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Hi, Presales question: can I change the name of items of the dashboard and their icons. I see in your demo, the same icon to WP default and names.

Yes. You can change the menu icons, rename menu items, reorder menu items and even show/hide pages. In demo default wordpress menu is shown.

There is a menu management addon for demo purpose too in online demo.

thank you

with this pluggin can we change the login link i mean can i customize the to anything

This plugin will work even if you customize the login link using some plugin or external code. But login link itself cant be customized with this plugin. thank you

How to add exactly footer of theme to footer of your plugin?
IS this plugin allow customize menu at appearence-menu for Top menu of admin bar?

Footer settings of plugin and theme are bit different. Footer text can be changed from the plugin. You can also hide the footer version display. All the footer settings are present in options panel of the plugin.

Both appearance menu/ left side main menu in admin panel and the top bar menu can be customized with this plugin.

You can check the options panel in online demo.

Thank you

Thank you for quick reply.

I’ve used some of these plugins before but they slow down the site dramatically. Hows this affect the speed of our site?

This plugin does not affect your site speed. There is just 1 minified css file added on all the pages of admin panel. This doesnt affect the site speed. Thanks

Hi, Presales question: 1. Is this plugin can hide other plugins?. I want to hide some plugins for my admin employees. 2. Is it compatible with the “Swift Security Bundle – Hide WordPress, Firewall, Code Scanner”?

Thank you.

1. Yes you can hide plugin links. 2. It is compatible with all the plugins. In case if you find something unusual you can contact us, we will sort it out.



Pre-purchase question: How to remove the wordpress link on login logo?

Thank you.

Please email me plugin links. They will be made compatible in upcoming update. Thanks


The plugin links. Are sent by mail When the update?

Thank you

It’s scheduled after Christmas. Thanks

Hi. Is there “Ultra Admin Addon” in “Ultra WordPress Admin” plugin?

Yes. It is included in the same plugin. Thanks

Hello to your team I have a problem : I use Wordpress 4.6.1 In Ultra admin -> page: login page I did not like in the notice. I do not have the link, I do not have the background image etc .. cordially

Dont get your query. Please elaborate or email in detail. All the options can be found in Ultra Admin Options Tab.

Read the documentation for further editing. Thank you

Hello! I have seen you removed the front end functionality of your site, I meant, can’t see posts or previews. Did you do that with your theme? I have projects with no need of a front end, just wp admin, can I do this with your theme?

nm, I just figured out I can just add a theme with nothing but redirects. It’s an awesome theme, I’ll buy it!

Glad you like this plugin. You can proceed with purchase. Thanks

HI there, where are the instructions for the Ultra Admin Add On Plugin? I am confused as to how the options work across all the sub sites of a multi site instillation.

Also, I had got the whole plugin hidden from SuperUser which I think should be impossible to do since there is no way to get the view back (other than looking in your browser history to find the URL again).

To get the view back to normal menu, if you have misdone something in menu management, please deactivate and reactivate the plugin again. It will restore the menu to default settings.

On network activating the plugin, all the plugin settings can be managed from primary site. This settings are applied on all sites in the network.

In case if you want to apply settings to individual site, then activate the plugin on individual sites (instead of network activating).

Thank you

Hi there, great plugin but I have a problem with the dashboard menu link for users other than admins. When hovering over the link, it is blank and it does not take users back to the dashboard. When I am logged in as admin, the dashboard menu is correctly linking to /wp-admin/index.php however when I test as an Editor, clicking on the Dashboard menu link does nothing. Any ideas?

Here is a screenshot to help you understand the issue

Will be resolved in upcoming update. Thanks

Hey! I sent various email via profile contact, til now no replies. I have couple of question regarding it. How you support works?

You can ask on email from profile page. Thanks

Man look you are being unfair here for negative rating. You want support just post your query and stop asking dumb question where to ask for support. You are already on support page. Now Unless and until you dont correct your rating, you will not receive any support.

Open refund request and get your money back. Dont want to deal wih shit like you.


We sent you an email on your profile. How to hide metaboxes on the Dashboard and how to add new ones

Thank you

This feature is already part of plugin. You can do this from plugin options panel – > dashboard widgets tab. Thank you

We are still waiting for a new update on the bug?

Would it be possible to add a function

Email Branding

By default WordPress uses the from name “WordPress” and address “” when it sends notifications to users.

We let you change the from email and the from name.

You can use the following tags tags in the Email from name: {site_url} and {site_title} to dynamically display the sites url and name defined in the WordPress general settings.

How to remove everything here, is replacing them with new ones? This is the reason for the mail Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) No replies since.


It is already 1 month that we sent the connection information No reply received on this issue. We still have the letter sent No upgrades are planned I expect you to refund us Refund request

Thank you.

Hi, this plugin makes the ‘add new plugin’ page items list in a single column, instead of the default two columns. How do I fix this?

It seems that you support is expired. Please renew it. Please email me the screenshots of your issue. Thank you


How to remove ULTRA Branding from Left Bar Menu ?


miss notification update

Looking into this issue. Thank you

Hi. Few day ago I send question to support.. What with anwser? I need help because my login page after plugin instal look bad….

Our support team is back from a vacation now. We will get back on your suport request on email. Thank you for cooperation

Hi. What about my question?

I have already emailed you on your support request. Please check. Thank you


JMG89 Purchased

Can the dashboard widget titles be changed? I want to replace “Woocommerce Status” with “Shop Statistics”. Is it possible? If not, then, can you point to a link/tut for doing this? I don’t want the site to show “woocommerce” word anywhere.

Unfortunately, this feature is not included in the plugin yet. May be we will consider adding in future. Thank you