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I just purchased your theme and the style does not show correctly. i am using multisite install. i try to use a different style for each sub site. but when i click to create a custom theme and make the changes, the colors does not change. can you help me? i saw the change log and the Version 7.1 (latest version) is from 11th November 2016 (wordpress 4.6.1 compatible). this can the cause of this issue?

Please try to clear your browser cache first and then save changes. Let me know.

Also the update of the plugin has nothing to do with any such issue. This plugin is well maintained and updated regularly when needed. Plus this plugin is also made compatible with all wordpress versions getting released.

thank you


kysil Purchased

Hello, After I bought an this unsupported plugin for modern WordPress, I found you have a new version of the same plugin, with several additions and support for today’s kernel version WP, but with a different name – Material – White Label WordPress Admin. I want to ask for a refund because there is no information on the description page that this plugin has been updated to support the current version of WordPress so that I can buy from you the current version of this plugin. Thank you for understanding.

p.s: on Friday I wrote you a letter through a feedback and support system on the Envato, but I never received an answer, by the end of Tuesday.

God gave us mind to think. So you are free to think whatever you like. Plus, thinking is tax free. :) Thank you


kysil Purchased

ок, Can I consider your comment as a response from a support service that I never saw?

Ultra wordpress admin theme is supported. Both the plugins ultra admin and material admin are supported in same manner and by same author.

As far as dashboard widgets are concerned, we are going to launch a addon for ultra admin plugin. You can get it later if you like.

If you want support for this purchased plugin, we do provide support, (but trust me, insulting the author does not make things friendly). Think about it :)

thank you

Is it possible to apply this admin theme for only a certain user role?

This feature will be added in upcoming update. Thanks

Hi, I purchased Ultra theme. It is working fine except that multilingual plugin WPML is not supported? Layout of translation pages looks very ugly. Is this an Ultra thing or am I doing things wrong?

Ultra admin theme is already translation ready. You just need to create proper translated files and integrate in the plugin. Thanks

What’s the point of the demo if I can’t change the layouts?

To change the layout themes there is an settings option slider in top right corner in demo. Thanks

the plugin suddenly unable to work for wordpress new version, when click save change it appear “you don’t have permission to access /en/wp-admin/options.php on this server”

No such issue is reported. Can you please make sure you have correctly integrated it. Thanks

This plugin can hide some menu options for other users. I need to hide some menus from other users and all menus only appear when logged in with admin

Yes. This is possible with this plugin. You can show full menu to admin user and show edited menu to all other users. Thanks

Hi, still awaiting for your reply re. error on installation. Thanks.

Replied to your email. Thanks

HI There,
Interesting comment from @thauanny > I have the same question.
User roles in Wordpress > some dashboard menus are disabled by default, depending on the user role – editor, writer, admin, etc.
Question: can I completely disable all menus and leave posts + add new posts for writers?
Can’t find this feature in your demo
Last question
Somewhere about the user @kysil wrote – ”...has been updated to support the current version of WordPress…”
Just be clear on this one: Does your plugin support the latest version of Wordpress?
What about documentation, where is it? I would like to read about compatibility issues. Some of us have 20 – 30 plugins installed, any issues to expect?
All of Best

Regarding menu you can create an edited menu and show to all users anf show original menu to admin user.

This plugin is updated regularly and supports latest wordpress versions. In case if you have any issue, you can contact support. Thanks

I bought this theme a while back and now it’s not available for download. It appears that this is a new version and the old version is no longer available. How do I get this version? I don’t want to pay for a theme I already purchased.

Please login from your account from which you purchased this plugin. It is already available for download. Thanks

Are you aware of woo commerce issue with your plugin?

What issue are you facing. thanks

There is an issue with addons plugin – permission for admin menu. It not working. I want to have all menu items visible only for one user (superadmin), the others will be the edited menu. But your plugin not working. Just start a support, but nobody answer.

This feature works perfectly fine. There is a setting to be done on plugin permissions addon page of this plugin. You need to check the option to show original or full menu to admin users and show edited menu to all other users.

thank you


rjochum Purchased

Just too many bugs. Everything looks great until you start exploring your site. So many areas are broken, where icons are misaligned because the developer enlarged areas and the layout breaks etc. Would love to use this, but functionality has to be more important than visual appeal.

You can share the screenshot of the issues you are facing to our support team. Negative rating or review will not help either of us. Thank you anyways.