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Hello, I just bought your Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery but I don’t understand how to install it. Do you have a short tutorial?

Thank you

Hi there,
do you mean how to install it in a HTML site? Or how to integrate it in your current HTML site?

Best, David

Hi David, I integrated it in my html website, but it is not being responsive to smaller screens, what do you think I may have done? the slider is working fine, but the gallery isn’t. Thank you


Hi Gabi,
can you show me a living example online? so I can take a look and see what’s going on?

Best ;)

Hi, LOVE this plugin!!!

I’d like to simplify a bit. How can I remove the category on the top left of the masonry gallery.

And replace the category at the top left of the lightbox with our logo. Or if that can’t be done, just remove the text.

I can send screenshots and my purchase code if necessary.

Many thanks!

Mike Noonan E:

In order to do that you would need to edit the js where that HTML is added, would you like me to tell you which lines of the js file this is located?

Yes, please

open the gridGallery.js file (and make sure to use this file in your page instead of the minified version of it) and find this:

var txt = "<div><div>"+text+"</div></div>";
instead of the “text” add your own HTML for your logo, maybe something like this:
var txt = "<div><div> <img src="my_logo.png" /> </div></div>";
Best, David

Hi, there is a bug in the gallery. If I go to a category where the photos have not been uploaded yet in “all” category i have to click on load more, but I would like them to be loaded automatically when I click on the category.

Hi David. When I do that, the masnory grid gallery disappears.

Was replying to this answer you gave:

Hi, open the gridGallery.js file (and make sure to use this file in your page instead of the minified version of it) and find this:

var txt = “ “text“ ”; instead of the “text” add your own HTML for your logo, maybe something like this: var txt = “ ”; Best, David

That seemed to make the masonry gallery disappear.

But I solved it with some css:

.autoGrid-lbcaption { content: url(../img/png/cerrone-lightbox-logo.png); width: 200px; height: 37px; margin: 10px 0px 0px 35px; }

Here’s one page I’m using it on:

Seems to work well but let me know if you’d tweak anything.

Thanks for the great plugin and support!!


Hi Mike,
Ohh you changed of username hehe!
I think I placed the wrong quotes, the URL of the image should be in single quotes, like this:

<img src='my_img.png' />
But your method is also a valid one ;)

Good to know. Thanks!

how to can use multiple data-category in filter Like Web, Android, Ios in 1 box data category

Plants vs Zombies

In Drawings
Plants vs Zombies In Drawings

Currently this option is not possible, but you can do it with this plugin: which has that feature and way more

Best, David

Hi, I bought this item and I really like it!

I do have a minor issue though, with changing the text on the ‘Load more’ button. I can’t find an option to change this, and if I do change the text manually in jQuery, the text changes back each time I click on the ‘Load more’ button.

Do you know if there is some workaround for this? Thanks in regards

P.S. The website I’m building is in Dutch, so displaying ‘Load more’ in Englisch isn’t really an option.

Open the gridGallery.min.js file and find this:

then replace it for something else:
and clear your browser cache,

Best, David
Hi, nice grid, but how do I add my own header with an image? I tried just adding a element right after but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks!

*a div element right after the body element, but it doesn’t work

Yes, you can add any HTML to the gallery, like your own header, you need to add this as you usually would do it for a normal HTML page

If this isn’t working can you show me a living example online so I can take a look and see what’s going on?

if you prefer to concat me privately via email do it here:

Best, David


Rugge Purchased

Hello, I’ve bought the plugin yesterday but I haven’t checked the compatibility with my version of WP, that’s 4.8.2. I checked right now but I haven’t find it. I see comments of usersfew months ago that have succced to use it, so I don’t thin is a compatibility problem. At the moment plugin don’t be found, even if I charge it with FTP or directly by WP from zip file. Can you please help me to resolve? Thank you

it sounds like you are trying to upload this plugin into WP, but this is not a WP plugin is a stand alone plugin (pure HTML).

The customers who implemented this plugin into WP, implemented it in the source code, they imported everything manually and made their own way to create the HTML of the plugin (with PHP).

I’m working on a WP version but is not ready yet

Also you can contact me privately via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)

Best, David


Rugge Purchased

Ok.. I have always bought from codecanyon without check if the plugins were compatible with WP, and I did so also this time.. It’s too hard for me to let work this plugin by working on php..I will wait your WP version. Thanks for the quick reply. Best regards


I would like to buy this script for a client.

I would like to have the normal grid instead of masonary grid. Something like 3 or 4 column.

Initially I would like to show 2 columns with filter and then when view more is clicked it shows one more row.

This this possible? If yes what is the difficulty implementing this. Since I may need some hand holding for this.

Thanks Srinivas

Hi Srinivas,
I don’t quite understand, what would be a “normal grid”? you mean a perfect squared grid?

I would recommend you to take a look at this plugin: which has a perfect squared grid (the full width example), that plugin is the advanced version of this plugin

I hope it makes sense ;)

Best, David

Hi David, yes but I dont need all those extra things only simple one like this. Hence purchasing this one.

got it :D


LaMaliq Purchased


I just bought the gallery today and I saw that when you click on the image it puts the big image left and not in the centre (in the lightbox). I tried everything I was able to do and still haven’t fixed it.

Would really appreciate some help

Kind regards Laura


LaMaliq Purchased

Thank you, David, it worked!!

One last thing though…was finishing my gallery and noticed this. On the link, you will see the gallery where all the images have titles and subtitles and I have 12 images to load but he only loads 10 and If I put more than 12 you can see the titles of other images are overlapping on the first image.

Sorry for bothering you this much :) Thank you Laura

Hi Laura,
strange indeed, add this peace of CSS:

    display: none !important;
Best ;)

LaMaliq Purchased

Thank you. Everything works fine now :)