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This is a beautiful gallery add-on. I purchased it but I am having some difficulties integrating the gallery into another website template I also purchased from this market. I was able to display the photos inside container but when I click on any picture doesn’t do anything. Any idea? I suspect is a conflict between java script files. If I declare them at the end of my index html file in the section with the other js files, the entire site stop working. So I placed them at the beginning of the section. 1.9.1 java script file version might interfere with the latest version I am using with my purchased website template? Everything looks OK, even the page is responsive, adapting to my existing DIV section inside the page but nothing happens when I want to see the picture. Also the hover with the picture text info (the gray color that go over the picture with text) is not consistent, sometimes doesn’t cover the side of the picture displayed in the gallery or it’s off. Can you please help me?


Hi there,
can you show me a living example online of this issue? so I can check it out and see what’s going on ;)

Sure, I have uploaded the work-in progress so please do not mind the rest of the content :)

Thanks for your quick response and for help.

I found the problem with the lightbox, try adding this peace of CSS:
.autoGrid-lightbox {
  z-index: 99999999999999;
about the caption I didn’t see any issue, did you fix it?

where exactly should I place this code?

the caption works fine now thanks!

Disregard this question. Works fine now. Thanks for troubleshooting this!

awesome :D

Hi, How can i make the first picture double in size?

I don’t quite understand, what do you mean double in size? you mean its weight?

i mean making first image bigger and stand-out from the grid, something like this: or

This plugin doesn’t support that feature, that would required a more advanced grid which is the case of:

Best, David

Merhaba, Auto Grid Responsive Gallery sat?n ald?m ancak wordpress eklenti olarak kurulum yap?yorum ayarlar bölümümde Auto Grid options bölümü var arayüzü nerededir resimleri nereden ekleyece?im bana yard?mc? olursan?z sevinirim.

sorry, I don’t understand, can you write it in english?

Best, David

Is there a way to display image title on default? (not only on hove)

I don’t quite understand, do you mean showing always the hover effect?

Best, David

Hi, Very nice gallery! I really like it. I have one question: Is it possible to make a div box 2 collums? Or maybe you have an other solution. I want my landscape photo’s bigger than the portraits. Both the same height if possible. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,
with this plugin is not possible, since the logic behind it is based on single columns, you would need a more advanced and powerful plugin like this one:

Best, David

Hello all.

Firstly I would like to thank the author of this cool plugin. It’s really awesome and useful thing with a lot of user friendly features. And I know you did great job.

I like this plugin and plan to use it in my site, that I’m creating just for fun. This project based on Drupal 7 and I’am using views to display an images on the front page. All these images should be wrapped by plugin, but my page structure doesn’t allow to to this. I’d like sorry, because my project is based locally and I can’t share it with you. But I’ll attach an images with page structure and etc. So, let’s go:

1. We have the following structure.

2. Each post is a separate node.

3. I’d like to apply the plugin for each node.

But in this case only first node looks correctly. And the problem is that page can’t be displayed correctly if it contains more than one “grid” locator. It works perfect for single page But I need to adapt this plugin for my case.

Any ideas are welcome. Probably you had this problem before. Maybe you could recommend me other plugin, that meets my case, but I really like this one and I want try to adapt it. In any case thanks for your answers, your work and this awesome plugin.

Hi Ivan,
are you using PHP to print the HTML for the images? if so you can add a PHP condition if the array you are passing contains only 1 item change the “columnMinWidth” and the “columns” setting in the JS initialization

Best, David

Nice, thanks for your answers, your patience and your great work. It seems all questions are solved, so thx. Have a nice day.

Be nice, stay cool. Ivan

awesome Ivan :D you’re welcome! Best, David

I need to change the text font how can I do?

you can just change the font of your page and the plugin will inherit it, for example:
body {
    font-family: serif !important;
I hope it makes sense ;)

Hi Support,

We have downloaded the Auto Grid Responsive Gallery and everything is working great the only issue we have is when we set the image spacing to 0 we are getting horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

Is there anyway we can remove the scroll bars while still having 0 spacing between images.

Kind regards, John

Hi John, try opening the gridGallery.css file and erase these lines:
  overflow-y: scroll; /* This is optional, but you need it for a full width gallery */
if still doesn’t work, any chance you could show me a living example online so I can take a look?

Best, David

Hello and cheer for your gallery.

I wanted to know if it were possible to add movies by replacing “Data-image” by “data-URL” (youtube, vimeo, …) in the “div” ? Do you have a solution or a version improved of your script?

Thank you for your return.


Hi Yannick, I actually have an advance version of this plugin, which is this one:

it supports iframe based videos/players (like youtube, vimeo, metacafe, soundcloud etc), it is way faster and has a powerful filter system, just check it out ;)

Best, David

Hi, On a gallery with 50 image, i set initial load to 20, and turn lazy load on. when i am on lightbox mode & reached to 20th image, i expect “Next” button take me to 21th image, not loop through first image. Is it possible to do that?

Hi there,
currently is not possible, since the lightbox is designed to show only the images loaded in the grid, it doesn’t load more images on its own, it only reads what’s in the grid

but if this is really necessary I would recommend you to use this more advanced plugin: which is way faster, has a powerful filter system and more options such as the one you are asking

Best, David


kdefay Purchased

I hope my question is simple to answer. When I upload the gallery to my host, it doesn’t seem to adjust for a phone browser. If I decrease the width in a computer browser or use an online emulator, it adjusts fine, but if I use a phone browser, such as Chrome for Android, it isn’t acting responsively. I even attempted to simply upload the example folder to see how that responds, and it is doing the same thing. If I go to the online preview on a phone, it does exactly what I need, but when I uploaded the same example to the host without changing anything, it does not act responsively.

I love this gallery and really want to use it. I assume that I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what…

Awesome :D thank you for sharing I’m sure it will be helpful for other customers ;)


kdefay Purchased

As it turned out, there was one more thing I had to fix. Initinally I hadn’t noticed that the top row of photos was being cut off by the fixed menu. I added:

top: 2em to the .grid-clearfix class

That seems to have everything working now. The grid has been pushed down so that it is no long partially behind the menu.

thanks for sharing :D

Hi there,

If I want to link to PDFs when thumbnails are clicked, Could I use “data-url” just like linking to another web page?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Rhea,
yes you can, I just tested this:

and it is working ;)

shahroq Purchased

Hi, At IE 11 the images are stretched in lighbox. Can you provide me a fix for that?

Hello, try this peace of CSS:
img {
  width: auto;
  height: auto;
Best, David

Hi, we’re wanting to use your gallery to display product options in our shopping cart (via iframe modal) and it works great, but I was wondering if there was a toggle or something I am missing to show the captions below the thumbnails – without a hover. I like the hover caption, but on mobile, as you know doesn’t work the same as desktop. I am just looking for a simple solution and was hoping you could point out something I overlooked. Thanks. Here is the first product to use this, click on “view leather color swatches”

Sorry, wrong app. I have too many of these…. I need to exercise some self control

don’t worry about it ;)

Hi David Love this gallery! Looks really cool. I have one pre-sale question: Does this have a swipe control for mobile devices? Or is there a plan to add it? (Forward / Backward with swiping on mobilephone).

Thanks for your feedback, Roland

Hi Roland,
Currently no, but you can integrate swipe support in this other plugin: which is the advanced version of the “Ultimate Grid”.

The “Media Boxes” plugin is way faster and has way more features/options, if you decide to get the Media Boxes here’s how you can integrate swipe support (just with couple lines):

Best ;)

hi there i saw your Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery – it is awesome. i want to display images and in the overlay it should open a vimeo video.. is it possible to open vimeo or youtube videos in the light box with this gallery?

This plugin doesn’t support iframe based videos, but the advanced version of this plugin does (which is faster and has a lot more options and examples) you can check it out here: it is called: “Media Boxes” and it has been featured by codecanyon

Best, David

Hi purchased the plugin, got working, but slight problem, when viewing the gallery on a mobile the caption text for thumbnail does not appear, on a desktop browser it does, since there isnt a hover state on mobile the caption text is not visible, tried changing css from display:none but still doesnt work, any suggestions?

so in mobile you want the text “ALWAYS” visible?

yes that is correct

alright, then add this peace of CSS:
@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
    left: 0 !important;
    top: 0 !important;
    display: block !important;
    opacity: 1 !important;
    background: rgba(0,0,0, .5) !important;
Best ;)

Hi There,

I was wondering what would be the correct css code to align images in the lightbox to dead center in the browser?

You mean vertically center right? if so try adding this CSS lines:

.autoGrid-lightbox img{
  position: absolute !important;
  top: 0px !important;
  bottom: 0px !important;
  left: 0 !important;
  margin: auto !important;
  right: 0 !important;
  padding-top: 57px !important;
Best, David

Hi, Is there any built-in events in plugin? like onLightboxOpen, onLightboxNext, onLightboxPrev? If no, can u provide code for capture those events at my code?

Hi there,
Currently these events are not part of the plugin, but if you want I can tell you in the code where these parts are executed.

Also I would recommend you this plugin: which has many more features/options and swipe support is very easy to implement, just like I showed another user here:

Best, David


shahroq Purchased

Thanks for the reply, can you provide me a guide on how to integrate swiping functionality with “Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery”?

Integrating swipe support on the ultimate grid is not that simple as it doesn’t have lightbox events, but I can tell you where to execute the previous and next events for the lightbox
First, open the gridGallery.js file (and make sure to use it in your HTML page instead of the minified one) and find this:

right before that line you can add the swipe functionality, you’ll only need to execute the following when you wish to go further:
And when you wish to go backwards do the following:

I hope this makes sense ;)