug fixes.


okay. Does it have an option to blacklist unwanted urls?

No, it doesn’t have. I think it’s senselessly, because you can’t ban all the porn sites and etc. Also if you ban 1.000.000+ of URLs then the script will be very slow.

Would it be possible to modify the code to generate a random four or five character short URL? I’d rather not use the current sequential method.

I got it figured out, thanks!


I’m glad you solved it. By the way, are you OK with fact that combination of four-five characters will end someday? All in all, feel free to ask any question if something goes wrong.


Yeah, we’re not using it for public use. I’m sure our total number of short URLs will be under 5,000.


Jen_Kh Purchased

presales question: 1. Do you use mysql database? 2. What is the total number of URL this software can store? How will the URL look like at around 1 million URL records?


1. Yes.

2-3. The algorithm is based on Bijective Function which allows you to use maximum of possible records to store. For example maximum value of unsigned BIGINT field is 18 446 744 073 709 551 615 the short id will be v8QrKbgkrAq One million is not more than 4 characters.



Jen_Kh Purchased

Thank you and appreciate your quick response.

Hello, I purchased your short url script and running on my website I want to add google analytics code. Please tell me where i can add google analytics code which track all page and short links.

Hi. I would suggest you to put it in main layout i.e. ~root\app\views\frontend\layouts\main.php

Hi, I am very close to buying your nice script but I would like to know if you have a trick or a method to reset the hits counter and reset all the links already entered? because i want to be able to erase all the links once a month or once a day, thank you :)

Very nice, works perfectly thank you :)

Due to your quick answers and your code quality I was able to set up what I wanted so thank you again for your seriousness! Now I would like to know if it is possible to reduce the number of lines displayed in the “Most Popular URL” category (currently 10) and increase the number of lines in the category “Recent added” (10 too) :)


Open ~root\app\controllers\frontend\ApplicationController.php find these two lines:
$recent = Shortlink::getRecent($limit);
$top = Shortlink::getTop($limit);
and set custom number of popular and latest links i.e.
$recent = Shortlink::getRecent(25);
$top = Shortlink::getTop(5);


Hi can this make random links instead of sequential links? its not good, site.x/aaa then site.x/aab anyone can get a sequence of combinations to find out someones link.


No. Doesn’t matter in which way the string will be generated the big chance left that you can get a sequence. This algorithm can store billions of links and be several characters length.


can u help me how to set absence add code on home page..

Hi. Open admin panel, next go to Settings -> Basic. You will see “Banner” field. Put there your ads code.

(Paste it into the HTML of, right after the <head> tag ) google want to review my site. where i can get this <head> tag.

I already pasted ads code in admin panel.

The adsense code exists on web page but it is not showing because your Google adsense account has restriction and you need to follow these instructions to remove this restriction:

I was looking your demo and the generated urls are sequential, you demo right now have cyp, cyq. cyr, cys, cyt - can i change this, to avoid sequential links? totally random links

Yes, the sequence algorithm is used here. No way to use custom URLs.


yinkira Purchased

is it possible to using custom/random url like ipagewww said..thx

Hi. Sorry, this script doesn’t support custom short urls.


yinkira Purchased

is it support php7..

I’ll do update soon. PHP 7 support.