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Hello Ultra Portfolio,

I like this plugin, but when I try to add a new idea(picture) to my portfolio. The photo does not show. When I upload the photo is 404 error. Please help me. Is there a solution for this problem?

Can you please send me your logins. i will take a look. thank you

Hello, I am using the Grid Fullwidth (3 col) Portfolio, I was wondering if there is any way to take off the ALL button? And how can I put space in between my portfolio items?

To take of all button you can do a simple css code like display:none or visibility hidden. To put space between portfolios you just go to edit portfolio -> style tab -> portfolio items -> add the margin. You can refer the inbuilt demos for example. The margin you put will be visible live below in preview section too.

thank you

Thank you for your help.

I placed this CSS Code:

.PortfolioFilter li:first-child { display: none; }

but it didn’t work. Do you know the exact code to take off the ALL button?

.uport-cats a:first-child { display: none; }

Try this


I created 4 different categories and in those categoreis I have different items in them, but when I using arrows to see the items on a specific category I start to see items from other categories and I didn’t select multi category, so I don’t understand why they are popping up. How can I fix this?

Sorry i dont understand your query.. Can you please explain clearly.. May be you can show some screenshots. thank you

I am using the Grid Fullwidth (3 col) ( [ultra-portfolio id=’70’]). I have 3 categories, which are Illustrations, Mosaics, and Sculptures. In each category, I put items inside of them, which are my photos of my art work. When I click on the Illustration tab I start seeing all the items I assign to the specific tabs. For example, when I am on the Illustrations page and click to see all the items in the slideshow I see the items I assign to the Illustrations category. While I am using the right arrow to see the items I start seeing work from the Sculptures category. And the same thing happens to my other categories.

I tried to send you an e-mail of the screenshots of the problem but it says The email account that you tried to reach is disabled.

Hopefully I explained myself better.

Email account is not disabled.. Just send the screenshots at

Pre-sale: Can I create a AUTO-WIDTH-CAROUSEL? With just one row of images just like this:

1- All images will have the same HEIGHT and VARIABLE WIDTH.

2- Should include lightbox (o similar) to enlarge the image when you click them.

1. You can create carousel with same width and variable height.

2. Yes lightbox can be included to enlarge the image.

Thank you

I have tried adding the php to my footer and the page does not load. I checked the PHP version, it is running 5.6.2. What else can I look for?

Can you help with locating the issue? Let me know, thanks.

Can you please let me know if you can help me resolve this issue? I need to wrap this project asap. Thanks.

I tried looking into this issue from your website page and its source, could not figure out the issue causing it. thank you

How do I update the plugin? Wordpress wont let me write over what’s already there. Should I delete it first and will that retain my settings?

You can try FTP and replace the plugin files. You can also delete the plugin from plugin list page and upload/activate again. thank you

Hi, I have emailed you, please reply.

Replied. thank you

I don’t see any examples with an html lightbox, only images – do you have an example? Also, video lightboxes seem broken?

There is an option to add any html code in the lightbox. You can check in plugin demo if you want. Lightbox also supports basic wordpress shortcodes. There is no preview demo setup for that, but yes there is an option to use any html code in the lightbox.

For video lightboxes, you can visit this link: In this portfolio, there is portfolio item with embedded video. Just hover over the images to find the video lightbox icon.

thank you


rajuldz Purchased


I have some issue with plugin:

1. I can’t delete anything (portfolio item, portfolio gallery etc.).

2. When i’m trying update portfolio gallery (save section/save all section) nothing happend – only circle bar is spin around all the time.

I had old version 2.0 or sth like this, and now update to current version. After this i’m trying make some update like i wrote above.

Ahead of questions I turn off the plugin, delete by wordpress cms. After this when i see that issue i make this again via FTP with the same result.

Replied to your email. thank you


rajuldz Purchased

I disable all plugins in my wordpress (only ultra portfolio is enable) and still it’s not working good. I see in comment below that “creativemind1” has the same issue. Can You tell me how to fix this?

replied to your email and sent a solution. thank you


Whenever I try to save/save all, it is not working. It is simplying loading ajax gif icon. When I checked console log

Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function uport-live-preview.js:13

I’m running latest version of PHP and Wordpress. I also checked disabling all the plugins. Can you solve this please?

Solved the issue. Please rate a 5 stars, if you like using this plugin. thank you

Thanks but when I upload any image it is not working. Simply displaying “img” in the preview in media section of edit items and also I unable to delete any item as well.

Ok. I will login again today on your site and fix. Thanks


oskark Purchased

Can I somehow display less items on mobile view than on full width site? Currently have 12 items. Would like 4 on mobile version.

You can do it with a CSS media queries in your site. There is no such option available in this plugin. thank you

Hi there – do any of these demos have a greyscale effect ie bw image turns to colour on hover? Cheers! J

Sorry, there is no such effect. But it can be added with custom css on your site. thank you


Is the plugin wpml compatible?

All the static text in the plugin is wrapped in _e() tags, which is a requirement for wpml translation of the plugin. thank you


Can you please provide a light version that I can test and see if this is right for me? I have already bought 2 different portfolio plugins that did not really had the features and functionality that I wanted.

I do not want to buy something that wont work.

If you could provide a light version to test out before buying that would be great.

Thank you!

There is an online demo on the plugin available to test already. You can visit here:

login username: demo and password: demo

thank you

I recently purchased this plugin but I’m finding issue using the “grid” layout, which is the reason I bought this. When I select Masonary it displays my portfolio items, but when I select “Grid” it doesn’t show anything!

Can you please suggest a fix. I am happy to give full admin access to my Wordpress site if it helps.

It is possible, some other plugin is conflicting in your admin panel. This probably you are facing is a jquery conflict issue in your admin panel. You can send me your logins. I will take a look.

thank you

I just tried deactivating all my plugins apart from yours and nothing changed. The grid layout is still not working and filters aren’t either. How do I send you My login details securely?

The conflict in jquery was causing the issue as mentioned. I have emailed you more details about it.

Hello, is the following behaviour possible with your plugin: - showing posts that contain video AND text in a lightbox pop up - portfolio filterable by categories - portfolio with pagination to first show only a few posts and then skip through the others - being responsive Do you have an online demo especially for this case?

- You can show portfolio that have video and text in lightbox. You can achieve this by adding a html code in the plugins admin panel. This code will be displayed in lightbox popup

- Yes. Portfolio is filterable by categories.

- Pagination is integrated in carousel and single slider portfolio types.

- All portfolios are responsive.

Online demos are available from live preview site.

Thank you

Hi we would a specific filter to our project protfolio

For exemple we would on portfolio page ( a filter like this:

Line1: Filter 1 – Filter 2 – Filter 3 – Filter 4 – Filter 5 Line2: Filter A – Filter B – Filter C – Filter D – Filter E

For exemple: When we click on Filter 1, we have Filter A and Filter D When we click on Filter 2, we have Filter B and Filter C

When we click on Filter A, we have Filter 1 and Filter 4 When we click on Filter C, we have Filter 2 and Filter 5

Will dropdown filtering work for you.. You can have multi level filtering options instead of buttons.

Means dropdown filter 1 will have filter A and filter D, dropdown Filter 2 will have Filter B and Filter C. etc.

Right now the plugin has single level filtering but i can offer a custom service for creating a multi level category filtering portfolio.

Let me know. Thank you

Hi can we chat in private message ? Regards

Emailed you the details already. Thanks

Hi, I saw the demo page I was wondering if there’s a way of upload with the flip effect different files, like the old photos signed on the back, I would like to show the sign on the back, it’s possible?


No such feature is integrated currently in this plugin right now. Anyways, You can try to use the Flip overlay effect under Edit Portfolio -> Style Tab. See if it works for you.

thank you

Hello, can I set multi filters on this plugin ? thank you

I can provide custom service for integrating multiple filters in this plugin. Thanks

Ok great, Could you create the same logic as this : but for 3 filters or more ? (For example, having the option in the back office to create multiple filter categories than be able to add the in the front office ?)

How much would this custom work costs ?


Multi filtering addon will cost 120 USD. Please email from profile page for details and demo. Thank you


moreweb1 Purchased

Hello? I’d like to use Slider(Carousel) for portfolio type A scroll bar will occur The Ultra portfolio will also display a scroll bar And now, although the item is one line, I want to make it look like two lines

Finally Masonary Fullwidth (3 col) has 30 items All wants to be able to see only 6, all the items are visible. Thank you