Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

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What Client Says

An HRM- Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO System is a complete HRM Solution with Payroll , Leave Holiday , And 3 Type of attendance system and much more.

you can get All In One using this system

Sales and transaction are important and Project Manager With Billing accounting CRM in several ways:

Project Management

You can easily track your project by adding comments,attachment,tasks,bugs,milestone,private and public note,project wise invoice,time management and track your activity in most feature is you can set your goal to complete you project with start and end date with awesome progress wise. you just create it nothing to work everything manage it. not only that you can export and import project.

Invoice Management

You can easily create and manage invoice with more than 6 payment can set this invoice by recurring , you can send the overdue invoice,payments ,invoice payment reminder refund issue and much more.

Import Option

You can import your CSV or excel file to the following menu







Sales and transaction are important and Project Manager With Billing accounting CRM Pro in several ways:

Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress.

Create good looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.

Records your company expenses and have the ability to bill to your customers and auto convert to invoice.

Know more about your customers with powerful CRM.

Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.

Build professional, great looking estimates and invoices.

Powerful support system with ability to auto-import tickets and leads

Custom fields can store extra information for customers, leads , deposit,project and more.

Follow-ups, reports, notes, files and many more features.

Update History

19 Jun 2017

-- added a button in the estimate for creating and add items.
-- added deposit mail and added email template for a deposit mail also added email notification 
-- added client default menu permission when client signup
-- added Kanban into project milestones.
-- and bug fixed

12 June 2017

-- added auto update system.easily update  
-- update installation system
-- Added export report as pdf into project.
-- Added Billable and unbillable Task option into project.
-- Added Billable and unbillable expense option into project.
-- Added ability to add attachment in project comments.
-- Added ability to add estimate into project.

-- Added export report as pdf into tasks.
-- Added taks billable and unbillable option into tasks.
-- Added kanban option into tasks.
-- Added all not started,inprogress,complete,deferred,waiting for someone option into tasks.

--added billable option into expense.
--added option to view expense details into expense.
--added name/title for personal use  into expense.
--added name/title for personal use  into Deposit.
--Abbily to convert into invoice if the expense is billable into expense.

-- Added kanban option into Leads.
-- Added Abbily to Filter option by leads status and leads source into Leads.
-- Added Order no into leads Status.
-- view how many leads by status,and source.

-- Added Abbily to Filter option by paid,non paid,partially paid,draft,cancelled,overdue,reccuring into Invoice.

-- added create contact button when add client into client.
-- added client permission option when create contact into client.
-- added customer group option.
-- Added Dynamic customer group option into client.
-- view how many client by customer group.
-- added Latitude,Longitude and map option into client.
-- modify client table added view option total project,due amount,received amount,total expense into client.
-- added filtering option by group into client.
-- added file manager into client details.client can upload and shareing file.

-- added save and add more button into departments.
-- added create,edit,delete,view option for all menu into departments.
-- added All settings menu under permission.into departments.

-- added abbility to track by ip_address when clocking.
-- Added time history report as pdf into Time History.
-- Added export report as print into Time History.
-- Added added delete option in time change request (only admin can delete it).
-- Added attendance report as pdf into Attendance.
-- Added Attendance report as print into Attendance.

-- added job Job Nature option Contractual in job posted.
-- added Experience option in job posted.
-- added age Limit option in job posted.
-- added Salary Rang in job posted.
-- added option to view all application for specific job in job posted.
-- added option to view circular details button in job posted.
-- added change status option unread,prmary select,call for interview into job application.

-- added client permission when adding the client user into user.
-- added permission option to all under the settings menu.

-- added private chat enable/disable option int menu allocation.
-- Fixed all bugs 

16 Feb 2017

- update codeignitor 3.1.3
-added into project billing type Fixed price
-added into project billing type Only Project Hours Based
-added into project billing type Only Tasks Hours Based
-added into project billing type Project Tasks Hours Based
-added into project calculate progress through project hours
-added into project calculate progress through tasks
-added into project option estimate hours  
-added into project Project Settings for client
-added into project Show Overdue,Cancel,On Hold,Inprogress   
-New design into project details tab.
-added into project Grant chart
-added into project option estimate     
-added into project option tickets
-added into project project settings
-added into Expenseif staff generate expense they have to approve by admin or department head 
-added into Email Template option for expense approve or reject template.
And many more and all bugs fixed..

1 Aug 2016

.- add Invoice starting number option.
.- add invoice footer text option.
.- add estimate starting number option.
.- add estimate footer text option.
.- add invoice new pdf design.
.- add invoice url and share and make payment option to anywhere.
-  extimate approve / decliend button add in client panel
-  item add bugs fixed
- other some bug fixed .

27 July 2016

.- add FileManager.
- add Tickets auto close option
- Invoice bugs fixed
- project bugs fixed
- other some bug fixed .

27 Jun 2016

.- add project expense
.- add pinned option
- show absent and leave in calendar 
- add option to deduct amount when get salary
- payroll bugs fixed
- other some bug fixed .

24 Jun 2016

-Add User Details .
-Total Addendance in User Details .
-Total Clock Time in User Details .
-Total Leave Details in User Details .
-add Salary Details in User Details .
-add Timecard Details in User Details .
-add Provident Found Details in User Details .
-add Overtime Details in User Details .
-add Task report in User Details .
-add Project Details in User Details .
-add Bugs Details in User Details .
-add option to fixed rate or hourly rate  in Project .
-set Clock out,stop task timer,project timer when logout.
-Add database backup with auto backbut systme and many more.
- some bugs fixed

25 May 2016

-Initial Realease .