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I am interested in seeing a manual as soon as one is ready.

manual file is added.


Awesome.. thanks for the quick response. I am reading through it now and will purchase shortly!


hello, i the class is call to upload the file after submit the form or it will upload with ajax call.

Hi, You need to understand this is a PHP server side script. It handles upload process on the server.

You can use it to implement whatever client side experience.

Hi there, if I already have a standalone DB class, what would I do to integrate it into the other 2 Upload classes?

also, the upload.php script is to be located in a protected folder while the upload directories are going to be publicly accessible…what would I need to adjust to define the upload path in a non-relative fashion?


Thanks for purchasing the script.

1>UPLOAD CLASS comes with a DB class(mini version), so I do not recommend you to integrate it with another DB class. If you have to m then you will have to look at the class UploadDatabase, and make sure you define in your own DB class too.

2>This script will only work on a relative path environment.

thanks, I ended up separating some of the upload and database functionality to get what I needed.


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The class don’t working, I try upload files, but, the class has errors on the line 551 ($thsi->setMsg($this->_path.’ is not writable’);) and never I can upload a file.

Looks like the file path is not writable.

Please change the folder permission to 777.

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The error message is this: Array ( [0] => insert into database failed )


Please check if you have followed the instruction to create the database.

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I do not I run this class, I had to set mine, because I never received support!!!!


Sorry for later reply. Our support is normally within 48 hours.

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I review the instruction to create the database. I don’t understand because not working.


You meant you do not understand how to create database? So it is not working?

Please read the link from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP7ZCRhubyA. It will show you how to import database.

You have to set up the database in order for it to work.

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I understand how to create database. I create a database, I can execute query for create table on database, and edit tue file upload.php for write the params for the database(user, name database, server and password)

But the upload not working!!

Please send us an email.

We will try to help you there by looking at your site.

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why such old updated version


We have implemented most of functions we need. Do not know what you mean by old updated version.

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