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Hello, I just bought UIKit Modules. I test. I have a problem with Accordion. Following the publication appears on the page only the title of the module. Can you help me? Thank you very much for your time Margaret

Hi, Every time I try to install this plug-in it fails. I have tried uploading the entire zip file, as well as just the slider zip file, and it continues to fail. Please help!

Hi, I have uikit modules regular license 482ddce1-f55a-4884-9496-9563797d3242

I’m unsign the slideshow with VIDEO features I have setted up that video changes ever 4000 msec but this don’t happens!

Hello. There is a small bug regarding video and autoplay, its fixed now, you can download new version and update the modules soon as it gets approved (usually within 24 hours).

I have one problem: When using (e.g. a slider) in mode Custom, the dialog to add/edit items always closes unexpectedly when I click Insert in the sub-dialog to choose an image, so I have to open the dialog for every single item, which is quite confusing and nasty. Do you have any idea?

Hello. Yes, i’m aware of the problem, modules are using default joomla repeater field, this is bug introduced in joomla 3.5+ i belive. I know its very annoying thing, im sorry about that, but unfortunately i can’t do much about it because its basically a joomla bug. Hopefully this will be resolved with next joomla update.

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘ContentHelperRoute’ not found in joomla3.6.5/modules/mod_uikit_slideshow/tmpl/_article_vars.php on line 27

Hello. I can’t reproduce the error on my end, can you please try another uikit module with same settings just to see if error occurs again.

This error appears with php 7

All modules are tested in php 7 on local, demo server also uses php 7, and im still not able to reproduce the error. Can you please try to unpublish all other modules on the page to make sure there is no conflicts with other modules. Also should try other uikit modules like “slider”, does it produce same error? Would be helpfull if you provide me a link to your website and temporary backend access… If problem persists write me on to try to solve the problem.

Hello, What is the maximum number of columns in the grid??

Hello. You can have maximum 10 columns in a grid.

Hi, after i set the grid or other uikit module to show joomla articles, i load the page but it shows 404 page error, then when i just use custom instead of joomla articles, it works fine.


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Hello. Sorry for late reply. I wasent able to reproduce the issue, can you please try disabling some 3rd party extensions, to exclude posible conflicts with other modules/plugins

hello, I am using a dynamic grid layout. Is there a way to control the order of the joomla categories? I’ve entered them in the order I want, but I see on the site they’ve re-ordered to alphabetical. Thanks!

Hello. Verry sorry for late replies. I understand your issues, newer Joomla versions implemented drag and drop sorting for repeatable field type, and modules still rely on sorting based on old sorting field. Fix is very simple, could you please leave me your email address to send you update so you don’t have to wait for approval. After update you should be able to manually sort categories

Great. Thank you. My email is

I’d like to control the order of the category filtering. I’m showing items that are categorized by month, so I’d like the month categories to appear chronologically. How do I control this order?

Here’s the page:

Hello. Verry sorry for late replies. I understand your issues, newer Joomla versions implemented drag and drop sorting for repeatable field type, and modules still rely on sorting based on olde sorting field. Fix is very simple, could you please leave me your email address to send you update so you don’t have to wait for approval?

Hello, I am using the dynamic grid for a list of staff. Some groups have overlap, but I only want a staff member to show 1 time in the ‘see all’ view. Can the ‘see all’ view be controlled better? I would also like to alphabetize them in ‘see all’ rather than in groupings by filter category. Please let know if there is a way to accomplish either of these.

Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control “see all” layout. Items are displayed by tags, “all” link is blank, doesn’t contain any tag so it can’t sort items, just groups them together. Maybe you could try to disable “Filter All” in options, and manually create “All” filter, then choose what categories it will display, one filter can display articles from multiple categories, just hold CTRL while selecting them. So for “All” filter, you can select all categories except the one that contains duplicated members… not sure if this is helpful and how your content and categories are structured.

Hi. uikit_modules_v2.3.3 can support joomla 3.8.x ?

Hello. Yes, uikit modules works fine on joomla 3.8.x, no bugs noticed so far. But just in case, please always make a backup before updating yor joomla site.

Hello does Uikit Modules work with joomla’s custom fields? Is there a way to define how do they display (before content, after content)? Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately no support for custom fields, and probably not going to be in this version of uikit modules. No timeline for the next version…

Ohh come on, think about it, it would give so much more possibilities and power to the use of Uikit Modules, by now only “Latest News Enhanced Pro” uses that possibility but I’m not very into their product… “Regular Labs” have a solution for their “articles anywhere” it’s a bit raw but…well it works, check them out… it might inspire you:


Will look into it, im sorry for my slowness, just sometimes don’t have much time

Hello, I have a dynamic grid module in 3 columns. The articles need to be ordered vertically rather than horizontally though. Is this possible?

Hello. Unfortunately, its not possible, items in a grid are sorted left to right. Would be very tricky to achieve that even with heavy modification to the grid…


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Hi Great Component. Thanks. Quick question in the switcher option/custom content source, are we able to use HTML in the content box?

Hello, thanks. Html is not allowed for custom content, content from the textarea will be wrapped in paragraph tags on front-end. If you need custom html or have larger content to put in a switcher, you can use articles instead, and turn of “Strip HTML” option. This would be recommended way, you can use editor which is more convenient, and add intro or full article image, or use images in editor.


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Thanks for your prompt response – all understood. FYI i have just come across a small incident – using yootheme template, if you go to template style editor and change a style on a module, whilst it says it has saved changes it in fact hasnt, it works if i disable the plugin whilst i edit the module setting, and then reactivate.

Thank you for your feedback, will look into it.


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Hi, I recently recognized that I can’t select images in a custom slideshow. The button doesn’t seem to work. Same in the slideset module. Also I can’t select a folder in the gallery module. Or is this just a fault on my site? J3.8 Version 2.3.3

UIkit modules has been updated, you can download new version, reinstall whole package or just extract gallery module and install it.


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Thanks for your feadback :)

Hello, I am using UI Kit Grid Module, dynamic grid, to display a list of articles. I would really like to add some styling to a few (not all) of the article titles in this list but I can’t target them with CSS at all. Any ideas?

Hello. Not sure what you mean exactly by”few”, but here what u could do:

target all titles with some filter name:

.ivm-uk-grid-content > div[data-uk-filter=filter_name] h4 {}

use nth-child:

.ivm-uk-grid-content > div:nth-child(2) h4 {} /* target 2nd /

.ivm-uk-grid-content > div:nth-child(3) h4 {} / target 3rd /

and so on…


.ivm-uk-grid-content > div:nth-child(3n+2) h4 {} / every third starting from second */

That what i can think of without modifying the module.