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when i use json ton load the menu i connat collapse. it expand directly after collapse

I’m very interested in this, but before I buy I have a few questions I couldn’t see answered on the page:

1. Can this be used without JSON? We want to set which menus should show using PHP

2. Is there a setting so that the menu will hide per default? In the preview the menu always shows when I refresh the page. That way we can set it to auto hide once a person has hidden it (So that it remembers)

Hey sir, how I can make the menu collapsed at first attempt when user enters. Currently on the desktop menu comes fully uncollapsed, I want it to be collapsed at first then uncollapsed. Thanks. Is it possible to make in html side only, not on bootstrap or query or css.

you need to set preCollapse to true when initializing the plugin. css and jquery are required. but bootstrap is optional but there can be some css flaws without bootstrap.


When i look in the documentation i see a lot of wordpress been mentioned and if i use one of the links i am naavigated to theme punch.

Which document should i start with i just want to integrate preferabbly in php and am wondering if you have an example preloaded then i can just use it and hack it into what i need it for ?


This is a JavaScript plugin. Back end integration is not available with this item. I didn’t mentioned it anywhere.


Not much feedback going on is this item supported anymore?

yes it is supported

found issue think downloaded incorrect item.

I didn’t get you


I bought the Ultra Navigation package yesterday and had a look at the javascript code.

I would like to reduce the amount of code that is loaded. It there a documentation about which javascript modules are necessary and which are optional?

switchery.js is used in the demo page only, I guess. jquery-ui.js is used only for animations? Where are prettify.js and resizer.js used?


Guido Adam

prettify.Js is used for demo only and resizer is required if you want to use fixed menu

Hi, the hamburger menu is overlapping the title on mobile devices. How can I change that?

please show a screenshot so that I can see what is happening


I am very interested in purchasing your Ultra Navigation Menu, but have a few questions. First will this work on any php page (I use DreamWeaver to create my sites) or is it only for wordpress?

My website is a club that contains content that is only viewable to members that are logged in. The webpage uses PHP to determine if someone is logged in or not. If they are not logged in they get a scaled down menu that includes a login form. If they are logged in they get the entire menu. I have two files login.php which has the code for scaled down menu and login and nav-menu.php which includes the full menu. The line of PHP on the main page determines which pages content is displayed. I hope this all makes sense.

Will your menu work with my setup? If so I was hoping I can include the login on the top bar when people are not logged and then the customers info when they are. Also I’d like to customize the hamburger so that people know to click on it to get the menu (maybe a little arrow pointing to the hamburger that says click here for menu) my audience is an older audience so sometimes you have to walk them through the tech.

Does this sound like your menu will work for me.


Hello This menu is coded in JavaScript and it is framework independent. It will work with any language be it php, asp or other. However server side scripting is needed to be done by you accordingly. Thanks

any plains for next release date

best regards,
CodePHPConsultant, LLC

yes it will be notified to you when available thanks for purchasing

Hello, I have a Canvas 4.3 template that I am trying to integrate your (BEAUTIFUL) menu into.

We want to use your menu with the following options: 1: Not collapsible 2: Left side 3: Fixed Panel 4: Content=Shrink

We want to eliminate the Canvas menu altogether and only use yours.

Here is the website we are working on: http://cincinnati-roofs.com/

Can we pay you to PROPERLY integrate this menu on our website?

It only has to be done on the Home page, we will add it to the other pages ourselves after you are finished.

I think their maybe CSS files in Canvas that may need to be customized to allow both your menu and that template to work together?

We are pretty good at web development, but had some troubles figuring out how to make both of these work together properly.

Like I said, we can pay you for this project. We can send you over the website source in a .zip file and you can make the fixes and send it back?

Let me know if you want to do this for us!

Thank you!

Ken Hodges

The feature to open the menu link for the item selected as discussed in comments with “rickkoloski”, has it been implemented ?


as right to left user(Arabic) i select right menu template class and its OK , but the menu arrow (>) are pointing to right(screen edge) and menu icon are in the left i need the arrow to be in the left and pointing to screen and the icon to right

Hello!, your module can be used in prestashop? Can you add images with drop down menu? Thanks

this is JavaScript plugin and framework independent. however back end scripts are not provided with it.

Hello, I bought your menu. But I have no idea how I can install it in my wordpress site. Can you please help me install it. Thank you

i am using the “show on hover” design of the vertical navbar. please tell me how to hide the navbar completely on toggling and again show on toggling.

Hi, Congratulations to the plugin! I have a problem!! I’ve integrated my menu on my site, but from issues I can not solve, can you help me solve the problem?

The page in question is: http://factory.dtekweb.com/euroacustica/i-nostri-prodotti.html#

are you there?

are you there?

are you there?


Snxtox Purchased

I did not understand how to install the ultra navigation responsive bootstrap sidebar menu


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Hello, First of all, thank you for your script, it is very nice! I have a question because I can not find the answer in the documentation how to do it. How can I have already opened on the active link, once we clicked on it and we arrived on the page of that link, please?

Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards.


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As i can see, there is no support answer since 3 month ???