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Hi there, when I try clicking on the “Media” or “Lightbox” tabs for portfolio items, nothing happens? My cursor turns into the finger pointer when I hover, but when I click nothing happens so I can’t add any images.

Can you please email me your site logins. I will take a look. thank you

HI I purchased this plug-in and it is very confusing. I downloaded the demo and tried to navigate through it and it is not helpful. I just want a full refund on this product (and not a credit) Please refund my $20 thank you.

Buddy look you need to tell me the issue you are facing. The plugin is bought and used by 550+ users already. So many users are already using it successfully, which is good enough proof that plugin works as it is marketed (and very well).

In your case, i would be happy to help and make you understand the plugin if you want, but you need to be clear enough to describe which part you are not understanding and need help on. Just complaining wont help.

Thank you

This is the rude, arrogant response I received from this Themepassion author. Buyer beware: —> See, there are always few jerks in this world, no matter a male or a female. And yeah male coders are reasonable to deal with as they are more technically sound.

The reason i call you a jerk, because you thought you bought the author and not the plugin.

For me, your 20 usd are not more important then wasting my time and peace of mind.

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This plugin seems to be pretty much what I need. The documentation mentions it is possible to add html into the lightbox, but all I could find in the demos are single images, sounds or videos.

I feel like my needs are pretty standard – a list of projects, then on click, a description of that project in a lightbox…

I just spent 2 hours trying out portfolio systems, I really don’t get why every single one of them only use images, videos or sounds in their demonstrations. Is it so uncommon to wish to add some texts and links to present the actual portfolio items ?

Your system seems really great, this is why I am asking you, if it is possible, please include a demonstration of a HTML content. (since it is so difficult to find, I assume it could also help your sales)

best regards


There is an option to include html content in lightbox. In demo it is not shown but this feature is already installed. You van check this option feature in online live plugin demo. While creating or editing a portfolio item , under lightbox tab there is an option to choose html content.


Hi !

Thanks for your answer, I could find the feature and try it out, so I bought your plugin. But with a long content, I can’t get it to scroll correctly in the modal…

As I was trying to solve this, my client ended up realizing they won’t be able to send hardlinks to the portfolio items, and they won’t be referenced in google…

Is it possible to get a refund ? if not I’ll try to use it in some other projects, but then I have a little bugfix request: the path to “new portfolio item” and “new portfolio category” is hardcoded to /wp-admin, as I use bedrock for my project my base wordpress path is /wp, so it should convert to /wp/wp-admin (that might also be useful to other people)

Right now the wp-admin is not hardcoded, instead the plugin uses dynamic inbuilt wordpress library to get the wp admin directory url. This is the correct way to point to url.

For bedrock thing you will have to hard code the code in the plugin. thank you

Can I open an external link in a lightbox with you plugin? If yes, where can I see that on the demo? Tks.

This other one seems to be a so heavy demo that took a long time to work. Aren`t the items loaded through ajax, like an infinite scroll? Tks.

I didn`t see any lightbox tab on your demo, maybe is it outdated? Tks.

Lightbox tab is there under edit Portfolio Item section. thank you

How does one bulk delete items? I’ve gone and cleared out a ton of images from our media library but now my Item list looks like this ( There’s no way I’m going to spend the 4 houors to manually delete 400+ items one at a time so any advice would be appreciated

Bulk delete feature will be added in upcoming updates. thank you