Discussion on UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Enterprise

Discussion on UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Enterprise

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Are we able to use parameters from urls/cross pages?

We have been trying to set this up and no luck! Wasted a massive amount of time. Latest error: Illuminate\Database\QueryException

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please contact us via for further support.

Is this compatible with microsoft SQL?

Demo: Not working => Failed CSRF check! :(


maramk Purchased

Good morning,

Found error in app/Controllers/Generator/HTSFormClass.php row 574 and 653 – kindly please fix it…

Thank you.

Kind regards,



maramk Purchased


Ultimatespeed 5.4 was at least working and I could bypass that error sir, kindly see that the datatables is working ok, it give me errors I cannot add or delete – I did not give up and try again, because I do think your app do have the potential, that was the reason I bought it to assist me with the database I send you – I am running out of time and I cannot afford a developer to streamline the code for me…that is a humble request to kindly please see that the app is working, rollback to 5.4 and just fix the datatables issue before you upload it on codecanyon again. Please.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



maramk Purchased

Good day, I did procure the Enterprise version but unfortunately I did get the error: Deprecated: Constant FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING is deprecated in C:\wamp2022\www\UltimateSpeedEnt5.4\install\install.php on line 87

Kindly, please assist.

Thank you.



maramk Purchased

Unable to connect to database after install is selected


maramk Purchased

It is not working and I still get Whoops error kindly see attached.

I will uninstall the system now – it is not working for me – kindly please refund me sir, Unfortunately I cannot use it. Sorry, I spend too much time on it already. I procure the system just for that database which you said you also experience problems with – kindly please refund me, sir

Thank you.

Kind regards,



maramk Purchased

Not true,see screenshots send via my email address – the .htaccess is available in root I download it again and give it the last try using laragon webserver and not wamp, still the same issue – the code is not working. Kindly refund me please, the code is not working for me and I spend too many hours trying to fix and sorted it out.

Thank you.

what is the difference between pro and enterprise version?

The Enterprise version has ready to use Landy page while the Pro doesn’t.

I have downloaded UltimateSpeedPro5.2 to a folder on my website, run /install… after filling in my DB info, it tries to go to a page (or folder) called “register” (I can even see this in the code: header(‘location:’ . base_url() . ’../register’);) – however that location does not exist (neither does /login for that matter)... what am I missing?

Hi, What error message did you get? Also make sure the .htaccess is among the files in your main directory. You can reach us at

No, you only pay once

I want to buy the ultimate version but I can’t find it anywhere you can tell me how to buy it

Can we generate Back-end + front end websites with this tool?

Can i get videos? how is it actually works?

Hi Hezecom, I would like to buy your UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator, but I have a problem, can I even create my own tables? or do I have to use those that are there?

if I would like to insert a mvc paypal I can do it?

Thank you so much for the support!

Hi , thanks for your comment. You can create your own table

I have another question, the code generator is mvc pure or under some particular framework?

It’s pure php mvc no particular framework required

Hello, On your demo, after code generation, a click to see the result gives a blank page. So we can’t see the result. Same action on your demo site for CMS Plus PHP AppCreator works fine.

I would like to see the result for UltimateSpeed before to buy :-) Thanks ps : I tried with latest version of Firefox and Chrome to be sure that it was not a browser problem.

Hi thanks for your comment. The demo is fix now. Please note some functions may not work properly on the demo version.

Hi. I have sent a support request this morning but i have not yet received any feedback???

Still nothing.

3 days later and still no further reply or support! I cannot get the software working and you do not offer proper support. Please refund me asap.

I have replied your message again. Also check your spam inbox

Just purchased. Installed and verified requirements. Created a test db, added a test table (four fields, one AI id and three int fields). When I go to setup.php, everything works fine (tables are seen, etc.) click generate and it never tells me it is complete. Going to the codeoutput results in the following error_log:

[05-Oct-2017 01:16:05 UTC] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in …test/CodeOutput/libraries/class_dbcon.php on line 30 [05-Oct-2017 01:16:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on null in …/test/CodeOutput/libraries/system_users.php on line 266

What am I doing wrong?

I have my AI field as the primary key, Still no luck. Here is the table schema:

— —Table structure for table `test`

CREATE TABLE `test` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `colone` int(11) NOT NULL, `coltwo` int(11) NOT NULL, `colthree` int(11) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

— —Indexes for table `test`


— —AUTO_INCREMENT for table `test`


Thanks for your reply. Sean

Figured it oiut. Sorry everyone, my password manager was changing the DB password on the reload after clicking save. Hopefully this will help others who are as dumb as me :)


Can I connect to SQL Server with this? By db is not mysql

Hi, thanks for your comment. Some clients have tried and it worked. But I have not tried it.


Does it support the n to n relation ? If yes does it support cascading on more then one level ?

Ex table A link to table C passing by table B

Links: tbl_A <n – n> tbl_B <n – n> tbl_C

please is it possible to calculate to columns example column a * column b * 100 and column c will out it.

You will need to do a little adjustment to the generated codes to achieve this.

do you do customization for a fee so that i mail you the requirement

Yes! email me at

Hi , any support for checkboxes and radio? thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Not at the moment. I will consider it in one of the updates.


DTX Purchased

Hi, Can you limit the amount of multi upload images? say to a maxium of 5?


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