Discussion on Url Shortener

Discussion on Url Shortener

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Hello, is it possible to add captcha ? Or any way to avoid bots ? thanks

Hello, unfortunately, that functionality current is unavailable.

did you have skype? or other communication system?

i want to host this site in hosting. did i can?

Yes, you can.

I want to ask before buying. 1. can i add some additional domains 2. if i can add multiple domains, can i randomize the domains that i add automatically when shortening? 3. Can the hash be set longer? Suppose previously had a hash of 5 and was set to hash 10, so each shortening the length of the hash becomes 10


1-2. There is no built-in solution for that.
3. Yes, you can by increasing PRIMARY KEY.



ronymax Purchased

Hi, how to change shorturl param I need add

Hi. Custom URLs are not supported.


mahdi69 Purchased

Is Developer API for all visitors can use it or just me? and if yes is the developer have panel?

The API is publicly available for all users. There is no developer dashboard.

I can not install. Please help me

Already sent

Done. Can you check email?

Yes. Thank you so much. Love you. Best support system

Can i set shortlink without countdown?

Yes. This can be switched in the config file.

this is a pretty good script in my opinion, with a fairly organized documentation, and quite complete. good job mate..

i have a question, can i edit the short link?

for example, the result of the short link is

The short link is represented by the letter, my question, can the shortlink be changed to the specific name I want?

Hello. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t support that.

when php 8.1 coming?

Hello. In theory it should work with PHP 8.1.

Thanks for the new update!

You are welcome ;)


Wally30 Purchased

Hi. I just purchased this, very simple and straignt-forward installation. When installed in, how do i customise the shortened URL not to include the /folder?

Hello. If you installed the script in the sub directory, then there is no way to process short URLs outside that directory.

How url can be more short ? is it depends on domain ? if i use this script as a subdomain site then url will be long ?

- is it depends on domain ? Yes, of course. The longer the domain is, the longer the URL is.

when the next update will be come

The fastest way and more robust solution is to add a HTTP Basic Auth.

If you still want to rename then:
  • 1. Modify admin RewriteRule in .htaccess
  • 2. In the “root/protected/config/main.php” file find the “rules” array and replace ‘admin’ with your desired word.
  • 3. In “root/protected/views/backend” and “root/protected/controllers/backend” directories find all the links and replace ‘admin’ with your desired word.

How to use BlockAdblock script for blocking ad-blockers in this ?

Hi. I never heard about that service. Put its script into head section.

Hi, i buy this script today and found that easy script you build with very complicated way anyhow please add these two feature that very impotent,

1- add captcha code and manual shorten words option, 2- add custom api key token system to avoid spam by any tool or spammer. 3- api don’t properly encode url after & parameter what kind of developer you are ignore such a things there.?


1-2. Not sure I can implement that in the near future.

3. api don’t properly encode url after & parameter what kind of developer you are ignore such a things there.?

You need to encode URL before sending it to the API.

Let say you want to encode following URL: So, encoded result is:

Thus, the request is:

P.S. If you don’t know how to encode a parameter, then please use following services to do that:

Please reply on email.

Just replied.

How to turn the page from right to left (rtl) and How can I change the colors of the style?

how I can change blue color in back to green color?

what dose mean “rtl is not supported.” , Do you mean that I can not modify the css files to convert it to RTL ?

RTL is not supported out of the box. Yes, sure you can modify CSS to make it RTL compatible.

Thanks for the good script. How can I change the language from English to Arabic? How can I change the name of the site, site description, search terms, etc.?


There is a small guide on how to localize the app:

You will find all the phrases in the localization file.


mocte Purchased

i cannt understand the process of install, the version old was easy.

mocte Purchased

Where i can put ADS in the URL Shortened, not in the index in the new script. Thanks you

mocte Purchased

and i see i cannt use the dashboard as the old

You can put ads code in the main config file.

Now all the settings are in the main config file.

can it possible to add multiple domain?? Custom url & hide Recently added URLs section???

- No, only one URL a time.
- Yes, you can hide these sections:

Hey Quick Question, has anyone been able to use google ad-sense? Specifically I’m having trouble figuring out where to copy and paste “the code in the HTML of your site, between the <head> and </head> tags.”



In your main config file (~protected/config/config.php) put a JS (string provided by AdSense) string into template.head and HTML string (<ins> tag) into template.banner_top



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