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I removed the onesignal string for plist but this alert still appears!! http://prnt.sc/e3qvn1

I did it already nothing change

There is few lines you need to remove in AppDelegate.swift. Delete all from “if #available(iOS 10.0, *){” to “application.registerForRemoteNotifications()”

Wow! thanks it’s fine now

Hi! Great app! I have a problem though with firebase notifications. On android devices we receive notifications (sent on serverside with java agent) but on iPhone they never appear. Have you heard of this problem before? BR /Johan

Hi, there was a bug that I fixed, maybe that is the problem with your scenario. I already send a new version on Envato. If you can’t wait for review to pass, just send me an email so I can send you the fix. Best

I want the page Hide/open the navigation bar. how to ?


You will first need to create the navigation bar, here is the url how you can do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF8TSrwEMiM

Then you can show and hide it using:

self.navigationController?.navigationBar.isHidden = false

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ı did but not working site pages in WebView

Hi, that is the way to do that. You will need to investigate a little bit more. Best


winalot Purchased

I’m trying to set a custom UserAgent for the webview and use self.wkWebView?.customUserAgent = “My User Agent” in the loadWebView() method, however when I grab the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] in PHP it hasn’t been modified. Any ideas?

You need to change the app name and bundle identifier. Bundle identifier is important, it has to be same as the one you add on iTunes Connect.


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OK, still not sure (new to XCode) but I’ll give it a go. Thanks.


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Unable to run command ‘CpResource SuperView.app’ – this target might include its own product. Unable to run command ‘Touch SuperView.app’ – this target might include its own product. Unable to run command ‘CodeSign SuperView.app’ – this target might include its own product.

Is there a solution to the problem

Hi, there is a solution for every problem :-). Can you explain me how did you got this issues? Make sure you open the white icon, the workplace. Code sign problem is when you try to build on a real device, you will need Apple ID for this. There is a FAQ section on product description page, you will find lots of answers there. Best regards

First , I am sorry for the non related question about this script . I am first time in IOs app. Is it possible to customize and upload to app store using a windows computer ?

Hi, no you can’t. iOS app can only work with Xcode which can only run on Mac OS. You need a Mac computer to do this. Best


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How can change the application path name

Hi. Here is how you can change app name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jc4zMEs9gY also here is how you can change bundle identifier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lDxnynA1q8 and here is how to submit on app store: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnbOcpwJGa8

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alshehi Purchased

A problem when you run the application

Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1


Make sure you opened the white SuperView.xcworkspace icon as shown in the quick guide video, not SuperView.xcodeproj icon. Code sign issue is shown when you want to run the app on device with my apple id. You need to purchase apple developer account and create you app with your own bundle identifier. Then you just need to open my app and in Xcode, in General section there is Bundle identifier field, just replace that with your own. Also add your Apple Id in Xcode. Here is a tutorial on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUSoZs9V1mw

Hi There,

We have a pre-sale question. We use a other webview app from codecanyon. At this moment we have a service where we have a website with inline youtube videos.

If we launch our site in the mobile safari browser it’s working perfect. Playing inline, no problems.

If we load this site in our webview app and we play a youtube video it directly launches fullscreen.

Does your app a better job with this situation? Please let me know.

Also does your app allow to play this video in background mode?



My app is acting same as the one you are using currently. No, my app is not playing videos in background mode.

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Is there no fix? It’s very important for us.


I will need more information, also your web site so I can understand better what exactly do you need. Contact me on email. Best

pre-sales question: i am novice in x-code and other programming. can i still use this? is there a step by step guide on how i can publish this to app and play store?

Hi, The app itself is easy to setup but you will probably have a little problem publishing on app store. Apple loves to make our life miserable sometimes but with few tutorials on youtube you will manage. You don’t need programing skills with my app. Best

hello…i want to ask before i buy this source code, what features are there in this webview? What there is a feature to download a file? What there is a feature to watch videos from youtube, and displayed full screen? What no file upload feature? and moreover features are there?

one more question … what software is used to edit the source code for this? sorry I was new in the making app for iphone (example for android can use android studio or eclipse), Thank you in advance.

Hi, this is an Xcode project. All the features you listed above are functional and working. Here is a quick guide video where you will see how easy is to setup the project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9iREmf50KQ&feature=youtu.be For publishing you need to read more about iOS app store. Best regards


I just purchased but I see that this app is only up to OS9 and Swift 2… while other apps on CodeCanyon are OS10 and Swift3. Did you not update the description yet or did you not update the code yet?

Hi, sorry for that, I need to update the description. App is working fine on iOS 10 with Swift 3. Best regards