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Hello, I just bought UIKit Modules. I test. I have a problem with Accordion. Following the publication appears on the page only the title of the module. Can you help me? Thank you very much for your time Margaret

Hi, Every time I try to install this plug-in it fails. I have tried uploading the entire zip file, as well as just the slider zip file, and it continues to fail. Please help!


smarano Purchased

Hi, I have uikit modules regular license 482ddce1-f55a-4884-9496-9563797d3242

I’m unsign the slideshow with VIDEO features I have setted up that video changes ever 4000 msec but this don’t happens!

Hello. There is a small bug regarding video and autoplay, its fixed now, you can download new version and update the modules soon as it gets approved (usually within 24 hours).


ekant007 Purchased

I have one problem: When using (e.g. a slider) in mode Custom, the dialog to add/edit items always closes unexpectedly when I click Insert in the sub-dialog to choose an image, so I have to open the dialog for every single item, which is quite confusing and nasty. Do you have any idea?

Hello. Yes, i’m aware of the problem, modules are using default joomla repeater field, this is bug introduced in joomla 3.5+ i belive. I know its very annoying thing, im sorry about that, but unfortunately i can’t do much about it because its basically a joomla bug. Hopefully this will be resolved with next joomla update.

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘ContentHelperRoute’ not found in joomla3.6.5/modules/mod_uikit_slideshow/tmpl/_article_vars.php on line 27

Hello. I can’t reproduce the error on my end, can you please try another uikit module with same settings just to see if error occurs again.

This error appears with php 7

All modules are tested in php 7 on local, demo server also uses php 7, and im still not able to reproduce the error. Can you please try to unpublish all other modules on the page to make sure there is no conflicts with other modules. Also should try other uikit modules like “slider”, does it produce same error? Would be helpfull if you provide me a link to your website and temporary backend access… If problem persists write me on lokomotivan@gmail.com to try to solve the problem.