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Hi, I’m having problems with the generator, it seems no to generate controllers, I set all parameters fine, generate the code and then after login it fails to load the generated controllers. I’ve looked on that folder and indeed there is no controllers there. The models and the views are been generated just fine, but the controllers aren’t.

Is there a way to generate an output to view where the problem is?

The other day give me the same problem and after trying several times it worked. But not today.

Database and the rest of the settings are ok.

Another issue, having more than one image upload field make the form submit the same image on all the image fields.

As for having the image on view page, copy the image field from detail page and paste where you want it on the view page.

If you want to use multiple upload select the option from your settings before generating the code.

Following errors while trying to access the demo

============= Warning: include(/home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput///application/views/admin/menu.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput/admin.php on line 108

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput///application/views/admin/menu.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/php53/lib/php’) in /home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput/admin.php on line 108

Sorry for that, is working now.

Thanks, start working now. However found one more error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/products/public_html/UltimateSpeed2/CodeOutput/application/controllers/admin/imgupload.php on line 120

Hi, I have downloaded the last version, but there is no such thing as admin.php not even after generating the code output. I can see it in the demo page but the downloaded version isn’t the same.

Or am I missing something?

Hope you can check the files and upload the version like the demo.

Thanks in advance.

Also your jquery.ligthbox.js has an error, you have a hardcoded path to /Ultimate….. so it makes lightbox not to work , just removing the hardcoded path makes it work again.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Yes! there is no admin.php in this edition only index.php. Though you can change the index.php to any other name you want.


DTX Purchased

Hi, Can you limit the amount of multi upload images? say to a maxium of 5?

Hi , any support for checkboxes and radio? thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Not at the moment. I will consider it in one of the updates.

please is it possible to calculate to columns example column a * column b * 100 and column c will out it.

You will need to do a little adjustment to the generated codes to achieve this.

do you do customization for a fee so that i mail you the requirement

Yes! email me at info@hezecom.net


Does it support the n to n relation ? If yes does it support cascading on more then one level ?

Ex table A link to table C passing by table B

Links: tbl_A <n – n> tbl_B <n – n> tbl_C

Can I connect to SQL Server with this? By db is not mysql

Hi, thanks for your comment. Some clients have tried and it worked. But I have not tried it.

Just purchased. Installed and verified requirements. Created a test db, added a test table (four fields, one AI id and three int fields). When I go to setup.php, everything works fine (tables are seen, etc.) click generate and it never tells me it is complete. Going to the codeoutput results in the following error_log:

[05-Oct-2017 01:16:05 UTC] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in …test/CodeOutput/libraries/class_dbcon.php on line 30 [05-Oct-2017 01:16:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in …/test/CodeOutput/libraries/system_users.php on line 266

What am I doing wrong?

I have my AI field as the primary key, Still no luck. Here is the table schema:

— —Table structure for table `test`

CREATE TABLE `test` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `colone` int(11) NOT NULL, `coltwo` int(11) NOT NULL, `colthree` int(11) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

— —Indexes for table `test`


— —AUTO_INCREMENT for table `test`


Thanks for your reply. Sean

Figured it oiut. Sorry everyone, my password manager was changing the DB password on the reload after clicking save. Hopefully this will help others who are as dumb as me :)