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I bought you 30 licences, never received any updates, still the same bugs, no answer but you take the time to hide my comments. What is your problem? I want an answer by the end of friday

replied to you on email.


majaka Purchased

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majaka Purchased

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I noticed Woocommerce 3 isn’t part of the compatibility list. Can you confirm it works well for WC 3?

Yes it does. Thanks


I have just detected a few visual and functional bugs on this plugin.

First one is the color pallets, the bottom part is hidden / cropped in multiple pages, mainly at the bottom like here:

The second is the “Select Color” buttons, the pallets do not always open. A small video shows this:

Not sure if this is only happening on Safari (Mac) or if it is happening in all browsers.

I also noticed that the speed when saving / opening pages is much, much longer now, with the plugin enabled. Is there a “lighter” version for this plugin such as disable the fonts or any other elements and keep it to the minimum?

Thank you

Hi. Is there any update on this?

I also found that some alignments are wrong in multiple sections (too many to name them all) but one that is really driving me nuts is how Wordfence is showing with this plugin enabled:

It becomes unusable this way since I have to disable it to use anything on Wordfence.

Awaiting a reply asap, please.

Our support team will get back after 1st Jan. Right now we are on small year end leave. Thank you for understanding.

Hello I like this admin ui but i have little problem … 1- i select to show “wp-statistics” for all but one of the sub link not to show and it hide all the main link and every things 2- i select to hide “WPBakery Page Builder” but it not hiding and show the link


I want to made “ADMIN MENU MANAGMENT” work for all not work for “ID=1” ... how it work ?? does it need coding ?? thanks

For menu management please try to reset to original option from menu management addon tab. Then try again.

For ID=1, please check your email. I sent you an email from your profile tab. thanks

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Hi there, is it possible with this to show page content inside the WP admin window? I am using WPDataTables to create content on pages that when clicked in left menu panel would appear in right content panel rather than a new tab/window?

Its quite hard to tell on demo as the save is disabled? Basically I wanted to use this as both my backend for me when logged in as admin but have users see different menus & content when they login?

Thank you

Yes it will work in the manner you want it to work as mentioned above. Thanks

Thanks for the reply, just to confirm I understan correctly as I can’t see in demo .

I have the option to show pages content in the right wpadmin panel? For example can I add my pages to left hand menu panel, say under the pages sub menu, then when clicked the actual page frontend displays in right hand panel rather than new page

page1 – load into right panel

page2- load into right panel

page3- load into right panel

Thank you

You can’t add new pages but edit the menu and show/hide current pages. Thanks


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The Ultra WP Admin theme is causing internal server errors (500) when trying to install other front end themes. When I deactivate this plugin I can install with no issues.

Ultra admin does not touch fronted at all. Are you using a redux based frontend theme. Thanks

Hello. Does this admin theme work with Beaver Builder on multisite?

This plugin should work well. We have not tested with beaver builder, but we will help you sort issues in case if any found. Thanks