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Hi dedalx,

Excellent plugin! But I have a request :(

Feature Request: (to make this the “Ultimate” Wordpress Preloader)

Will you add the option for multiple preloaders and a metabox per page/post/cpt that would allow us to choose a preloader for that page/post/cpt or disable the preloader all together for that page/post/cpt?

Thanks. Yeah, a preloader based on user role will allow to really customize that members experience based on what product or membership level they have. This way when they move up a membership, they get to really feel from the site they really went to another level too because the branding, preloaders, etc. are all customized based on the membership level.

Thanks again. Do you know when you may be able to implement something like this?

Unfortunately we does not have ETA’s for our updates so I can’t say you date exactly. Near future. If you purchase plugin you will get all updates for free in future :)

Ok, thanks for the update! #PM


Hi dedalx,

Interesting plugin you have here and I’m interested to buy this plugin but before that I would like ask you a few questions.

I have a lot of plugins on my site and I’m wondering whether if this plugin going to slow down my site or not? What’s the main purpose of this preloader? will it improve the overall load time? or is this just adding extra aesthetic only?

Sorry for the noob questions but I hope you don’t mind answering.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, this plugin just add simple CSS3 preloader (few lines of CSS styles) to your site and 2 JS lines of code, this will not slow down your website. Our plugin optimized for speed. It will improve your visitors experience because your users will not see how your site is loading (I mean about jumping elements, images, constructing CSS layouts). Users will see your site only after its completely loaded and work as should. This is main reason to use preloaders.

Awesome GLWS


could i request a demo of custom image used for the preloader?

Hello, check video demo of admin panel, you will see image demo. You can upload your image (for example animated gif) and you will see it at the center of screen.

VERY Cool! will most def keep this awesomeness in mind for upcoming client!


Does this work with Woocommerce? Any plugins or scenarios where it is not compatible?

Hello, this plugin work with woocommerce and any other well coded plugins and themes together.

Hey there. Is it possible to directly show the loading icon (maybe put in header.php??) so it shows up before the css files of my theme are loaded? i dont want a preloader which waits for full page load, but one which shows up until css is loaded.

i hope you get my point and maybe you got a solution with this plugin?!

This plugin already work in this way (and its loading in header). This is a first what loading on your site and you see preloader before all your CSS styles will be loaded.

Sorry i made my point not clear:

Almost all loaders wait until the full page has loaded to show the content (javascript loading included). I need a loader which shows the page content as fast as possible (before javascript is executed) you get my point? Thanks for your help

I understand you, but this is not possible (site is NOT “loaded” until all javascript loaded). You will never find this kind of loaders because this is not correct. In many complex themes you will see total unstyled mess instead of your design if you hide loader before all JS was loaded.

Hi, having an issue with this plugin thus far. The effects are great – exactly what I was looking for, however on my website when going to another page you are flashed a quick glance of the page, then the preloader comes in defeating the whole purpose. Any suggestions? And, how would I implement this only on the homepage?

Hello, this related to your theme layouts and CSS styles, some blocks on your theme may have CSS rules that show this blocks before our preloader. Contact your theme developer for help.

Hello, a question: i need a line of text under the preloader, can you help me add this?


Hi, preloader does not have this feature. Create your GIF image with text and upload it to preloader.

Hi there, great plugin. Is it retina ready? If I upload an image to the correct size it then looks fuzzy on retina screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, CSS3 preloaders is retina ready. For custom images preloaders retina feature will be added later.

Hello, yes, you can upload your own GIF preloader image and choose preloader background color.

Is it possible to select which pages this plugin works on? I do not want it on every page

Did you see this feature in plugin description? Why you think that plugin have it if you watched plugin video demonstration and see all plugin features listed before purchase. If you want to add some code changes you can order this customization’s from some freelancers on

Hi Pal, no problem – but honestly – need to work on your people skills.

Plugin does not have feature that you need. It may be added in future plugin updates.

I can see you have custom image option. What I want is I have 4 images which I want to show before the website loads which would be fullscreen. Can I do this by using your plugin?

I am ready to buy this If I can do it.


Any other way to do this? Because my client needs the image to be full screen. Can I get your skype id? So that we can communicate better


Our plugin does not have this feature.

Hello. Will the plugin add pulsing to custom logo, also does it fade in and out? and this works on safari, chrome and firefox? Thanks you

Hello, check our site demonstrations. Animations will work only in CSS preloaders, you need to create your own animated GIF yourself if you want to use your image. Plugins works in all modern browsers.

Hey there,

I’m testing the light version of your plugin right now and I really like it. The only feature I’d need would be an option to not show the loader if JavaScript isn’t activated in the browser. Would that be possible? I haven’t seen this feature in the pro version as well.


Hello, sorry this is not possible currently. In modern world you will not find users who use browser without JS. Even WordPress itself (and 99% of themes) will not work correctly without JS active in browser.

Ciao, ma oltre all’effetto fade out non si può aggiungere anche uno slide top?

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Hi there,

Just a quick pre-purchase question. Does this plugin work with asynchronous JavaScript loading, more specifically, CloudFlare’s ‘Rocket Loader’?

I’m asking because I’ve experience that some in-built theme preloaders doesn’t work when CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader is switched on, and I’m guessing that’s because of the asynchronous JavaScript loading.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and many thanks,


Hello, sorry we does not have anwer to your question, we does not used this plugin with CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader.

Presale: When uploading a custom image spinner can the plugin apply any effects to that spinner (like rotating it)? Is there a demo version w/ a backend I can play with?

Hello, no. You need to animate GIF image yourself. You can’t try demo admin panel, check video demo.

Is it possible to have a minimum preload time? Client has a logo animation and doesn’t want it to hide before the animation is finished.


dedalx Author

Hello, preloader work not by time, it work by your content loading time (you will see preloader until all site content will be loaded). This is not just animation, this is real preloader (it preload contents).