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Is it possible to check for a valid twitter user, before displaying their feed?

Hi there,

This class wasn’t designed to query for this type of information.

One possible solution, rather than checking specifically if the user is valid, is to check for errors in general. If there is an error you can assume something went wrong with the request (i.e. the user isn’t valid). Display “unable to process request”, rather than “the user is invalid”.

The code required is a try/catch block.

try {
    // do setup, etc. ...

    $twitter->PrintFeed( );
} catch(TwitterException $e) {
    // there was an error. Nothing will be printed if the exception occurs.

Hi, first of all I would like to say you have made a great plugin. I have just a small issue with the number of tweets retrieved. I have only 15 tweets and in my Twitter timeline I have many more. I have set cache_life to 60 and play with the var count, but can’t get this works. Can you help? Thank you Best regards Tanguy

Hi there!

If you make changes to the count option, you must delete the cached tweets before the updated results will be displayed, otherwise they won’t be displayed until the cache is out of date (based on the cache_life. This is because the tweets cached are respecting the options you used when they were cached.

I get this error. How to correct it?

[19-Jun-2015 01:57:24 UTC] PHP Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/utfc/ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 742 [07-Sep-2015 01:25:37 UTC] PHP Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/utfc/ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 742

It seems working but still needs more time to observe. And where is the option curl_ssl_verifypeer? I can’t find it in the config file.

The option curl_ssl_verifypeer is not documented. It’s simply forwarded as an option to how requests are made with CURL to the API endpoint.

My site catches another error related to this software. I’ve sent the log to your email address. Please check.

Really good job here, all works really well – thankyou! Just one issue – I need to add target=”_blank” to the link generated in the feed (to open new window when clicked on the tweet link). Is this possible? Thanks

Hi nicshar,

You sure can! You can set the option format_link to change how links are formatted in the output.

The default value is

<a href="{link:expanded_url}" class="link-tweet">{link:url}</a>

Something like this should suffice

<a target="_blank" href="{link:expanded_url}" class="link-tweet">{link:url}</a>

Here’s the list of all options available

Thank you for you work. But i have this message when i want to use it :

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘TwitterException’ with message ‘the following errors were reported by Twitter – Could not authenticate you.; code 32.’ in C:\wamp64\www\twitter\src\ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 573

TwitterException: the following errors were reported by Twitter – Could not authenticate you.; code 32. in C:\wamp64\www\twitter\src\ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 573

Can you help me ?

Thank you ! :)

Sorry i had some trouble with the keys, but now :

( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘TwitterException’ with message ‘the following errors were reported by Twitter – Sorry, that page does not exist.; code 34.’ in C:\wamp64\www\twitter\src\ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 573

( ! ) TwitterException: the following errors were reported by Twitter – Sorry, that page does not exist.; code 34. in C:\wamp64\www\twitter\src\ultimate.twitter.feed.php on line 573

Hi Lyre!

Sorry for the late response.

According to Twitter’s documentation (found here) code 34 means that the specified account or list doesn’t exist. Can you make sure that you entered the username correctly in the options?

Hi,does this work with the new twitter cards?

Hi neuropass,

I haven’t done anything with Twitter cards before, so therefore my knowledge of them is pretty limited. After doing a little bit of research, it looks as though they are just extra meta properties you can include in web pages to enrich links when they are referenced in a tweet.

With that said, out of the box, this class doesn’t support displaying cards like they are seen on Twitter. You would need to add extra functionality that parses media objects in the API to scrape links and manually extract the aforementioned meta properties. I will consider adding this functionality in a future release, as it does seem interesting and useful.

Hope this helps.

Hi, any thoughts on the update to add the support for twitter cards? Its quite important I would say. Please, your plugin seems to be the only working one on codecanyon. I think you are due with an update now :)

support RTL ?

OK nice , There is a URL at end of tweets can I remove it ? also can we make printFeed looks like LIVE so every new tweet it will be post automatically

Yes, you can remove links by setting the option format_link to an empty string. You can find all the options available in the class here.

The “live” effect is a little bit more involved and difficult to accomplish, so it’s not something supported out of the box. Fortunately, I actually created a simple demo replicating a live search ticker. You can find that demo with source here under Live Search Ticker.

I want keep links in tweet , what’s i mean I want remove link to that’s tweet****

After ordering , try to install but get: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. Return to Plugins page

Any suggestion?

Sorry for the silly mistake.I installed properly and works.Only questions is I don`t find any example showing how to get the latest the tweets of an account. Thanks

Hi, is it possible to show the link/icons for “reply”, “retweet”, “like” ? I dont see any examples. I just assumed those would be there as default?


Hi there,

Check out Web Intents from Twitter. Using the custom format option on this class, you can construct one of the intent URLs by accessing the id_str property of a tweet.

developer still here?

Hi there! I’m still here. You can email me at – contact [ at ] austinbrunkhorst [ dot ] com

Possible to get joson API? , because i plan to make an mobile app

1 week no answer , I’m asking for Refund !

Hi there,

I apologize for not getting to your question in a timely manner. There is a public method in the class Twitter::GetRequestData( ) that returns the processed data returned from the Twitter API. This is effectively the JSON response from the API, but with some post processing based on the options of the class. For example, expanding format options, replacing emojis, etc. For almost all API endpoints, this is an array of tweet objects.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.

I email you

Is there no support for HTTPS in the media URLs? I’m getting errors because the embedded images are using http:// instead of https://

Hi there,

By default, the option format_media uses the tweet’s expanded_url as seen below -

<a href="{media:expanded_url}" class="link-media">{media:url}</a>

It looks like you’re after media_url_https. (Note that these fields didn’t exist in the API at the time of writing this class). Try this for the option format_media -

<a href="{media:media_url_https}" class="link-media">{media:url}</a>

If you experience the same issues with links, the same concept applies, just use the *_https alternative provided by the API. You can find the documentation here –

That worked, thanks so much!!

How do i get teh feed to display emoji symbols

I can see what my problem is now….. NEW emojis don’t show… do you have plans to update emoji.css

Hi there, sorry for the late response -

Unfortunately, it’s a rather large effort to stay up to date with directly embedding emojis.

Luckily, native support for emojis is pretty wide spread in modern, widely used operating systems. For some insight, you can check out this website – This means that you can disable the option detect_emojis, and the supported operating systems will support it out of the box.

For me it’s not pulling in any media entities at all. JSON response shows no media entities when post should contains them. Think it wasn’t updated since tweet_mode = extended was introduced but i cannot seem to implement it.

Hi there,

Can you email me (contact [at] austinbrunkhorst [dot] com) the relevant section of the script? I’ll be able to troubleshoot fastest from there.

I would like a refund, since this isn’t working as described. Pulling in a direct tweet from a users page with an image and the image won’t pull in using your media example. This project hasn’t been updated in 3 years and many changes have been made to the API since that time.

I understand you’re frustrated, but I can assure you that changes to the API are not any issue you are experiencing. Twitter does not release breaking changes in the same major version of an API.

As mentioned in my previous comment, please email me the relevant setup for your script and I will assist you with resolving your issues.

Hello, I just bought your plugin and it works, but is there no way to show the tweet photos in the feed? Not the user profile pic, but the actual media photos embedded in the tweets.


Hi there!

Did you look at the media example in the documentation? If you are having issues with it working properly, I suspect it’s related to Twitter’s extended tweet changes. I will release an update this week for this item that supports extended tweets.

Feel free to email me via my profile and I can make sure you get everything up and running properly, regardless of the update.

I was using the media example in the documentation and the photos weren’t showing, but I resolved the issue by replacing [‘media_url’] with [‘media_url_https’].

Thanks for your quick response.

Does this work with current changes made to Twitter (some time ago)?