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Hi again, I would like to know if I can modify a file which will require the donor to donate a set amount?

Do you mean a set of pre-defined values like $5, $10, $20, etc.? Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Sorry but bitcoin payment does not work anymore

Thanks for info. I’ll check.

Hello, Can you tell me why after modifying the ubd.css file, I can’t get the “Continue” button to come up?

Regards, Angelica

Can you tell me how to change the color of the “Continue” button?

File udb.css, lines 66-115. Change everything related background and border colors.

Yes, I figured that out on my own, but thanks.

Hey there @halfdata!

Any word on the inclusion of BTC with Stripe?

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans.

Ah, ok. I assumed as per our last banter this would be a possibility in the future. Thank you for getting back to me.