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Hi, how can I add custom html or even php above and below the admin dashboard for example have above the header my own header and the footer at the bottom of the wordpress dashboard from my word press theme and then maybe contain the whole admin dashboard inside a div

for example…

Logo and some menu stuff then contin the admin dashboard inside my own div

the admin dashboard goes here

footer stuff goes here

No such feature is available in this plugin. You will have to create a new plugin and use custom hooks to do the same. Thank you

hello sir, i think some style not show corectly with some plugin, i use wordfacesecurity , the menu on this plugin not good looking, unobstructed menu navigation dashboard panel

Hello, Can you please email me the link of this plugin. You can do it from my profile page contact form. Thank you

ok sir i was email you, oh y notif new update still false, on top have new on bar still 0

I have a problem and I asked for a support many days ago but anything reply me to suggest a solution to fix the bug in plugin. So, the purchased plugin is totally useless in my wp website. What a shame!!!

Your issue is already sorted. I have already emailed you with screenshot. Please check your email.

thank you

Hello, is it possible to leave the lower case letters of the side menu?

You can do it from custom extra settings -> custom css option. thank you

Hi Just purchased and the menu manager part of your plugin does not work correctly with WP Job Manager and their Addons. The menus are all over the place and some sub menus are missing and duplicated etc…What should I do to fix this?

Can you please first clear the changes of menu management and restore to default menu. Then after installing the your job manager and its addon plugins, then try using menu manager again.

You also need to take care of menu manager settings under plugin permissions addon page as well. thank you

Hello, is it possible to disable the look in some specific plugins?

You can show/hide menu items for tge plugins if you want. I hope that makes sense. Thanks

If i have 1 editor account or another administrator account, i can hide some buttons for them?

You can have an edited menu for editor account and/or administrator account. Thanks


Before the look of the admin top menu is like this screenshot but after activated the plugin it looks messed up please see screenshot

Can you help me to fix it?

Thank you


colourst Purchased

Login access sent. Please check your email. Thanks


colourst Purchased


I would like to ask for the updates about the issue on WooCommerce Reporting by using your plugin Ultra WordPress Admin.

Thank you

Replied to your email. Please take a look. thanks

Hi, How do I disable the smooth scrolling?

Send me the logins, i will disable it for you. Direct disabling option will be integrated in upcoming update. thank you

Hello I hid all the menus and now I cnt access menu management either event though Im an admin please help!

I cant access menu management addon

I already uninstalled and installed plugin and its still hidden cant access anything

You jist have to deactivate and reactivate the plugin. No need to uninstall the plugin.

Also make sure you dont have an option set to show edited menu to admin uses. You can check this settings on plugin permissions addon page.

Also please renew your plugin support , as it seems to have expired already.



bahrain Purchased

Sorry, but this must be done! My first bad comment on codecanyon over 6 years! This ist just the worst coded addon i’ve ever seen!

Would like to know in detail please. Thanks

If I want to be able to use this on multiple sites, do I just have to keep buying the plugin over and over again?

How many sites you want to use it on? Are you looking for a bulk license? thank you

As of now, 3-5, but many more in the future. A bulk license sounds interesting, can I get more details?

Please send email using contact form on profile page for details. Thanks

Hi there. I have seen some issues in comments for themes using Redux. Do you know if these have been resolved? Will this plugin work well witha redux panel theme? And does it load Redux twice? Thanks

Depends on the configuration of the plugin you are using. Redux settings must be proper in both the plugins to be loaded twice. In this plugin redux settings are already taken care properly. thank you


dellene82 Purchased

jetpack not working with admin

What issue are you facing? Please contact on email from my profile page and explain the issue in detail. thank you

Hey, I really really like your theme and desperate to buy it but I have only only concern can we change the look of admin login like the theme Legacy?


aljahmina Purchased

Hi, I’ve gone through the comments and I haven’t been able to implement the settings I want for a multisite. I have set the settings for only the superadmin, User ID 1, to have access and other users to see the edited menu. I’ve gone back and forth with a regular admin and my superadmin dashboards and its all or nothing. I need to disable plugin for superadmin and active for admins. Sorry if it’s been answered and I missed it. Thanks in advance.