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not creating menu.php

I have one problem: Trying to Export the DB to Excel or Word does not work:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//public_html/gen/CodeOutput/libraries/functions.php:1) in /home//public_html/gen/CodeOutput/application/views/admin/nohitlist/Export.php on line 53

Ok, all is good exept for the xcel… that is this furture i need…

” This file is corrupt and cannot be opened ” when i try to view the excel sheet

The excel is working fine. Just tried it in different servers.

then try in mine

Dear hezecom well done, beautiful stuff and done very nicely. I like to purchase this i have one question does the admin panel has some sort of level for different user different level of rights for instance an admin has

Admin – full control read/write/ delete and update and access any table they want to.

so i need to create the following levels and assign users of this level to a table or two.

Accounts – is allowed to access table1 and table2 such as viewing invoices – or create or update invoices and etc Sales Executives – is allowed to access table3 which is customers table they can create new customers change their details and etc Clients – table 5 and table 6 and etc

One suggestion if you can implement this have some nice charts and pie charts like google docs or words and show data percentage on each section of above levels.

Many thanks Ehsan

hgallery.php has a syntax error on your demo website you may fix this shown below:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput/application/controllers/admin/hgallery.php on line 120

Hi Ehsan,

It does have admin levels base on read/write/ delete and update at the moment.

Got all your points. Though you can still customize it to meet your need.

If you need a special custom, let us know at info@hezecom.net.


Thanks for replying, I could not find table role where more role can be added, maybe I will try to access it from phpmyadmin and see if i can achieve what I want your app for. Anyways I purchase it now.

I configured the config file connected and generated the admin panel and now I can not login username: admin password: 123456 i don’t know as I entered plain password in config file not sure if i need to use any hashing I need some help with this

Hi, thanks for your purchase. That is not the way please go through the documentation.

Thanks Hezecom sorry for driving you mad, to be honest your app is one of the best i came across compare to dozen of freebie ones designed like a puzzle, it is all good working fine. I am too busy don’t have enough time to go through the documentation.

I have 2 more questions

1. how can i add more roles? there isn’t any role table and right now I have superadmin and admin, are they in a array? I need some help to create 2 more roles and then use if statement and session to check who is who point each user/operator to right page.

2. what hashing algorithm your app use for password and password salt? If an operator / user want to reset their password there is not forgot password to recover lost password. so i should be able to reset it using alternative software such as phpmyadmin if in case the worst happens.

Many thanks

I wish so members can register and change there own values…

And still i have the problem with export Excel

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//public_html/admin/libraries/functions.php:1) in /home//public_html/admin/application/views/admin/profile/Export.php on line 48

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//public_html/admin/libraries/functions.php:1) in /home//public_html/admin/application/views/admin/profile/Export.php on line 49

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//public_html/admin/libraries/functions.php:1) in /home//public_html/admin/application/views/admin/profile/Export.php on line 50

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//public_html/admin/libraries/functions.php:1) in /home//public_html/admin/application/views/admin/profile/Export.php on line 52

Best REgards

Hi, how would it handle a user system with a users table and a usermeta table? i guess it wont do that right?


please, what package is sold here? Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate?

All the packages are sold on codecanyon.

Live preview isn’t working accessing/using iPhone 5s Safari web browser.

It has been updated. Please try again. Thanks.

Beautyful update. Thank you

You’re welcome

You’re welcome

You’re welcome

Hey there,

I bought the software quite a while ago, but couldn’t really use it. Now I tried again using your latest version 3. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work properly.

If you want to see yourself: Just try against a (standard) WordPress database (default encoding UTF8).

- reading:

->all UTF8 characters are wrongly encoded

- writing:

->CGU requires all fields to be filled (if validation is enabled, it CGU should respect mySQL's 'Allow Null' property)
->all strings are written using the wrong encoding

Since this is one of the most basic feature (especially when transferring data from HTML5 to mysql), I had to give up again.

Like this it is unfortunately unuseable :(

Additionally here are some cosmetic issues: Layout is hosed on OSX (OSX 10.10.4, Safari latest, Chrome, Firefox – see screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvqh1uv5bfkrewg/Screenshot%202015-07-22%2011.14.32.png?dl=0 )

Not perfect: When I first access the site using a direct link, it shows the database view for a split-second, before switching to the login-view.

pls fix


BTW – just if someone needs utf8 too, here’s a quickfix:


change line 231 to

    self::$instance = new HezecomDB("".DB_TYPE.":host=".LOCALHOST.";dbname=".DB_NAME.";charset=utf8", DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD);



Hi, thanks for the fix.


Does it support the n to n relation ? If yes does it support cascading on more then one level ?

Ex table A link to table C passing by table B

Links: tbl_A <n – n> tbl_B <n – n> tbl_C

Hi I have a question why after generated the code I only gets index.php and main.php and index.php always have login enabled and main.php show a blank page only and in the demo I saw that must be created a front page (index.php) and a admin page (admin.php)

Hi, you can remove the
located in views/View.php

Yes I did that thank you :)

You’re welcome.

Hi In the presence of two VARBINARY the image fields it is loaded on both Thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Yes, you can only user upload field per form if you are using single upload type from your settings.

You can as well change it to multiple upload from settings so you can add more upload feild dynamically.

Ok, But even if you select a multiple load these images are loaded in both fields

You only need one file field. Then select the multiple upload option. On your form click on add more next to the file field to upload more files.

Hi can your script generate the code to display my client products, invoices in their client area?

Hi, This script can only generate basic CRUD operations. You may need to customize the codes to meet your need. If you need some features, please contact us at info@hezecom.com . Thanks.


velf Purchased

hi hezecom,

I used your code generator to create private application, but i got a problem.

When datatable still loading from database, and then i click menu it will give me auto logout/session_destroy but if database loading finished and i click menu it wont give me problem. How to fix this?

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Sorry I didn’t get what you’re talking about. You can contact us at info@hezecom.com

helo.. What is the difference between this one and the enterprise one ?

Hi, Please check product page for the differences.