Discussion on Green Donations - Standalone Script - Accept and Manage Donations

Discussion on Green Donations - Standalone Script - Accept and Manage Donations

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Do I need to buy any other script(s) in order to use this script?



omitank Purchased

Hi, I am still waiting on a response from the email I sent to you two months ago:

Hi, is it possible to remove the URL box from the payment form? This is too confusing for our users – many would not know what a URL is. (Or change the field to ask for a phone number) Thanks

Replied. There is no such feature, unfortunately.

I tested, this thing doesnt work. I have send doantion 2 times but it doesn display it in the list below

Everything works. ;-)

Didnt work for me unfortunately. Anyway one question! is this a plugin or an application which I can install on like cpanel and run donation/fundraising?

Install it on your hosting and use it.

Hi…still waiting for an answer for a request raised through email support. Please consider…thank you

Hi. There is no feature you requested in the script.


omitank Purchased

Hi, is it possible to remove the URL box from the payment form? This is too confusing for our users – many would not know what a URL is. (Or change the field to ask for a phone number) Thanks

With the 100 top donors list, possible to sort from lowest to highest?

No. Top donors are always sorted from higher to lower. This is an idea of word “TOP”.

Yes I know this, the question is can I change it from lowest to highest in the code? If so, where to edit. There is reason for it. Thanks.

What if two users have same donation amount?

Hello, is or will there be option for recurring / subscription donations?

Hi. THere is no such feature, unfortunately.

Hi! Does Strip Connect support? Does it support recurring payments? Thanks :)

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Any possibilities to have the “enter email adress” as optional ?

Benefits of having email as optional
- As it is right now, paying with stripe users have to enter email twice. (annoying)
- Simplicity for the users. Just a donate button that takes them directly to PayPal or Stripe payment without any info entered.
- I am more than OK NOT collecting any user info if this is the reason having email as mandatory.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature and I don’t have plans to add it.

I installed the plugin, it is active, I donated $1 to test it, I received it on stripe.. but how do I enable to show the progress bar and the top 50 donors?

Please use relevant shortcode to embed progress bar and top donors.

where do I get the shortcode, I’m not seeing it? I embedded the short code [ledon id=”1”] and the payment processor is working, but it does not show a progress bar or the top donors.

This shortcode is for payment form. Progress bar and Top donors have different shortcode. Click “How to use” icon in shortcode column on Campaigns page.

Hello! This is exactly the script I’ve been looking for. Is it possible for each campaign to have the money sent to a separate PayPal email/ID?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi mate

Nice work with the script. I have one questions to ask:

1. Where can I change collor of progress bar?

Unfortunately thrre is no such feature. You need edit css file.

using Stripe as the payment processor can this app be used for recurring monthly payment setup?

Unfortunately no.

any possibility to add this feature with custom work? Could you quote a price?

Unfortunately, I’, not available for freelance/customization work.

Your scripts are amazingly useful and you deserve to be a 5 star rated envato author. But one last thing, the older version of your Green Donation allowed for donor to choose anonymity? On this newer version it just lists the donor forcefully. Could you rectify that? It’s important for donor to choose whether they want to be listed on top donors or not. Thanks

Wah!! Your responses are super fast. Thanks for the tip. How do I edit the form to include this tip?

I just would like to find what file the HTML codes are, so I can edit them myself. Please don’t speak of “support”. Thanks


Feature request … can you make an option so that instead of showing $0 for the start and $ for the goal you show 0% – 100% ... I am talking about the progress bar.

Thanks for idea. I’ll think how to implement it.

Wow! ... That was very fast … and it works perfectly! Well done and Thank you :)

Nice job on the update.

Is there a way I can use PayPal email (instead of Merchand ID)? I need to use email to receive the payments like it was before the upgrade

Asking a question is different from asking for support. I think that’s what this comment section is for (questions, concerns, suggestions, etc)

General questions – yes. But if your question requires me to visit your site and check what you have there – it is a support.

OK… thanks for your quick responses. There’s a small bug somewhere in your script which closes a Div tag with a Span tag.

As you suggested, I corrected that and it worked. Thanks again

This is a really good little script … it does exactly what it says. From install to use, it was painless.

I would like to ask for a small update to address the following: When you create a campaign there is a textarea for an “Introduction” ... this is text that displays directly about the donation form. That content needs to be wrapped in its own container so that styling rules can be easily applied using css. Either that, or and editor needs to be added (CKEditor or TinyMCE)

No … all of the text is simple raw text. You can not target one part of the text without targeting all fo the text. Can’t make a paragraph, and unordered list, make something bold, make heading tag because all the text is raw.

Ah. I understand what you mean. Currently there is no such feature. But you can put your text not into “Intro” area but directly into the page where you put payment form shortcode. Put your HTML-code above shotcode.

No worries … I can implement TinyMCE myself for my purposes, I just thought it might make a good feature.

Thanx for the great script

Nice! ... I was needing a script to do this exact thing and I thought I was gonna have to build it myself and then thought “you should go see if someone else built one on CodeCanyon” ... and wouldn’t you know … here it is! Purchased straight away!

Where so I translate the donation form Thanks

Unfortunately there is no such feature.

I have a question: Is there anyway I can disable payment, I mean proceed without payment? Not for donation, some other purpose.

You can add donors through admin panel, but not through front end.


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