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Discussion on Ultra Portfolio - WordPress

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The tutorials for Ultra Portfolio has a problem.

None of the category links open, Please check asap

file:///codecanyon-bL44vg22-ultra-portfolio-wordpress/Package%20-%20Ultra%20Portfolio/documentation/index.html#!/theme_translation Regards

Hello I use woocommerce and I have a series of products to design, for example “designing the business card” I intend to add a sample of business cards that I have already designed to the site with this plugin Is it possible with this plugin when the customer goes to the product page of “Business Card Design”, see only the portfolio of business cards (all portfolios are filtered and only in that field show the portfolios in the product) ?

Yes this is possible. You van create as many portfolios depending on your product page. Thanks

So this doesn’t work with wp post or custom post type?

No. It has its own post type. Thanks

Oh well, hopefully I can use it for future projects.


A have unusual font, how can import my font in this plug-in

this feature is not integrated. But you can overwrite using custom CSS. thanks

Hello, i tried your plug-in and is amazing, but i have a question, can i set a gradent for expand effect, i searched in code and i found effect 101 changed stylesheet but nothing, i treied to overwrite but the class name is generated every load, is posible to set a gradient for hover ?

You can use a custom CSS in your code with !important tag to overwrite style. thanks


I just bought the plugin and have installed it. However, adding a new portfolio doesn’t save anything. The icon just continues to go around in circles. The same thing happens if I edit one of the demo items and try to save it.

Have tried deactivating all plugins and clearing my cache but that didn’t solve the problem.

How do I fix this problem?

I’m on Version 6.1, WordPress 5.7.2 using the Kadence theme (Pro).

Thanks, amaHou

Yes, I did.

Clearing the cache from WP-admin didn’t fix the problem. Asked my hosting company to clear all cache on my server and that seems to have fixed the problem. Now I can save a portfolio with multiple categories. Thanks for you help.

sure. glad to here that. thanks

Hi I am unable to save newly added Portfolio items. I am on version 6.1 of Ultra Portfolio on WordPress 5.7.2. I have had no response from several support form submissions and really urgently need the solution to this problem. Your speedy attention on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks RSCraig

Emailed you details. thanks

I have sent the link to the replacement file to the hosting company who have replaced it and I am still having the same problem – A New Portfolio will not save. Please can you help as soon as possible.

Please send us your logins on email. Thanks

Hi, there is a problem with the Item featured it does not save any items added – seems to be a bug here. Version 5.1 – please see this loom video link thanks

Emailed you. thanks

I have emailed you. I have removed the js errors . Please check this urgently Thanks.

Fixed. thanks

Hey there, quick question before buy, does it have a searchbar in ajax (without reload) to use ? Like the category search in your preview, I need this and a searchbar.

We dont have ajax search bar in this portfolio. But we did a custom work of ajax search for a client in past for this plugin. thanks

Is this really workable plugin or something else? I just purchased and installed it and for the past hour, I can’t get anything to work. I clicked on Add Portfolio and gave it a name. The link for Layout, Effect and Live Style do not work. I head over to add new item, Media and Lightbox do not work. How am I supposed to get this thing to work? This is extremely frustrating.

Well yes it is workable. And please check for your browser console on your site for any javascript issues present from other installed plugins.

This plugin conflicts with “Slider Revolution”. Please fix the conflict so I can use both plugins together. – Thank you!

We have used both together. It is probably a conflict caused by other active plugins.

When I deactivate “Slider Revolution”. then your plugin works as it should. But with “Slider Revolution” active then your plugin locks up.

I have tried many different themes and multiple browsers when using only these two plugins, but the result is the. same.

Can you recommend a specific version of “Slider Revolution”. that will work with your plugin?

Thank you

Good afternoon,

I am interested in buying your plugin, but in my case it is vital that it is possible to have the entire thumbnail clickable. My questions:

- How to have the entire image clickable on the slider? Can I see an example of this situation working? In your demo, I just encounter an icon or small button and this is not accepted for my client’s project.

- There have been no updates since January. Is the plugin still being developed? Are there any forecasts for a new update?

Thank you for your attention

There is a live css style tab under edit portfolio section. There clickable button can be made 100% in height and width and transparent in background color. This way full image can be used as clickable area.

Yes this plugin is maintained well. Thanks

Thank you for your reply

.. but it’s an option or we will need to add some css code to make it happen?


It’s an option. No need to code

Hello Themepassion.

I purchased this through Envato Elements

I am ONLY using this plugin for enlarging images via a lightbox.


1) – Is there a way to make the WHOLE thumbnail image to be clickable.?

Not every one will know to click on the the small button to open the image.

2) – How do we get rid of the border around the lightbox image ?

3) – How do we change the color or the opacity of the lightbox’s transleuscent background ?


Can you please provide the CSS or the code to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Use live style css tab in edit portfolio.

1. Make button background transparent and 100% in size

2. Use custom css


Hello, I am very happy with your plugin but I’m having a problem with translations. There are a lot of comments on this but I would like to translate the phrase “All” in the category filter, however that phrase is not wrapped in _e() so cannot be translated: $allbut = ‘All’;

I would very much appreciate it if you could update the plugin with wrapping that phrase into _e() also, so that it’s translatable. Also every theme and plugin I have purchased on Envato network came with pot/po files except for yours, it would be a nice touch if you could generate it yourself and include the files with your plugin files. You would be saving a lot of people precious time.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello again,

Is this plugin still maintained & supported?

Right now there is no way to redirect without buttons. But you can achieve it will small css tweaks on your site. Make the css button as full width and height and transparent in color. It will behave exactly same as clicking on image and redirecting to different page. thank you

That worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your help.

Hello, Is there an option to get a link to a category? to create an archive page of sorts, for portofolio items in that specific category only

Sorry. No such feature yet. Will add in updates. Thanks

Hey guys. Great plugin. I got it from my Envato Elements Account, and so far everything is working great except 1 small issue with using Videos (.mp4’s). When you click on the icon to open the video up in lightbox, the video does not display proportionately (on mobile devices), it works just fine on desktop. Check it out at and let me know if you think its a easy CSS fix or if we’re just doing something wrong. Thanks so much!

Also if you close the video and/or click the X icon and don’t pause the video beforehand…. then the video/audio still plays in the background where it should stop immediately once closed out of. Any chance of a quick fix on that too?

We will look into it. Thanks

Hi I have downloaded the plugin from “Elements Envato”. I installed this plugin to my site. But i can’t add a new portfolio, as it is not saving and also can’t edit the existing demo portfolio.

We have just checked the plugin again. It seems to be working fine. It looks like you have some other active plugin causing conflict on your backend. For further author support please purchase the plugin from



How can i translate the string “All” in the category?


You can do it with plugin translation using po and mo files. Thanks

Like Elegantinc: me too. Nothing works. i click layout , effect and style but its not showing anything.

It seems like some other plugin if causing a conflict on your site. Can you please check browser console for any messages generated. Thanks

nothing is working … i click layout , effect and style but its not showing anything

Please send us your purchase code from our profile page. Also send us your logins. thank you

It seems like some other plugin if causing a conflict on your site. Can you please check browser console for any messages generated. Thanks


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